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Others stand ready to defend against threats and mayhem by mobs sponsored by the Left's Marxists

The Existential Threat of Progressive Socialist Politics
and Academia to Our Republic

2021 Progressive Dystopia Nightmare unfolds as the Harris Administration holds a victory romp in the oval office
Existential Progressive Dystopia Nightmare unfolds in August 2021 with the Supreme Court holding that after months of contested election results due to over 80 million mail-in ballots counted (including 30 million unverifiable) - that Joe Biden is confirmed president of the U.S.A.

Marxist party Biden Win 2020 The Left Secretly Preps for MAGA Violence After Election Day Doomsday Scenarios by Sam Stein Politics Editor Sep. 08, 2020 - The progressive coalition Fight Back Table has been meeting to game out what happens if Joe Biden doesn't win by a landslide. It's not pretty. Last week, a coalition of leading progressive groups gathered on Zoom to begin organizing for what they envision as the post-Election Day political apocalypse scenario. Put together by the Fight Back Table - an initiative launched after the 2016 election to get a constellation of lefty organizations to work more closely together - the meeting dealt with the operational demands expected if the November election ends without a clear outcome or with a Joe Biden win that Donald Trump refuses to recognize. This was the first time they were bringing the matter to the 50-plus organizations that make up the coalition. To formalize the effort, they gave it a name: the "Democracy Defense Nerve Center." Some of the hurdles were straightforward: how you "occupy shit, hold space, and shut things down, not just on Election Day but for weeks. Brooks has conducted war games to play out the range of Election Day and post-Election Day scenarios. And virtually all the outcomes, save one - a Biden landslide - have ended up facilitating a nightmarish fallout. The election results would almost certainly be contested, and the transition process would likely be marred by tumult and corruption. The word "violence" was listed 15 times in the document; "chaos" nine times; and "crisis" a dozen times. Below the surface, it was even more harrowing. In the simulations, the Trump campaign was "consistently more ruthless than Team Biden". mg comment Obviously a contradiction of the data regarding the ruthless violence perpetrated by leftist mobs over the past 3 months - largely ignored by Democrats. The Coalition offers no transparency about their own plans to resist a Trump win other than to call for "millions to take to the streets" without any limiting connotation as to what level of violence the word "take" infers. end comment

Project Veritas uncovers 'ballot harvesting fraud' in Minnesota By Miranda Devine September 27, 2020 - A ballot-harvesting racket in Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar's Minneapolis district - where paid workers illegally gather absentee ballots from elderly Somali immigrants - appears to have been busted by undercover news organization Project Veritas. One alleged ballot harvester, Liban Mohamed, the brother of Minneapolis City Council member Jamal Osman, is shown in a bombshell Snapchat video rifling through piles of ballots strewn across his dashboard. "Just today we got 300 for Jamal Osman," says Mohamed, aka KingLiban1, in the video. "I have 300 ballots in my car right now . . .".

Tucker asks Dr. Marc Siegel for medical opinion for Biden's claiming Trump guilty for 200 million American deaths from coronavirus Biden says -'All the People Would Still Be Alive' Sept 19, 2020 - In a CNN Town Hall, the Dem's nominee for the presidency of the United States of America, delivered a message that was so egregiously ridiculous, that it will be remembered as the definitive moment when Joe Biden revealed a fundamental inability to cohere the absurdity of what he has been rehearsing for days under the tutelage of his handlers. In the highlight moment of his performance - the Progressive's pick as the leader of the free world marched empressivly back and forth across the stage and with all the faux muster of passion and outrage said: "If the president had done his job, had done his job from the beginning, all the people (whose death were attributed to coronavirus) would still be alive. All the people - I'm not making this up. Just look at the data. Look at the data." See Fact Check on the entire Biden Town Hall commentary. Imagine the existential rightfulness of his condemnation of Trump's vile genocide in Biden's confused mind on September 18 if he believed then what he said 3 days later in a Philadelphia campaign speech: "If Donald Trump has his way, the complications from COVID-19, which are well beyond what they should be - it's estimated that 200 million people have died - probably by the time I finish this talk,"

Vystar Veterans Memorial Stadium, Jacksonville, FL MY ALERT TO U.S. SECRET SERVICE: Re - Any Trump supporter's rally - given the activation of militant anarchist groups like BLM and ANTIFA and the rabble-rousing rhetoric from Democrat Maxine Waters and others and the ever -present threat of Islamist terrorist - all have a golden opportunity to access Covid-19 infected fluids and weaponize their own bodily fluids, water bottles, saturated material, or some drug-smuggling innovation that could threaten any targeted individual or assembly with infection. Even outdoor gated venues are at exponentially greater risk than street protests since all attendees are funneled into narrow passageways with doorways, railings, etc easily bio-infected.

Given the life-threatning reality of the Covid pandemic and the degree of mayhem and hatred regularly arising in mob "demonstrations" - this alert should apply to the many ways "protesters" are harassing and threatening the safety of adversarial innocent victims. It should be held a criminal assault for any individual who - with or without a face mask, aggressively, deliberately invades another individual's "6-foot social distance safe space" while vocalizing in a manner that risks projecting their bodily fluids onto the victim. Also held for any individual with or without face mask who aggressively, deliberately assaults another individual's "safe space" by direct physical contact or indirectly with any carried or projected material or object. Even water thrown on innocent victims should be held a criminal assault because the innocent victim could be in reasonable fear that it could be a premeditated attempt to infect them with a potentially fatal virus.

Rand Paul and his wife were attacked leaving the RNC by a BLM-inspired mob - many unmasked, yelling threats in their faces
"Washington DC Democratic mayor Muriel Bowser failed to provide adequate police security for the RNC attendees although it was obvious that BLM would be present in numbers that would threaten their safety. THIS IS A CRIMINAL DERELICTION OF DUTY see full video and has put Senator Paul and members of his family in mortal danger of contracting the Covid-19 virus from the unmasked members of the mob yelling in their faces. See President Trump's commentary on the mayor's failure

Gallery of out-takes from video of BLM mob attacking Rand Paul leaving RNC August 28, 2020
Click on images for details on how they show an organized BLM attack on Senator Rand Paul

BLM squad leader - wearing no face mask - aggressively assaulted Senator Paul during entire mobbing episode The unmasked individual (aka BLM squad leader) shown repeatedly, aggressively repositioning himself to yell closely/directly into Senator Rand Paul's face, needs to be tested for Covid infection to determine if any criminal endangerment charges are warranted. He likely presented his I.D. when police admitted him into a cordoned-off area where he delivered a mysterious bag with unknown objects to the policeman guarding the entrance to the building into which the Paul family had fled less than a few minutes before. In the midst of a pandemic where any individual can be a vector for transmitting a potentially fatal infection to any number of other persons - mobbing such as the BLM attack on the Rand Paul entourage should be considered criminal endangerment where all should know that anyone (especially unmasked individuals) aggressively, targeting and violating victim's safe space - vocalizing, spewing bodily fluids and touching the victims - is guilty of criminal, deliberate intent of exposing the victim to a potentially fatal disease.

BLM and various leftists and anarchists laid in wait to show their respect to attendees leaving on foot. middle-aged couple leaving White House get assaulted by livid BLM mob After being relentlessly hounded and screamed at in gibberish by a crazed female dressed in a black hood with skull and crossbones emblem who keeps thrusting her smartphone in the man's face - the horde badgers them on a circuitous route because their hotel would not admit them in the front door, so they had to endure more torment to find entry via the parking garage. There the presiding DC BLM cult spiritual guru - aggressively shoos away the couple (shock-clapping like he's scarring stray dogs off his lawn) down into the entrance of the Willard Hotel parking garage. This guru elder character appears again in the videos of the BLM mob attack on Rand Paul after the RNC (both arms held upraised like Moses exhorting the multitude to enter the Red Sea) and needs to be investigated by real journalists to reveal his role in DC's BLM cult support and financing.

BLM member interviews a conservative Videos and images of the BLM harassment One video shows a protester shouting through a megaphone he shoves the horn into the man's face shouting: "Hey! Hey! Hey! Hi. Hi. Get the f*** out!" Shortly after the verbal encounter, a female protester can be seen running at the man and pushing him. The man continued walking as dozens of assaults pushed him from behind, eventually knocking him to the ground.

Biden: Trump rooting for violence CNN video August 28, 2020 - Biden stumbled reading of a quote by Kellyanne Conway: "The more chaos, and anarchy and vandalism...the more violence...he calls...the better...the better the choice...for a very...[scuse me]...better for a very clear choice." Then continues: "This guy is rooting for violence. That's what it's all about." CNN Cooper: "You think he's actually rooting for violence?" Biden: "Absolutely - sure - because it takes everybody's eye off the ball".

Oregon Governor Brown explains plan to mollify BLM and anarchist rioters Oregon sheriffs' reject Gov Browns plan to deploy their officers to Portland (Comment: georgfelis September 3, 2020) - Governor: "Hey, we want you officers to deploy into a war zone without equipment to protect yourselves or tear gas to disperse violent crowds, and we're not going to pay you overtime or defend you in the event any of you get attacked by peaceful protesters. Oh, and if you get sued, we're taking their side, not yours. And we have a list of people we arrest every night, so you can treat them gently since they'll come popping out of the courthouse exit door before you're done filling out paperwork. And we'll probably give your names and addresses to the 'protesters' while you're at work so they know where to find you and your families in case anything goes wrong." Police: "We have a two-word answer, and the second word is 'you'".

In March, 2020 the Chinese Coronavirus and the pandemic presently underway is the ultimate existential threat to the American people and the Republic - that should empower Trump as a Wartime President and suspend all our internal political differences and disputes for the duration - so I am creating an extended web page China Existential Chronicles for my opinion on related facts and events as they unfold.

China Existential Chronicles Preview
Preview of some images in China Existential Chronicles

May-December, 2020 - Overview of the Left Weaponizing the Covid-19 Pandemic and Marxist 'Black Lives Matter' Systemic Racism Ideology - to Advance Their Socialist/Marxist Agenda.

Joe Biden - Dems socialist Trojan horse video
See video trailer of "Dems' Troy Ploy"
Dems launch Joe Biden as Trojan Horse to insinuate their radical Marxist agenda.

Joe Biden Is a Trojan Horse for the Disciples of Marx and Castro They Control His Party and Campaign video by Yali Núñez - presents the truth about the Dems' Troy Ploy" using Biden as a Marxist Trojan horse - with clarity and unique insight as an immigrant from Castro's Cuba.

Jacob Blake Sr fomented riots over the shooting of his son that destroyed much of downtown Kenosha, Wis. and met with Joe Biden who praised him for his civil rights moral authority Biden meets and praises Jacob Blake Sr. Tucker Carlson video Sept. 02,2020 - After days of violent riots destroyed much of downtown Kenosha, Wisconsin over police shooting of Blake Jr. - Biden meets with the family and praises the father - a long-time accolade of Louis Farrakhan - as a civil rights moral authority. The fact that Jacob Blake's father appears to have a long history of bigoted social media posts has no bearing on questions surrounding his son's shooting by police. Nevertheless, since former Vice President Joe Biden met and lavished praise on him Thursday during his visit to the town, his extremist views are newsworthy.

The Great Awokening A hidden shift is revolutionizing American racial politics - and could transform the future of the Democratic Party by Matthew Yglesias Updated April 1, 2019 - For all the attention paid to the politics of the far right in the Trump era, the biggest shift in American politics is happening somewhere else entirely. In the past five years, white liberals have moved so far to the left on questions of race and racism that they are now, on these issues, to the left of even the typical black voter. This change amounts to a "Great Awokening" - comparable in some ways to the enormous religious foment in the white North in the years before the American Civil War. It began roughly with the 2014 protests in Ferguson, Missouri, when activists took advantage of ubiquitous digital video and routine use of social media to expose a national audience in a visceral way to what otherwise might have been a routine local news story. White Democrats suddenly started expressing dramatically higher levels of concern about racial inequality and discrimination, while showing greater enthusiasm for racial diversity and immigration. To the extent that white liberals now see racism as an enormous looming challenge for the country in a way they did not in the relatively recent past, Trump is very much the personification of that challenge. And thus, given the perfect enemy, it's perhaps not surprising that much of the newly woke attitude is, in crucial respects, a bit vague in its precise policy implications.

Progressive Ideology of Disintegrationism FOX News Videos July 19 2020 - Mark Levin interviews radio host Ben Shapiro to discuss his new book 'How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps.' Ben Shapiro says violence on the streets of America is the full flowering of the ideology of disintegrationism. (mg comment: Although Conservative have a vastly superior political message they are loosing the culture war to "Progressives" with radical left idealogy from indoctrination dominent in American academia over the past two decades. end comment)

"DISINTEGRATIONISTS" Are DESTROYING America With A Simple Strategy Hukabee Sep 6, 2020 - Ben Shapiro explains the 3 steps that could ultimately destroy America. This nation was founded on a shared philosophy, culture, and history that can unite us. This is what we were suppose to have in common, instead we have become a divided nation.

Racial Terror Lynching in America Animated video sponsored by Equal Justice Initiative (EJI)
"Weaponizing archive of historic documents for use against the 2020 Trump re-election campaign.

Youtube Google Blog Promo of Equal Justice Initiative July, 2020 - Join the cause-read, support Black creators, speak up against racial injustice, and put your words to action! To follow up on our recent efforts, we held a live stream fundraiser on YouTube Originals called Bear Witness, Take Action, hosted by Common and Keke Palmer, to support the Racial Terror Lynching in America Animated. Our next move - putting our $100M pledge to amplify voices and stories of Black creators into action. EJI collaborated with renowned artist Molly Crabapple which unflinchingly explores America's brutal history of lynching and racial terror. Another EJI production: Bear Witness, Take Action youtube video Jun 13, 2020 - Turn your voice into action with your vote. It matters. Learn more about how Google's commitment to support the EJI: Standing With the Black Community

(m-g comment) EJI-sponsored Racial Terror Lynching in America Animated is an awoke memetic repackaging of the most horrific images and revelations from the historic record of the atrocities committed against blacks in America - calculated to weaponize selected past history of oppression and white supremacy while totally ignoring America's evolution to integration, racial equality and opportunity. The Google youtube promo is pure leftist propaganda designed to place blame on Trump for all the country's past sins and attack his re-election campaign. (end comment)

The Tyranny of Abstractions by Scott Nelson July 17, 2020- Ostensibly, we're seeing a mass movement against racial injustice - but what specific injustice are we talking about? Is it a problem of anti-black police brutality across the country? A study from August 2019 finds no evidence of anti-black disparities in cop shootings. Is it that black people are being killed in general? In 2018, there were 7,407 black homicide victims; 90% were killed by other blacks. It was the genius of the American Founding Fathers to lay the framework for a community based on what all humans can believe in - namely, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This clear and noble project is now being defiled by incoherence and the tyranny of ideological clichés. If both the problem and the guilty parties are unclear, then the putative solutions will be just as unclear. The Left's inability to discuss this problem coherently is symptomatic of a deeper problem: its inability and unwillingness to think politically and tackle concrete challenges, which would require effort and commitment beyond petulance and sloganeering.

The Left's view of society as a homogenous mass, to be molded according to the vagaries of social justice, is replicated in its view of history. Gone is the drama of the American narrative, with all its successes and setbacks, the struggles and triumphs of its great men and women of all races. Instead, everything has been filtered through the lens of race, and history becomes nothing but a web of injustice. Like Dante in The Inferno, the progressives witness no change, only endless punishment. Time is nonexistent. There is no ugly past triumphantly overcome, nor a bright future to hope for, only the eternal damnation of the imperfect present. There are no heroes, only villains. Progress, it turns out, is unknown to the progressive. But progressive intellectuals don't let such details get in the way of their ideology. For it is they who defend the thugs tearing down the monuments of American history. The intellectual class - mainstream media, entertainment, and academia - is so caught up in the babble about systemic racism that it can speak of blacks only as victims, robbing them of both their agency and their dignity. The intellectual class is a hair's breadth away from confessing that violence is necessary; indeed, when it sees that rewriting history will not help the people whom it purports to represent, then more drastic measures will seem necessary, because the Left's ideal is perfection and it cannot tolerate the crooked timber of humanity.

Looting and Rioting Videos Tucker Carlson Jun 1, 2020 - Tucker: Our leaders dither as our cities burn

Tucker: Black Lives Matter is now a political party Tucker Carlson Jun 8, 2020 - Rips into the Dem's power grab via "Black Lives Matter - Defund the police" Videos of Lincoln monuments and war memorials in Washington D.C. defaced by BLM rioters.

Black Lives Matter Protests break out into widespread looting, destruction and violence across American Cities
"Protesters" wreak havoc and mayhem on minority inner-city shopkeepers as police stand down.

House Democrats embrace Black Lives Matter Black Lives Matter is working to remake and control the country - and is immune from criticism by Tucker Carlson, Fox News June 6 2020 - Black Lives Matter may be the single most powerful political party in the United States. The media, in their relentlessly fawning coverage, usually described Black Lives Matter as an activist group or a protest movement. But that's deception by understatement. Black Lives Matter is not a collection of marchers with signs. It's not a conventional political lobby like Planned Parenthood or the NRA. It's not pressuring Congress to pass some narrow new set of laws. As of now, Black Lives Matter may be the single most powerful political party in the United States. Nobody says that out loud, but politicians understand it perfectly well. If nothing else, they understand power; they can smell it at great distances. And that's why they're lining up to bow before Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter believes in force. They flood the streets with angry young people who break things, and they hurt anyone who gets in the way. When they want something, they take it. Make them mad and they will set your business on fire. Annoy them and they will occupy your downtown and declare a brand new country. You're not going to do anything about it, they know that for certain. None of what you just saw watch youtube video is a stretch for Democrats. They believe their long-term goals align with those of Black Lives Matter. And in fact, at times, the group functions as an arm of the Democratic Party. See video Pelosi and Dems dressed in Kente stoles for theatrical acquiescence to BLM.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Ilhan Omar co-deniers of terrorism re BLM Marxist rioting and Islamist attack on 9/11

People Will Do What They Do foxnews video July 9 - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Thursday declined to admonish "protesters" in her native city of Baltimore who pulled down a statue of Christopher Columbus and then tossed the monument into the city's Inner Harbor. But asked whether a commission should decide what statues go rather than a mob of protesters, Pelosi said people will do what they do. video of Ilhan Omar's remarks: some people did something referring to the 9/11 terrorist attack.

Cult Programming in Seattle The city is training white municipal employees to overcome their "internalized racial superiority" by Christopher F. Rufo July 8, 2020 - Last month, the City of Seattle's Office of Civil Rights sent an email inviting "white City employees" to attend a training session on "Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness," a program designed to help white workers examine their "complicity in the system of white supremacy" and "interrupt racism in ways that are accountable to Black, Indigenous and People of Color." At the beginning of the session, the trainers explain that white people have internalized a sense of racial superiority, which has made them unable to access their "humanity" and caused "harm and violence" to people of color. The trainers claim that "individualism," "perfectionism," "intellectualization," and "objectivity" are all vestiges of this internalized racial oppression and must be abandoned in favor of social-justice principles. In conceptual terms, the city frames the discussion around the idea that black Americans are reducible to the essential quality of "blackness" and white Americans are reducible to the essential quality of "whiteness" - that is, the new metaphysics (cult) of good and evil.

Exposing Black Lives Matter's ties to convicted domestic terrorist tucker carlson video July 08, 2020 - Tucker: Black Lives Matter is a group that really has no legal existence but is a project of another non-profit called the Thousand Currents. Susan Rosenberg, who is a convicted terrorist who after serving 16 years of a 58-year sentence was given a pardon by President Bill Clinton on his very last day in office, sits on the board as vice chair of the non-profit that is tied to Black Lives Matter's fundraising operations. Interview - Former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik: Black Lives Matter is, as I said back in 2015, a revolutionary marxist group who wants to overthrow this country.

Tucker Carlson July 08, 2020 - Convicted marxist terrorist Susan Rosenberg is vice chair of nonprofit fundraising for BLM

A Terrorist's Ties to a Leading Black Lives Matter Group by Scott Walter June 24, 2020 - If there were any question whether Black Lives Matter has ideological ties to the Communist terrorists of the 1960s, the story of Susan Rosenberg archived here should put that issue to bed. [Editor's note: The webpage for Thousand Current's board of directors was taken down within hours of this post's publication. Fortunately, the board of directors webpage is archived here] BLM Global Network Foundation has been a fiscally sponsored project of Thousand Currents, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, since 2016. That means the BLM group, which runs the website, does not have its own IRS tax-exempt status but is operating as a "project" of an organization that does. In the case of 501(c)(3) fiscally sponsored projects, this allows tax-deductible donations to be made to the project. Marxist Connections: When "Black Lives Matter" is used to refer to an organization, it typically means the BLM Global Network Foundation that traces its beginnings to "three radical Black organizers - Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi." Cullors recently went viral online when she admitted that she and others in the group were "trained Marxists."

Beijing's Revenge? 2 Pro-China Communist Parties Coordinate Violent US Protests by Trevor Loudon June 23, 2020 - Two pro-China communist parties - Freedom Road Socialist Organization and Liberation Road - are playing leading roles in coordinating the often-violent protests now occurring across the United States. These groups openly state their desire to destroy the Trump presidency and bring down the Republican Party, and the current protests and rioting should be viewed in that context. This isn't about justice for George Floyd - this is about revolution. Liberation Road's Facebook page is headed with the phrase, "Crush the Fascists, Isolate Trump and Build a Path to Power!" This is followed by a message from "Steve from Wuhan" comparing China's response to COVID-19 with the United States': "The USA cannot respond as China did, at a national level because the ruling regime is in the thrall of white supremacy and the most reactionary block of capital." This article provides inside background and operational details for how these organizations are exploiting the pandemic and racial chaos to first; help Biden defeat Trump in 2020 - and second; solidify the conversion of the Democratic Progressive Party into a fully functioning Marxist entity allied with the CCP.

To Win the Cold Civil War, Seek Peace through Strength Capitulation and cowardice hand America to identitarian propagandists Essay by Jeremy Carl June 6 2020 - "There comes a time when silence is betrayal," said Martin Luther King, Jr. in a famous speech breaking with Lyndon Johnson on the Vietnam war. For conservatives today, we have also reached a point where silence is betrayal - in this case a silence about the liberal war on American nationhood in the service of identity politics. We see the inevitable result of that silence in the riots on America's streets, sponsored by the Antifa movement that has openly declared war on America and its institutions, and the Black Lives Matter movement that has perpetuated one hate hoax and fictitious narrative after another, whipping up many in their community into a frenzy of racial resentment. Of course, many on the Right - led by my colleagues at Claremont - have denounced identity politics. But while identifying the problem is important, identifying a meaningful strategy to defeat it is much more difficult. The good news is that the Cold Civil War (in the memorable phrase of Angelo Codevilla) can be won using the same tactic that Ronald Reagan used to win the Cold War: peace through strength. And it is imperative that we win this war before it goes from cold to hot, as it seems to be doing on America's streets this week.

With respect to race, the Right must pretend that there is an epidemic of interracial violence by whites, an obvious fabrication to anyone looking disinterestedly at the data. The recent conflagration that has engulfed the nation was partially caused by the Right's unwillingness to confront the dark side of identity politics. Consider the utter mendaciousness of the narrative that African Americans are being "literally hunted" by whites, as LeBron James recently tweeted. We can see the results of these years of unchallenged lies on the streets of our cities today.

Some would say that with tensions so high now is not the time to discuss these sensitive facts. But now is exactly the time to discuss these facts - when people's attentions are focused. We must seek reconciliation, but true reconciliation can only come from accepting reality - not illusions and lies. what's worse, even as our streets literally burn and anarchy reigns, most of our allegedly conservative "leadership" validates the false narratives of left-wing cultural (and now literal) arsonists. But we can't simply attribute the violence to Antifa alone - Black Lives Matter lit the fuse through their false and exaggerated claims and incendiary rhetoric, and African Americans have been heavily involved in looting and violence over the past week, including many horrific incidents of interracial violence that would have been front-page news had the races been reversed. The lame attempts of Democratic leaders to place blame "outside agitators" for rioting and looting showed that the Democrats have embraced the language and viewpoint of 1960s Southern sheriffs, not 1960s civil rights leaders. Peace in Our Time? There is an alternative to our program of cowardice on identity politics - and that alternative is peace through strength. The phrase "Peace Through Strength" is an old one, dating back to the ancient Romans. But President Reagan"s assertive use of the concept, in contrast to the weakness and vacillation of the Carter years, had a galvanizing effect on Republican policymakers. Yet when it comes to fighting the cold civil war, the Right looks to Neville Chamberlain - and not Reagan or Churchill - for guidance.

What conservatism needs now is not peace, but a sword. Or, in secular terms, we must reject mere containment of the Left's out-of-control identity politics in favor of rollback (another key element of the Reaganite agenda against Communism, on which he had to fight the spineless GOP mandarins of his day). There is simply no dialogue to be had with propagandists who demand, as a condition for that dialogue, that we acknowledge as true their fantasies on race, gender, immigration, or any other element of identity politics. In the present moment it means an assertive and unapologetic assertion of law and order without giving into demands for dialogue about the "root causes" of racial (and now literal) arson. Only if rioters are met with disciplined but firm and unapologetic force, force that realizes it represents not just order but morality and justice, can calm be restored to our streets and to our politics. In his 1983 State of the Union address, focused specifically on the theme of peace through strength, Reagan laid down the gauntlet to his foes - and ours: "You and I have the courage to say to our enemies, 'There is a price we will not pay.' 'There is a point beyond which they must not advance.'"

Mob attempts to topple Columbus statue guarded by Chicago police
Highly organized rioters launch weaponized ambush on police guarding Columbus statue in Chicago - 47 officers injured police surviellance video
July 23, 2020 statue safely removed by city. Meanwhile - BLM and ANTIFA rioters in Portland on the third month of violent attacks on federal police preventing their occupying or burning down the federal courthouse video Portland rioting
entire Chicago police Columbus ambush video documentary

As riot squad prepare weapons under umbrellas at left - a weapons cart is wheeled in by 'peaceful protest' mob at rightWeapons distributed from carts (arrows) and back-packs to rioters at firing range Deceptive tactics used by rioters to 1. conceal weaponizing their plan of attack and 2. have "peaceful protesters" supply weapons and cover for left's media charge of police abuse of "demonstrators" first amendment rights.

Madness of Politics Douglas Murray Challenges Us to Oppose Identity Politics and 'Live in Truth' Book Review by Jeremy Carl October, 2019 - The 'Great Awokening' is a reign of lies masquerading as a religion, Murray says in The Madness of Crowds. In Pascal's Pensées, the great polymath refers to a void that man "tries in vain to fill with everything around him . . . though none can help, since this infinite abyss can be filled only with an infinite and immutable object; in other words, by God himself." Referring to the current culture wars sometimes known as The Great Awokening, Murray writes: "These wars are not being fought aimlessly. They are consistently being fought in a particular direction. And that direction has a purpose that is vast. The purpose - unknowing in some people, deliberate in others - is to embed a new metaphysics into our societies: a new religion, if you will.

Murray's latest book takes on the similarly controversial territory of identity politics, examining Western society's descent into madness on issues of race, gender, and sexuality. While much of what he reveals will be eye-opening to a general audience, it will be sadly familiar to anyone who has been involved in wars online or in person against leftist hegemony. Nonetheless, he has performed a substantial service in collecting so much leftist insanity in one place and attempting to tie the forces that generated that insanity into a broader theoretical framework. Murray is particularly insightful in understanding how Big Tech plays a substantial role in degrading modern discourse insofar as it amplifies the worst tendencies of modern debate and because it is attempting to control online content. "If we are already running in the wrong direction, tech allows us to get there exponentially faster,". Murray himself is an unlikely participant on the right wing of those wars. A gay British man, a former practicing Anglican who now refers to himself as a "Christian atheist," Murray first came to public prominence in America with his book The Strange Death of Europe, a devastating portrait of European cultural collapse that focused in particular on the role of Islam and uncontrolled immigration in European decline.

Revelations by Bob Woodson founder of the 1776 Project - counters the effort by the New York Times 1619 Project - that claims America was founded in slavery. The Pulitzer Center Education Center has instigated a school curriculum based on the 1619 Project that will brainwash the next generation in "victimhood" because they are taught "racism is in America's DNA".

The 1619 Project Curriculum" The 1619 Project, inaugurated with a special issue of The New York Times Magazine, challenges us to reframe U.S. history by marking the year when the first enslaved Africans arrived on Virginia soil as our nation's foundational date. Here you will find reading guides, activities, and other resources to bring The 1619 Project into your classroom. Wondering where to start? Dive into our Reading Guide with a series of essays, images, stories, and poems that challenge readers to reframe their understanding of U.S. history by considering 1619 as the start of this nation's story.

Pulitzer Center indoctrinating 1619 curriculum into America's classrooms

Bob Woodson: 'Institutional Racism' Is A Ruse The Real History Of Black America Is Not Being Told marklevinshow video June 8, 2020 Bob Woodson, founder and president of The Woodson Center and originator of the 1776 Project, joins 'Life, Liberty & Levin' - (m-g ad lib comment:) The premise of the civil-rights acts 50 years ago was that progress in opportunity in poor black neighborhoods was thwarted because the leadership was in the hands of white politicians. When the leadership in Democratic precincts became mostly black - the politicians lobbied for greater and greater funding (around 11 trillion dollars since the act passed) to grow their political domains. Rather than actually solving problems in poor black communities, their priority became - in effect - to maintain the status quo to be assured a reliable constituency.

Bob Woodson - countering NY Times' 1619 Project Life, Liberty & Levin video March 8, 2020. Bob Woodson on supporting high-achieving families in low-income communities. From American Community Development Leader,founder and president of the Woodson Center: I want to talk about the 1619 Project that America was founded in slavery. That slavery is in America's DNA.

Nikole Hannah-Jones' Hatred For America Is The Basis Of The 1619 Project Hannah-Jones words matter. They are the same words that may well emanate from our children's lips if we do not take our institutions back by Ben Weingarten June 26, 2020 - How would you feel if the person teaching your children American history argued that "the white race" - or any race - "is the biggest murderer, rapist, pillager, and thief of the modern world"? What if she claimed, "Christopher Columbus and those like him were no different then [sic] Hitler"? And what if she concluded that "the descendants of these savage people - continue to be bloodsuckers in our communities"?

Progressive education Dec, 2018- Teaching Young Americans to Despise America Unfortunately, these are not mere academic questions. The New York Times' Nikole Hannah-Jones has claimed them. The teachings of Times' 1619 Project, Hannah-Jones' brainchild, are being incorporated into the curricula of classrooms across the country. In its own telling, the 1619 Project seeks to 'reframe the country's history, understanding 1619 as our true founding." It says: "Out of slavery - and the anti-black racism it required - grew nearly everything that has truly made America exceptional: its economic might, its industrial power, its electoral system, diet and popular music, the inequities of its public health and education, its astonishing penchant for violence, its income inequality, the example it sets for the world as a land of freedom and equality, its slang, its legal system and the endemic racial fears and hatreds that continue to plague it to this day. That is, in the eyes of the 1619 Project's progenitors, all of America is the poisoned fruit of the seed of slavery and bigotry. Tyranny, not liberty, is at the heart of our country.

The great threat to America's existence comes from radical progressive institutions like the Pulitzer 1619 Project Curriculum - intent on dismantling the Republic by sowing seeds of racial division, particularly within schools.

The Hate America Project How the NY Times, the Pulitzer Foundation and America's cultural elite have aimed a dagger at America's heart by David Horowitz February 4, 2020 - Editorial Note: It's time to recognize that the current ideologies of the progressive Left and the Democrat Party - Cultural Marxism and Identity Politics - pose existential threats to America's survival. The real purpose of the 1619 Project is revealed in Nikole Hannah-Jones baseless claim that, "Anti-black racism runs in the very DNA of this country. This was a slander infamously voiced by Barack Obama and other anti-American leftists some years earlier. James Oakes, himself a leftist, was also one of four major American historians to sign a joint statement challenging the historical distortions and ideological nature of the 1619 Project: "These are really dangerous tropes," he warned. "They're not only ahistorical, they're actually anti-historical. The function of those tropes is to deny change over time... They say, 'look at how terribly black people were treated under slavery. And look at the incarceration rate for black people today. It's the same thing. Nothing changes. There has been no industrialization. There has been no Great Migration. We're all in the same boat we were back then. And that's what original sin is. It's passed down. Every single generation is born with the same original sin... There's nothing we can do to get out of it. If it's the DNA, there's nothing you can do. What do you do? Alter your DNA?" The obvious point of the DNA metaphor is that racism rather than liberty and the proposition that all men are created equal are the essence of America's democracy. This is a transparent incitement to destroy what these determined enemies of America's actual democracy are intent on portraying as a hypocritical, racist, sham.

As a result of Nikole Hannah-Jones' role in creating this racist, anti-capitalist and historically illiterate attack on a country that has given her extraordinary freedoms and privileges, she has been showered with awards and prizes by the cultural elite - including a $624,000 MacArthur "Genius Award." This is the real danger embedded in the 1619 Project: It not only has the support of America's disloyal, seditious elites but traditional institutions of American Democracy like the the Smithsonian Institution. These are the privileged, mis-named "liberals," who for three years have sabotaged a duly elected president through witch-hunts, beginning with a thinly veiled attempted coup by the nation's intelligence agencies. Inspired by Identity Politics, and leftist pie-in-the sky promises, the Democrat Party supports a pro-terrorist, Jew-hating caucus in the House, promotes lawlessness at the country's borders, casually tolerates anti-white racism, and anti-male bigotry, and sponsors presidential candidates who want to criminalize free speech, rule by executive diktat and confiscate private wealth - and who are plausibly described as Rip Van Winkle Marxists whom the Communist horrors of the 20th Century seem to have passed by unnoticed. [David Horowitz is the founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center and the author of Blitz: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win]

Capitalism vs. Slavery...and The New York Times' 1619 Project Apr 16, 2020 - When The New York Times launched its 1619 Project last year, it sought to "reframe" the country's history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of our national narrative." What began as a series of articles in the Times magazine morphed into a collection of lesson plans for K-12 students and provoked an immediate controversy. In the video - Nick Gillespie spoke with economic historian Phllip W. Magness about what the Times gets right and wrong about U.S. history, capitalism, classical liberalism, slavery, and Abraham Lincoln's contested legacy, and why history matters in contemporary politics.

1619 Project evokes Schrodinger's Uncertainty Principle history or 'journalistic' memory July 27, 2020 by Steven Hayward - on the de facto admission today from impresario Nicole Hannah-Jones that in fact it is a purely political propaganda effort. See Hannah-Jones's (twitter handle - dead civil-rights activist Ida Bae Wells) extraordinarily candid Tweets walking back New York Times claims that the '1619 Project' is history.

Critical Race Theory Cult Training Journalist calls on Trump to 'abolish' critical race theory training from federal agencies by Sam Dorman Fox News Sept. 1, 2020 - Chris Rufo, Research Fellow at Discovery Institute, investigates white privilege seminars currently invading our federal agencies. "It's absolutely astonishing how critical race theory has pervaded every institution in the federal government," Rufo told host Tucker Carlson. "What I have discovered is that critical race theory has become, in essence, the default ideology of the federal bureaucracy and is now being weaponized against the American people." Rufo said he has undertaken several investigations that show "the kind of depth of this critical race theory, cult indoctrination, and the danger and destruction it can wreak."

For example, Rufo claimed, the Treasury Department recently hired a diversity trainer who said the U.S. was a fundamentally White supremacist country, and that White people upheld the system of racism in the nation. In another case, which Rufo discussed with Carlson last month, Sandia National Laboratories, which designs nuclear weapons, sent its white male executives to a mandatory training in which they, according to Rufo, wrote letters apologizing to women and people of color. The matter is so serious, Rufo added, that Trump should "immediately issue" an "executive order and stamp out this destructive, divisive, pseudoscientific ideology at its root. "I think that it's something that he has denounced, this kind of Black Lives Matter and neo-Marxist rhetoric in places like Portland and Seattle, but it's time to take action and destroy it within his own administration," he said.

Rufo's comments came after complaints about other government-led initiatives that chided people on race. For example, NASA recently announced it would stop using the phrases "Eskimo Nebula" and "Siamese Twins Galaxy." The National Museum of African American History and Culture also came under fire when it released a graphic linking things like the nuclear family and self-reliance to whiteness.

Eric Metaxas on why pastors need to address politics, Black Lives Matter, and 'woke' Christianity by Leah MarieAnn Klett, Christian Post Reporter Sept. 02, 2020 - The Democratic Party of the past, Metaxas says, is a "whole other story than the dramatically radically left party of today," pointing out that both Bill Clinton and John F. Kenney were "centrists" who understood that "big government can be a problem." "The Democratic Party today is in bed with cultural Marxism, whether overtly or by not calling it out," he said. "If I believed the Joe Biden of today would be the Joe Biden of 30 years ago, we could have a conversation about that. But the idea that a man who is a husk of his former self and who will effectively be a frontman for what has become a dramatically radically left party - I think people should understand what that means for religious liberty and every kind of liberty."

Metaxas pointed out that from "day one," Biden vowed to sign the Equality Act, a move the conservative author believes will effectively "cripple religious liberty across America." "People don't seem to think that that kind of bad thing can happen in America because we've been so blessed with religious liberty and prosperity." When Americans begin kowtowing to the government on big issues like sexuality, marriage, and issues of life, they're no longer free, Metaxas stressed. "If Biden is elected, he will immediately put in place those kinds of things," he said. The Democratic party has also made a "common cause" with "openly Marxist organizations" like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, Metaxas said - a fact that should "scare people if they really understood what that means." Unfortunately, many schools are taken over by people with an "anti-American narrative or teachers unions that have a certain bias," which, he said, "harms the whole nation."

To hold to the belief that the United States is immune from descending into chaos is "foolish," Metaxas said, pointing out that other great nations have "taken turns in the wrong direction" - Nazi-era Germany - with devastating effects. "People have to pray hard that we don't take that wrong turn because there's no reason that we shouldn't," he warned. "It has to be the perfect storm; things going just right or just wrong. If circumstances are a certain way, nations can lurch horribly to tragedy. It's vital that those of us who understand these parallels and these object lessons from history communicate this as much as we can. mg comment: No question that the Covid pandemic has allowed radical polical virulence to metastisize into the perfect storm - an existential threat that could overturn our Democratic Republic into a Marxist dystopia. End comment)

NY Pastor's "White Privilege" Prayer Tucker Carlson Sept. 02, 2020 Interview with Eric Metaxas video segment starts 27:13 - Priest asks congregation to "affirm that white privilege is unfair and harmful.

Systemic Nihilism Cancel Culture: Jason Hill video June, 2020 - Tucker Carlson discusses the present cancel culture, statue removal and violent protests with DePaul University Professor and author Jason D. Hill. Postmodern Nihilism Wants to Cancel our Language History and Culture--and that process is accelerating at a rapid pace right now. As the pandemic tears at the fabric of our constitutional republic - instead of extant systemic racism, it reveals a festering systemic nihilism in alliance with postmodern progressive politics that threatens to turn America - the bastion of liberty and freedom - into a socialist dystopia.

nadler says Antifa violent riots is a myth Former Rep. Allen West, CEO and president of The Hope Center Life, Liberty & Levin video June 28, 2020 - Lt. Col. Allen West on recovery from motorcycle accident, says America faces an 'ideological civil war' - joins Mark Levin. When you have radical leaders who go on national television and say "unless our conditions are not met - we're going to burn the system down" raising up anarchist mobs that rage in cities across America setting up autonomous zones, destroying historical monuments, staging riots, attacking police and causing billions of dollars in property and business damage - it's no different than what the Taliban terrorist in Afghanistan or Isis in The Middle East did in terms of the violation of human life and rights. (m-g ad lib)

Massive backlash to the Left's cancel-culture effort against Goya

Goya beans hit by BLM cancel culture - meme illustration Cancel Culture - Goya Boycott Everything is political now - politics are even in our soup Daniel Raisbeck July 16, 2020 - A spontaneous massive backlash to the Left's effort to raise a boycott on Goya products because its CEO praised the Trump Administration. (m-g comment) I've stocked up on a nutritious/economical staple in my daily gumbo meal - Goya garbanzos beans and support the Grassroots Goya Buy-Cott Campaign to poke the eye of the Left's Cancel Culture. (end comment)

AG Bar hearing meme video documenting TDS on full display as each Dem member vents a tirade of accusations against Barr and Trump including violating the oath of office. brutalizing peaceful protesters and being responsible for the death of thousands of Americans from Coronavirus
Click image for video AG Barr "Un-Hearing" Travesty

No words can convey the abomination to deny fairness in the Congressional Oversight process than the theatrics Chairman Nadler and each of the Dem members performed to gag and prosecute AG William Barr in the "Hearing" of July 28, 2020. Given that the prime judicial witness was scheduled to testify in the July congressional hearings - there is no doubt the Dems would assign their most qualified "top gun" members to prepare and effectively prosecute their party's critical political agenda. What unfolded was a serial parody of decorum and eptitude, revealing the Left's cynical exploitation of the pandemic and radical ideology against law and order.

A G Barr interviewed on Life Liberty & Levin - with time to
give answers The appalling existential reality is that these acts of buffoonery are endorsed - even lauded - by every constituency of the progressive establishment in federal, state and local government, mainstream media, academia, communication and entertainment industries, and a plethora of public service, social, environmental and other activist groups plus the constituency of millions of voters rabid with Trump derangement syndrome. By any standard by which a society can be judged as to viability - the 2020 presidential election finds half of America poised to jump headlong into the abyss of socialist dystopia.

How to Live in a World Gone Mad? Marginal Revolution University by Alex Tabarrok June 30, 2020 - (Extensive - 475 comments - dialectic on Trump versus liberal politics - informative, intelligent, respectful) I've been a MR reader for years. It sounds like you're concerned about cancel culture and the associated political situation. I'm from eastern Europe and caught the tail end of communism. What's happening now in the US terrifies me. It seems like every week I learn that someone I respect is being tried in a court of public opinion for crimes that didn't exist six months ago. I'm in Silicon Valley, and realistically it's impossible to operate here without lying. And I'm not right wing either, I've always considered myself a liberal but having to maintain a facade really eats at me. I effectively have to self-quarantine in a political closet. I hate it. I never could have imagined that I would need to choose between truthful expression and career/friendships in America. Do you have any advice for how to act, survive, and thrive in this political climate? I don't know how to navigate this at all?

Comment 1: Social media has messed with our minds. The madness of crowds used to be limited by geography, time, and transaction cost-all of which have been lessened by social media. As a result, the crowds are now bigger and madder. And our brains, which are finely tuned to listen to the crowd (meaning the tribe or village ala Dunbar' number), are overwhelmed when the crowd is in the thousands or millions. Readers?

Mass Psychosis: Trump Derangement Syndrome by Stu Cvrk December 5, 2019 - No Republican has suffered the slings and arrows of personal insults like President Trump has over the past three years. And it's not just the legacy media; it's virtually the entire Uni-party and their sycophants in academia and Hollywood, too, not to mention the anonymous leftist fools who infest Twitter and other social media. Their rhetoric is seemingly becoming more extreme with each passing day, and their targets also include the President's immediate family, (especially his wife and daughter) his advisers (past and present), and also his supporters (they hate us, too, folks; never forget!). Here are some examples of literally insane comments by leftists: just one of many examples in article).

Poll: TDS-Infected Germans Think Trump Is More Dangerous Than Kim Jong-Un, or Putin by Rick Moran Dec 27, 2019 - The German people, like many people in Europe, are informed by a far-left media that hates America to begin with and hates Trump with a passion that only liberals with assassination dreams can muster. The Jerusalem Post pointed out how Germans ranked Trump as more dangerous than leaders who starve their own people such as in the case of North Korea, shoot protesting citizens in the case of China and Iran, and take children away from homosexual couples, in the case of Russia.

Trump-traitor-death meme implying killing president is morally justified A gallery of hundreds of memes vilifying Trump and family - Authored and illustrated by a graphic artist whose TDS started the moment Hillary lost in 2016 and has evolved into a psychotic manifesto of innuendo encouraging assassinating the traitorous, diabolically evil Trump that not only is morally justified but condoned by God given it is just punishment for treason...and there's an app for a tip if you "enjoy" his depraved work. This is "unprotected speech" - comparable to yelling "fire" in a crowded theater - given the millions already suffering from TDS and further mentally stressed with the Covid pandemic.

China Backs Democratic Resistance to President Trump by William R. Hawkins April 21, 2020 - Democratic governors are forming regional blocs to resist President Donald Trump's efforts to get the American economy moving and put people back to work. They have picked up a powerful ally, one that should give the public cause for alarm. On April 19, the editor-in-chief of the Global Times, a major media outlet of the Chinese Communist Party, wrote an op-ed in which he stated "My advice is to focus China-US anti-epidemic cooperation with US states, while giving the federal government a cold shoulder." Like the Democrats, Hu Xijin attacked Trump's policies and proclaimed, "China needs to take necessary actions and express its strong dissatisfaction." The graphic accompanying Hu's column showed an American fist slamming down in a demand for action being held in check by a Chinese hand held up signaling stop. There is every reason for Beijing to want America's economic downturn and political turmoil to continue as long as possible while it recovers from the effects of the pandemic.

Democrat Dark Money Groups To Spend Millions Politicizing Wuhan Flu thefederalist March 19, 2020 by Madeline Osburn - A network of Democratic non-profits and super PACs are funneling millions of dollars toward advertisements in key swing states, with the intent of politicizing the Wuhan coronavirus crisis and blaming the pandemic on President Donald Trump. The Washington Post reported the group Pacronym is planning to spend $5 million on ads attacking Trumps's response to the pandemic. Pacronym, whose board of directors includes former Barack Obama campaign manager David Plouffe, said its ads will target key 2020 swing states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Arizona. Pacronym is the political action committee affiliated with Acronym, the non-profit who also funded Shadow, Inc., the company responsible for the failed Iowa caucuses reporting app. Acronym is financed by a larger democratic dark money group, New Venture Fund.

In 2018, the New Venture Fund gave at least $250,000 to Acronym, Acronym's 2018 990 IRS forms show. New Venture Fund is just one of the dark money nonprofit funds under the umbrella of the for-profit, privately held consultancy called Arabella Advisors, LLC. Another Democratic PAC called American Bridge said they will also be running similar ads politicizing the pandemic in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. American Bridge told the Washington Post it would be placing an additional ad "Trump's incompetence," including "clips of Trump himself downplaying the crisis." American Bridge also receives funding from the New Venture Fund, as well as another one of Arabella's non-profit groups, Sixteen Thirty Fund. Both non-profits share an address and interlocking officers with the for-profit Arabella. In 2018, Politico reported that the Sixteen Thirty Fund "funneled millions of dollars to progressive causes" by setting up a secret-money network of other groups, which were the "most prolific political advertisers of 2018" when combined. Now, Arabella is sending funds down through its spider web of nonprofits to politicize a time of fear and instability before the 2020 election. "Crises like this one should be a time for national unity, and instead, this large left-wing dark money group is taking advantage of the coronavirus to score cheap political points against the president," Adam Laxalt, outside counsel of Americans For Public Trust, told The Federalist.

Laxalt said that while the White House is busy trying to secure financial support for Americans and small businesses, these Democrat groups are secretly spending millions of dollars in political campaigns. "It's beyond the pale," he said. "There is plenty of time for politics down the road, but now is the time to focus on coming together." Tara McGowan, the founder and chief executive of Acronym, told The Washington Post her group's PAC plans to spend $2.5 million through the end of April in the first wave of coronavirus-related advertising, and ultimately expects to total $5 million through July. The group has already cut ads attacking Trump for cutting funding to the Centers for Disease control and disbanding the White House's pandemic response team, a Democratic talking point that has been repeatedly debunked by the Associated Press and the former director for counterproliferation and biodefense. They have also run a handful of ads critiquing Trump for the slow pace of testing for the novel virus.

Speaker Pelosi and Chuck Schumer conduct a partisan political sideshow

EXPLOITER IN CHIEF OF THE AMERICAN CORONAVIRUS CRISES - Speaker Pelosi steadfastly, obsessively, exploits every COVID-19-related occasion - CARES Act, Aid Bills, medical data reports, media interviews, etc. - to either denigrate Trump or the senate majority or lobby some partisan project totally unrelated to the crises, or take partisan credit like when she claimed the original 2 trillion dollars senate Cares Act was weak and flawed until the Dems' 1400-page version "saved the American People" from disaster.

March 20, 2020 - The $2 trillion "Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act" bill, or the "CARES Act", failed to pass the Senate Monday by a vote of 49-46. In the 1400-page version submitted by Speaker Pelosi The House is trying to smuggle in many items they failed to get approved over the past 3 years that have nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier in the day, Mitch McConnell said, "Democrats won't let us fund hospitals or save small businesses unless they get to dust off the Green New Deal."

The White House Coronavirus Task Force executing the nation's strategic defense against the pandemic crises has put congressional Democrats and former Vice President Joe Biden, the party's likely presidential nominee, at a disadvantage. So instead of uniting behind War President Trump - Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, et al, are prioritizing oversight investigations and spewing out partisan political attack-ads and narratives designed to damage Republicans and protect their House majority and flip control of the Senate and White House.

Life, Liberty & Levin Fox video Interview Congressman Kevin McCarthy May 10, 2020 - First 5 min about Pelosi - exploiting the pandemic to crush the traditions of the House of Representative by hiding in her Sausalito mansion with her liberal lieutenants drafting partisan bills - which she plans to carry to a sparsely-attended House hearing where - using hundreds of proxy votes - she can ram her bill through. Hear also about Pelosi blocking Dems participating in a crucial bipartisan House investigation of China and the coronavirus pandemic.

Democrats scramble to turn the 2020 election into a referendum on Trump's coronavirus response by Lev Facher 04/10/2020 - Democratic groups are scrambling to recalibrate the party's health care messaging for the 2020 campaign to highlight the Trump administration's [disasterous] response to the coronavirus pandemic. Already, advocacy groups have aired commercials in Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin attacking Trump for downplaying the crisis in its early stages and waiting too long to ramp up the procurement of critical supplies like test kits, masks, and ventilators. They have commissioned new opinion polls, retooled campaign events, and hired new staffers with expertise in public health. Joe Biden, the de facto Democratic nominee for president, has attacked Trump in a nationwide advertising campaign centered on the argument that the president is "incapable of leading during a crisis."

New Pelosi video posted 4/08/2020 on her Twitter political account - offers a scathing assessment of President Trump's handling of the coronavirus outbreak, accusing him of a "dereliction of duty" for failing to recognize the severity of the crisis. "He fiddles while Americans die," The video features meme excerpts from one of MSNBC's Rachel Maddow's anti-Trump tirades - irrefutable evidence confirming the reality that fake news media serves as propaganda wing for the progressive/socialist party.

Democrats try to hijack coronavirus stimulus for liberal Christmas in March by James S. Robbins March 24, 2020 - Every time the country faces a crisis, real or perceived, there is a rush in Congress to pass massive bills that go far beyond responding to the matter at hand. You never let a serious crisis go to waste, as Rahm's Rule says. Never was there a more concise summary of both the promise and dysfunction of American politics. Every time the country faces a crisis, real or perceived, there is a rush in Congress to pass massive bills that go far beyond responding to the matter at hand. These phonebook-sized (if I can use an anachronism) emergency acts are too long and detailed for any legislator to read and fully comprehend, but you can bet they are stuffed with gimmicks, giveaways, sweetheart deals and ill-advised policies with no bearing on the crisis itself. The latest example is the newly-introduced House version of the "Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act," intended to afford stimulus and stability in the face of the economic crisis fomented by COVID-19. The bill may provide some form of succor to the economy, but in the words of Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC), the crisis is also "a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision." In other words, coronavirus gives good cover to impose progressive requirements on stricken businesses and a society eager to see government simply act. And fast.

The 1119-page bill is Christmas in March for liberal special interests. It imposes racial and gender pay equity provisions, diversity on corporate boards, increased use of minority-owned banks by federal offices, and a grab-bag of other diversity-themed requirements. It increases the collective bargaining power for unions and cancels all the debt owed by the U.S. Postal Service to the U.S. Treasury. For the global warming crowd there are increased fuel emission standards and required carbon offsets for airlines, plus tax credits for alternative energy programs. For the kids there is a provision for student loan payment deferment, and for the education bureaucrats who overcharge them a $9.5 billion giveaway to colleges and universities. It gives $100 million to juvenile justice programs, and suspends various aspects of enforcement of immigration laws.

Perhaps the most troubling sections of the bill are under the rubric "American Coronavirus - COVID-19 Election Safety and Security" or "ACCESS Act". This section would impose requirements on states for early voting, voting by mail, required mailing of absentee ballots for everyone, ballot harvesting (i.e., having third parties deliver absentee ballots), online voter registration paper ballots, but this bill would be a radical step in the wrong direction. The politics of the Democ, same-day registration and other practices which undermine confidence in the integrity of the ballot. In these days of increasing threats to election security we should be moving rapidly back to in-person paratic proposal are not hard to figure. Democrats are concerned that the Coronavirus crisis could be a "9/11 moment" for President Trump, that people might put aside partisanship for a moment to rally around a leader trying his best to help the country cope. But the real devils in this whole thing are the Capitol Hill lawmakers, their family members and staffers who sold stock after getting briefings about the damage that the virus could do to financial markets. Sens. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.), Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), James Inhofe (R.-Okla.), David Perdue (R-Ga.) and Rep. Susan David (D-Calif.) lead the disgraceful hit parade on this one.

The House Democrat Priorities in another coronavirus relief package bill.

The House Democrat Heroes Act relief bill features help for immigrants impacted by the pandemic by Nicole Narea May 15, 2020 - House Democrats' $3 trillion coronavirus relief package aims to address some people left out of previous bills, including unauthorized immigrants who have been critical to the US's response to the pandemic but have not been eligible for stimulus funds. The bill, known as the Heroes Act, would shield unauthorized immigrants working in essential fields from deportation and make them eligible for federal stimulus funds as well as clear the way for more foreign health care workers to help fight coronavirus in the US. It would also deliver additional health care benefits to immigrants who are eligible for Medicaid and require immigration authorities to release people from immigration detention where possible.

USA Heading Off Cliff Meme
USA - caught between the DNC and the CCP
If the Left refuses to help Trump's drive to economic recovery and national defense-
their partisan derangement will take America on the road to disaster.

Chris Cuomo blasts Trump for saying 'Chinese virus' Politico Magazine March 19, 2020 by Dominick Mastrangelo - Como says 'It could have come from anywhere.'

Cuomo didn't know coronavirus patients are being sent back to nursing homes April 20, 2020 by Bernadette Hogan and Bruce Golding - New York's health commissioner on Monday defended a directive that requires nursing homes to readmit residents who've tested positive for the coronavirus. Health Commissioner Howard Zucker said that under the state's policy, "if you are positive, you should be admitted back to a nursing home." "The necessary precautions will be taken to protect the other residents there," he said during Cuomo's daily coronavirus briefing in Albany. Zucker was asked to explain how the policy could be justified, given how state officials have repeatedly said how quickly the virus can spread and how vulnerable nursing home residents are to COVID-19. - "And that's why we're working closely with the nursing home leadership and the individuals who are working in the nursing homes to protect those individuals who are coming back who have COVID-19 and went back to the nursing homes and where they came from," he said.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo revealed he didn't know the policy was in place. Cuomo's startling admission came days after the state revealed last week that at least 3,316 people in nursing homes and adult care facilities had died of coronavirus at their residences or in hospitals across the state. That tally - which officials have said is likely an undercount - included at least 2,056 deaths in New York City.

Coronavirus has ravaged NYC nursing homes at a startling rate. Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Queens) said Zucker's assertion that "necessary precautions" were being taken to prevent the spread of infections in nursing homes was "clearly not the case." "It's either he's lying or they have absolutely no idea what's going on on the ground," Kim said.

Meanwhile - April 30, 2020 - Hospital ship Comfort departs NYC, having treated fewer than 200 patients - Comfort was directed to begin accepting COVID-19 patients on April 6, a decision that warranted an extensive layout reconfiguration to properly cordon off the coronavirus ward from the rest of vessel. By the time of Comfort's departure, the approximately 1,200-person crew and 1,000-bed hospital had treated just 182 patients, of which approximately 70 percent had COVID-19, according to Capt. Patrick Amersbach, commanding officer of the Comfort's Medical Treatment Facility.

McConnel slams Dem's version of CARES Act - packed with ideological pork video 03/24/2020 End Update

Chinese Ministry of Information pushing propaganda narrative that U.S. military planted coronavirus in Wuhan Province

Chinese spreading propaganda narrative that U.S. military planted coronavirus in Wuhan.

This web page intends to create a chronicle of U.S. political events from 2016 through 2020 -featuring the relentless infamy of the Dems to wage a three-year-long coup to remove President Donald Trump - duly elected in 2016. It is conspired by ranking members of the House and Intelligence communities to politically weaponize congressional oversight and intelligence agencies to endlessly manufacture articles for impeachment inquiries, which complicit political allies in Mainstream Media use to dominate the narrative the public receives. The result is serious damage to the peoples' trust in our government institutions and to the ability of the Executive Branch to find trust in engagement with foreign leaders. It continues to cover the existential threat that the Chinese coronavirus pandemic has brought to the lives and economy of the United States and those of billions of people around the world.

The dystopian political bias of mainstream media pandering to the Dem's strategic agenda that climaxed in their 100% partisan impeachment of President Trump in 2019 - has already fulfilled the existential threat to our Republic foretold in The existential threat from cyber-enabled information warfare Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists by Herbert Lin Jun 28, 2019 - ABSTRACT: Corruption of the information ecosystem is not just a multiplier of two long-acknowledged existential threats to the future of humanity - climate change and nuclear weapons. Cyber-enabled information warfare has also become an existential threat in its own right, its increased use posing the possibility of a global information dystopia, in which the pillars of modern democratic self-government - logic, truth, and reality - are shattered, and anti-Enlightenment values undermine civilization as we know it around the world.

Cyber-enabled information warfare provides the tactics, tools, and procedures - in short, the means - to replace the pillars of logic, truth, and reality with fantasy, rage, and fear. In a world of ubiquitous cyber-enabled information warfare, communication and information inflame passions rather than informing reason, play to the worst in people's cognitive architectures rather than the best, and divide rather than unify. Deliberate corruption of the information ecosystem could be seen as an analog of poisoning water supplies that can be done remotely, inexpensively, and anonymously. All of this is just another way of saying that today it is possible to see glimmerings of an anti-Enlightenment that can possibly take root and that would indeed be the end of civilization as we know it...Search engine optimization techniques enable gaming of search algorithms to promote the visibility of false, misleading, or worthless information.

But as harmful as all these effects have already been for our Republic - the worst is the breaking down of the historic success of the Constitution proscribing the peaceful transfer of power between each electoral cycle. Further - both Socialist and "moderate" Dems advocate breaking down fundamental freedoms of religion, speech, rights to bear arms and to due process and to replace the electoral college to rig elections in favor of their big-city majorities. Their support of open borders, sanctuary cities and driver licences to illegal aliens to facilitate voting rights is a strategic agenda in their relentless obsession to achieve permanent, supreme power to transform our Republic.

Xi Jinping China emperor for life - then the World
Xi Jinping - China's Emperor for Life - the partnering, globalist CEO unmasked

Over the past three years, China and Russia have cooperated in accelerating military alliances with regimes adversarial to the U.S. with the intention of extending their respective hegemony over vast regions of the world. In December, 2019 they formed a trilateral naval exercise with Iran in the Gulf of Oman. Meanwhile, the Dems have spent this entire time obsessing over impeaching Trump in an attempted coup - claiming the foreign policy he discussed in a phone call with the president of Ukraine posed an existential threat to the country's national security. Their ongoing campaign to damage this presidency has divided and weakened our nations ability to mount a bipartisan, united, strategic defense with international allies against this growing threat from abroad. This clearly shows it is the dysfunctional Dems who are the real existential threat to our nations' ability to maximally defend our peace and security.

As our nation mobilizes to face the Coronavirus pandemic, China's Communist Party's Xinhua News just posted a piece March 3, 2020 titled "Be bold: the world owes China a thank you", which the newspaper says if China imposes restrictions on pharmaceutical exports, US will be "plunged into the mighty sea of coronavirus".

Xi Jinping and Winnie the Pooh Morph China Can Threaten to Withhold Medical Products U.S. Needs to Combat Coronavirus Epidemic Updated Feb 6, 2020 Tim Morrison - Chinese President Xi Jinping recently warned of the "grave" situation posed by the "accelerating spread" of the coronavirus in China. While many are rightfully concerned about stopping the virus, few are focused on the fact that the more it spreads, the more the U.S. ability to treat any Americans who are stricken is vulnerable to the tender mercies of the Chinese Communist Party because of a strategic shift in health care that occurred without debate or decision in Washington during the Obama/Biden administration. Xi Pooh Morph - Last Emperor Everything from antibiotics to chemotherapy drugs, from antidepressants to Alzheimer's medications to treatments for HIV/AIDS, are frequently exclusively produced by Chinese manufacturers. What's more, the most effective breathing masks and the bulk of other personal protective equipment - key to containing the spread of coronavirus and protecting health care workers - and even the basic syringe are largely made in China. The basic building blocks of U.S. health care are now under control of the the Chinese Communist Party. Coronavirus is a painful wake-up call to the United States to begin to reclaim control of our medical supply chain from an untrustworthy foreign adversary.

This is the kind of existential challenge that will increasingly face every president to protect and defend our republic. This makes it imperative that our Commander in Chief can bring an energy and faculty for cognitive focus to bear on critical issues and not be dependent on party handlers whose main priority is retain their collective political power. The agenda emerging from the Dem's choice for presidential nominee is to select whoever they believe can be popular enough to beat Trump - regardless that he/she may be totally unqualified to execute and defend the Republic or the presidency. Their choice of good old uncle Joe Biden is a cynical expediency to attain a popular win for the party because it is abundantly clear that the recent-history of increasing frequency and seriousness of Biden's gaffes is symptomatic of early-onset dementia.

Dems cynical coronation of a popular but unfit Biden to best preserve party power
Dem Elitist's coronation of a popular but unfit Biden in
cynical expediency to preserve party power.

Joe Biden's sharp cognitive decline shown in video clips 'We hold these truths...You know the thing' and other iconic Biden gaffes

Links in this chronicle commenting of whether Joe Biden's gaffes and confusion are evidence of early-onset dementia can take on a tone or ridicule but I do feel compassion for Biden personally and acknowledge that any cognitive health issues - especially dementia - is an existential threat that every Homo_sapiens (wise human) through no fault of their own, increasingly risks, as inevitable death nears. The fault lies in the blatantly cynical machination by the Dems to insulate Biden in a protective bubble to hide his condition during the entire course of the 2020 campaign. The plan - if he wins - is to install him as a figurehead or puppet that gives the party full administration control of a compliant executive.

Joe Biden's Puppet Master - Bloomberg Mar. 05, 2020 - Joe Biden won't actually be in charge of the things if he is elected president. He will be a geriatric Pinocchio whose strings will be pulled by the politicians, activists, or donors currently propping him up. In a garbled speech, Biden mistakenly told the crowd that tomorrow's "Super Tuesday" primary elections are actually on "Thursday."
On March 8, Biden thanked the wrong host during an interview on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. "Mr. Vice President, thank you, thanks for your time, please come back in less than 13 years, sir," Wallace said. "All right, Chuck, thank you very much," Biden said, confused. "All right, Chuck, thank you very much," Biden said, confused. "All right, it's Chris, but anyway." "Chris, I just did Chris," Biden tried explaining. "No, I just did Chuck. I tell you what, man, these are back-to-back, anyway, I don't know how you do it early in the morning."
Twitter@sanz_md - "I have seen and worked with patients who have language issues, in particular stuttering. I am sorry but Bidens issues go beyond that. He has shown signs of cognitive decline on so many occasions you can make hours of videos."
Twitter@bubbaprog - He has exactly the symptoms of dementia. One of his most common forms of a gaffe is being unable to properly pinpoint a concept, i.e. he mentions loosely related concepts. Things like "I'm running for Senate" and "poor kids are just as bright as white kids".

The Scream as meme for the syndrome afflicting rational minds coping with the progressive political TDS dystopia Why 'The Scream' has gone viral again May 21, 2020 - Few works of art are as iconic as The Scream, by the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch (1863-1944). The combination of an open mouth, eyes wide open and two hands raised to cheeks has become a near-universal signifier of shock and existential fear. It is a quintessential meme for the angst not only over the physical and psychological turmoil to our normal lives to cope with the plague but even more so to the dystopia that progressive politics is fomenting (evoking riots and mayhem) - with support by a vast majority in government and public and private institutions and academia, mainstream media, high-tech and entertainment industry. The inexplicable reality that the Democratic presidential nominee is Joe Biden - given abundant and compelling evidence in video documentary that he suffers from serious cognitive disability - is the single most counter-logical factor to determining if the entire Progressive Party support infrastructure is suffering (beyond TDS) from "the emperor's new clothes" syndrome or has become so driven by hatred and loathing to become a pathological psychotic collective that instigates anarchist riots and mayhem and prosecutes the destruction of the Republic in order to be in complete control of whatever power structure that arises. "America" will be an oppressive footnote of woke history.

Joe Biden's confused crazy rants Sky News Australia video March 7, 2020 Host Rita Panahi - Biden's confused rants should have discounted him years ago. His status as the frontrunner in the Democratic presidential race highlights the party's hypocrisy when it comes to striking down Donald Trump. It's surprising the candidate, who is so confused that he has trouble remembering where he is and why he's there, has not been discounted. Biden's cognitive issues have been evident for some time but just watch the same media who for four years have been declaring Donald Trump mentally and physically unfit for office have a collective meltdown when Biden's mental faculties are questioned. See also: Biden's Dementia Symptoms and Garbled Speech on China and win back the House videos of Biden: "Together, I think we can win back the House -- we're gonna keep the House, increase it, and flip the Senate."

United States of Socialism - #1 best selling author Denish D'Souza
If Socialist Bernie Sanders is the Dems 2020 nominee - Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, etc. will rally to endorse his radical agenda because their existential priority is to extend their control in centers of power in government, academia, media and international and domestic institutions.

United States of Socialism Who's Behind It. Why It's Evil. How to Stop It. Denish D'Souza, Feb 2020 - For those who witnessed the global collapse of socialism, its resurrection in the twenty-first century comes as a surprise or even a shock. How can socialism work now when it has never worked before? In a pathbreaking new work by #1 New York Times bestselling author Dinesh D'Souza, you will discover a well-founded argument that the socialism advanced today by the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Ilhan Omar, and Elizabeth Warren is very different from the socialism of Lenin, Mao, and Castro. Modern-day socialism is "identity socialism," a marriage between classic socialism and identity politics. Today's socialists claim to model themselves on the "socialism that works" in Scandinavian countries like Norway and Sweden. In reality, socialism abandoned the working class and found new recruits by drawing on the resentments of race, gender, and sexual orientation. United States of Socialism reveals how the Left uses the Venezuelan formula, decisively refutes this new face of socialism, chillingly documents the full range of the Left's gangster tendencies, and provocatively exposes the tactics of the socialist Left. See also: Death of a Nation Reviews Movie by Dinesh D'Souza See the full range of progressive media weaponizing reviews to attack the premise in D'Souza's film that compares the Left's relentless political attacks on the Trump presidency to their attacks on Lincoln in the 19th century. Note that the media wing of the Democratic party places D'Souza film in the category of "Propaganda" rather than "Documentary" in a patently hypocritical view that not only is their own content consistently leftist "propaganda" but so is that outpouring from all nodes in the fabric of the nations political discourse. Way beyond mere "propaganda" is their their complicity in promoting conspiracies and hoaxes (Russia and Ukraine) that involved highest officials in the the federal intelligence communities. This existential hypocrisy is evidenced in the current global crises over the coronavirus which a New York Times editor dubbed the Trumpvirus in the relentless effort by the Left to weaponize every opportunity arising in the course of human events to resist, injure, or defeat the Trump presidency.

The MAGA Doctrine by Charlie Kirk
As the Dems and the mainstream media relentlessly invent Trump-Derangement-Syndrome-based crimes and lies to attack the president - Trump and his allies keep draining the staus-quo Washington swamp and sclerotic and power-hungry institutions that have been working to crush real America. Charlie Kirk's The MAGA Doctrine is a powerful reminder of the true narrative of freedom and greatness that swept Donald Trump to the presidency.

Life, Liberty & Levin - The MAGA Doctrine Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk joins Mark to discuss the 2020 race and his new book 'The MAGA Doctrine - The Only Ideas That Will Win the Future'.

video of Ava Martineze impersonating AOC on socialism and the threat of climate change
Click on image for hilarious video of 8 year old Ava Martineze's impersonation of socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AKA AOC) faux commentary on socialism and the existential threat of climate change.

Update 10/9/2019: The Dems' insidious campaign to circumvent bilateraly established constitutional federal law by establishing state and city sanctuaries and officials usurping entire constituencies with their personal partisan political agendas. Case in point - President Donald Trump is coming to town next week for a campaign rally that is sure to draw thousands to downtown Minneapolis - prompting an abusive response from the city's top elected official.

After the Oct. 10 rally was announced, the mayor and other city leaders implied that they'd rather the president and his supporters stay home. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said Trump's "actions have been reprehensible and his rhetoric has made it clear that he does not value the perspectives or rights of Minneapolis' diverse communities. While there is no legal mechanism to prevent the president from visiting, his message of hatred will never be welcome in Minneapolis."

City Council President Lisa Bender echoed Frey's statements, saying Trump's "hate is not welcome in our community, but we cannot stop the visit."

In a statement Monday night, Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale accused Frey of "abusing the power of his office and attempting to extort President Trump's re-election campaign by conjuring a phony and outlandish $530,000 bill for security in an effort to block a scheduled Keep America Great rally." and "That Frey was demonstrating "an outrageous abuse of power" and that he was "trying to deny the rights of his own city's residents just because he hates the president." A campaign statement also pointed out that when then-President Barack Obama held a rally at the Target Center in 2009, police estimated that costs amounted to approximately $20,000.

Just one local example of the threat the Dems' manifestiation of their pathological Trump Hate Syndrome poses - unraveling the fabric of our Constitutional Democratic Republic - state by city by community. End Update

Jan 03, 2020: As a result of the killing of Iran's Supreme Terrorist Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis - deputy head of the Iran-backed Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) - look for Iran to factor in (and be emboldened to retaliate) by hysterical opposition by the Dems to vilify Trump's doctrine - a strategic shift of kenetic military response - to execute pre-targeted strikes on Iranian assets in retaliation to any future terrorist acts it or its proxies commit around the world resulting in the death of an American citizen.

Jan 7, 2020 Video chronicles of killing of Soleimani and Iran's retaliatory ballistic missile strikes on two bases in Iraq.

Trump says U.S. open to path to peace with with Iran

Trump's Iran Speech Annotated Washington Post Jan. 8, 2020 - Video and transcript - "Finally, to the people and leaders of Iran: We want you to have a future and a great future, one that you deserve, one of prosperity at home in harmony with the nations of the world. The United States is ready to embrace peace with all who seek it."

The Kavanaugh Hearings Oct, 2018
An Iconic Episode of Political Cognitive Bias

Schumer- No Presumption of Innocence - Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said today Judge Kavanaugh, who is facing allegations of sexual misconduct, receives "no presumption of innocence or guilt" as a nominee seeking confirmation. Schumer called Thursday's hearing where one of Kavanaugh's accusers will testify part of a "fact-finding proceeding," not a legal proceeding. Later, Fake News and the Resistance referred to the hearings as a "job interview" to further distance it from complying to the mandate in the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 11 - that grants the accused "presumption of innocence". He takes Ford's testimony as "fact-finding" despite the known problems about her accusations.

#1 Ford admits she had been drinking. (Mental impairment)
#2 Ford cannot be sure what year the party took place.
#3 Ford cannot remember the location of the party.
#4 Ford cannot recall how she got to the party or how she got home.
#5 She has named 4 witnesses none of which support her claims. One of which does not even know Kavanaugh and didn't go to any parties with him.
#6 Her story is based on a "recovered" memory and has changed since she first told it. In her accounts to her therapist she claimed there were 4 in the room not not 2.
#7 The accusation dates back to a event she claimed happened over 35 years ago but she made no mention of it prior to 6 years ago (and that version of the event was different) and never mentioned Kavanaugh prior to her letter.
#8 65 women that went to school or worked with Kavanaugh have written in support saying they never witnessed anything like this.
#9 Fords parent's home was foreclosed on and Kavanaugh's mother was the presiding judge.
#10 Ford and her attorneys are Resistance members.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent The Women's March tweeted this despite the fact that Kavanaugh is accused of attempted rape, not rape, and that not only has he denied the allegation, but each of the alleged witnesses has denied any knowledge of the incident. As the evidence seems to pile up against Ford's claims, Democrats continue to insist that "survivors" should be "believed." Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) has called on men to "shut up and stand up" in these matters. She insists that men should believe accusers - seemingly with or without evidence - and has wondered why men would be "offended" by her demands that they "shut up." Presumidly- Ford's testimony=facts according to Schumer's improvised standard of "fact-finding" that denies the need for corroborating evidence or due process and demands the accused prove his innocence.

Michael Meyers - ex VP of the ACLU Former ACLU leaders blast 'appalling' anti-Brett Kavanaugh ad campaign Former VP Michael Meyers says the TV ad campaign, which compares Kavanaugh to famous sex abusers, violates the civil libertarian principle of presumption of innocence. "It's not ironic, it's tragic, It's hypocrisy. It's bald-face hypocrisy. It's outrageous hypocrisy. It's a violation of everything we believe in as civil libertarians. It's appalling, shocking. It's unacceptable." See also: Michael Meyers video ACLU under fire for sponsoring ad comparing Judge Brett Kavanaugh to Bill Cosby; former ACLU vice president Michael Meyers speaks out.

Senator Susan Collins - Video of Susan Collins' speech on final decision to confirm Kavanaugh. An exemplary model of critical thinking and unbiased cognition - upholding the most advanced principles (presumption of innocence) for arriving at a fair determination of the accused according to the US constitution and the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Michael Avenatti helped the Kavanaugh confirmation (Sept, 2018) - The initial Ford allegations sent the White House reeling..but in the coming days, stories of Kavanaugh's alleged debauchary as a high school and college student dribbled out from former classmates, as well as two additional claims by clients represented by attorney and Democratic presidential candidate Michael Avenatti - included testimony that in ten parties where women had been gang-raped - Kavanaugh had attended some of them. But the additional claims were widely claimed to be less credible than Ford's assault allegations and gave Kavanaugh's supporters ammunition to cast all of the charges as a political hit job (and a factor in Susan Collins' critical decision for her YES vote).

Presumption of Innocence - History Time by Lily Rothman October 5, 2018 - The Meaning of 'Presumed Innocent' Has Evolved. Here's How the Kavanaugh Hearings Fit Into That History

The entire episode reveals a concerted effort by the Democratic Party to subvert the enlightened principles for ascertaining guilt via critical-thinking, due process and civil liberties, with standards more akin to superstitious bias by medieval mobs and hegemonies.

After a week of unprecedented degree of scurrilousness (including uncorroborated allegations of involvement in serial gang-rapes) by Democrats against a supreme court nominee - a front-page article in the The New York Times by Matt Flegenheimer Oct. 12, 2018 headlined: "Democrats Debate if High Road in Politics Is Leading Anywhere".
Michelle Obama Wanted Democrats to 'Go High.' Now They Aren't So Sure. WASHINGTON - In 2016, Michelle Obama's words became the Democrat's defining creed to counter Donald J. Trump's battering ram of a presidential campaign: "When they go low, we go high." Two years later, the appeal of "high" seems low. As much as any policy tensions or messaging debate within the party, this question of tone - of how to combat Mr. Trump effectively without slipping into a pale imitation - is perhaps the central divide of this Democratic moment (and the next one, with the 2020 campaign looming). See also the Oct 13, 2018 version

The flabbergasting out-of-touch-of-reality by the Times editorial writers to claim that the "defining creed" of the Dem's frenetic resist to President Trump and his initiatives over the past two years has been "We Go High" - can only be explained by some form of hysterical-blindness-disorder manifesting from a clinical level of severe ideological cognitive bias.

Trial By Boiling Water Trial by Ordeal Trial by water was the oldest form of ordeal in medieval Europe. There were two forms, hot and cold. In a trial by hot water judicium aquae ferventis), also known as the "cauldron ordeal", a large kettle of water would be heated to the boiling point and a ring or jewel placed at the bottom. The accused person reached in to grab the object; if he seized it and removed his arm without injury, the accused was deemed innocent. In a trial by cold water, the accused would be tied, thrown into a river, and found innocent if she sank (and retrieved alive), guilty if she floated (and consequently burned on a stake as a proven witch).

Hysterical level of vilification in the Dems' and Mainstream Media's narratives leading up to the 2018 midterm elections
in the way Trump supporters are portrayed

Wherein the Left Resist and their Mainstream Media Allies pull out all stops to portray Trump and anyone who supports him as hate-filled, fascists whose rhetoric is complicit for a cluster of hate crimes arising between the Kavanaugh Hearings and the 2018 midterms. They also characterize anyone alarmed over the chilling prospect of caravans of tens of thousands of immigrants intent on breaking across our border - as racist, inhumane, white nationalists - and other defamatory identity tropes, calculated to end any rational debate over the potential threat to our national interest.

Honduran Caravan crossing Arriaga Bridge, MexicoVideo - thousand illegal migrants cross unprotected El Paso boder

Over a thousand illegal migrants cross unprotected El Paso border Watch Video

Google search: migrant caravan racist
About 29,500,000 results on 11/3/2018 for all media

Slideshow by 11/3/2018
104 photos - all portraying sympathetic optics of migrant caravan. No images of violence.

migrant caravan sympathetic optics in slideshow

Example of media bias using opinion and testimony as "facts" to cast dispersion on Trump's border barrier

Since the major reason the president declared a national emergency to build physical border barriers is the growing upsurge of caravans of thousands of central american immigrants intent on finding sanctuary in the US - the USA Today article is a straw man argument (selection form) designed to distract from it's central purpose - and to further the Dem's campaign to keep open borders.

The "straw man selection form" focuses on a partial and weaker (and easier to refute) representation of the opponent's position. Then the easier refutation of this weaker position is claimed to refute the opponent's complete position.

Fact-checking Trump officials: Most drugs enter US through legal ports of entry, not vast, open border Alan Gomez, USA TODAY Jan. 16, 2019

In their ongoing push for $5.7 billion to expand the border wall, Trump administration officials have repeatedly pointed to the flow of drugs across the southern border as proof that such a wall is needed. President Donald Trump has used that line. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has, too. But an analysis of data from the southern border indicates that the vast majority of narcotics enters through U.S. ports of entry, not the wide swaths of border in between where additional barriers could be erected.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection statistics, 90 percent of heroin seized along the border, 88 percent of cocaine, 87 percent of methamphetamine, and 80 percent of fentanyl in the first 11 months of the 2018 fiscal year was caught trying to be smuggled in at legal crossing points. Gil Kerlikowske, who headed CBP and the Office of National Drug Control Policy under President Barack Obama, said intelligence received from arrested smugglers and law enforcement partners in Mexico indicate that cartels clearly prefer moving high-profit narcotics through the busy ports of entry because their chances of success are better there. "Regardless of the number of drug dogs and technology and intelligence, the potential of smuggling the drugs in through a port of entry is far greater. Your ability to be captured coming across between a port of entry is much greater."

Vice President Mike Pence was the first to acknowledge in an op-ed column published in USA TODAY on Tuesday that those drugs "primarily" enter the country through ports of entry. Trump has argued the exact opposite, saying before a trip to McAllen, Texas, last week that most drugs enter between "portals" along the border, not through those "portals."

That is wrong.

Perhaps the best authority on how drugs are smuggled into the U.S. is Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, the Mexican drug lord arrested by Mexican officials in 2016 and later extradited to the U.S. During his ongoing trial in New York, several of his cartel members have testified that they mostly pushed drugs through U.S. ports of entry, stashing bricks of narcotics in cars, trucks and trains, according to CNN. None of El Chapo's associates has testified that they moved drugs through the open border regions in between those ports.

When one subjects the "fact-checks" - with a critical analysis, it turns out it there is no way to know how much undetected drugs cross the border nor what percentage has passed through the ports of entry vs the open borders because no evidence exists. Abrogating due process - the article presents "testimony" - from convicted cartel members as "facts" and from Kerlikowske who says "Regardless of the number of drug dogs and technology and intelligence, the potential of smuggling the drugs in through a port of entry is far greater." therefore refuting the Dem's position that increasing port-of-entry security would be more effective than erecting barriers.

See Also: A-Level Critical Thinking

NY Times headlines "FBI Trump-Russia Investigation" 1/12/2019

...but turns out all "facts" are just a rehash of all the Russia hysteria the Times and liberal media have been orchestrating since Hillary lost in 2016.

NY Times 1-12-2019 headline - FBI Trump-Russia Probe

Tucker Carlson on Russia Hysteria And The Cost To America: The People In Charge "Have Lost It" 2/19/2018 (Segment starts 3:33 min into video)

Carlson: "Consider what happened last night on one cable news. It could have been any night really on cable news. CNN or MSNBC, take your pick. We just happened to be watching around 11 when this happened, so we're bringing it to you. This is from the most serious news program that NBC offers on cable. It's called The 11th Hour. There are two people in the following segment. The first is man called Malcolm Nance. Nance identifies himself as a 35-year veteran of counter-intelligence work, whatever that means. His most recent book, The Plot to Hack America was a national best-seller, thanks to heavy promotion from MSNBC. The second man on the screen is Brian Williams. Williams needs no introduction. He was anchor of the NBC Nightly News, back when that meant something. Williams is widely regarded as one of the smartest people in the news business. No news organization should traffic in garbage like this. News anchors exist to push back against nutty claims like these. Brian Williams bought them completely."

Williams: "Wow. Malcolm Nance this is why we ask you all the time to come on this broadcast. Scary stuff but it needs to be said, needs to be heard. Thank you sir so much for joining us once again."

Carlson: "Save the tape. Future generations won't believe it."

Iconic example of Mainstream Media's existential desperation to support Dem's resist politics by fomenting "Russia Hysteria"
MSNBC Russia Hysteria - Malcolm Nance

Note: buried in Page 12 - is admission that: No evidence has emerged publicly that Mr. Trump was secretly in contact with or took direction from Russian government officials. An F.B.I. spokeswoman and a spokesman for the special counsel's office both declined to comment. See in the right-hand column - totally out-of-context - more gratuitous propaganda for maximum denigration of the presidency - a listing of "Trump's alleged untruths".

The existential threat the Mueller Statement of May 29 posed to our Democratic Republic

...Because it threw gasoline on the pathological fire of the Dem's and their media allies' to impeach the president...or how ripples in the ocean of legalese may result in a tsunami of socialist catastrophe.

Mueller's May 29, 2019 final statement the special counsel, declined to clear President Trump of obstruction of justice. "If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so," Mr. Mueller said.

In terms that apply to an outcome in a criminal trial...being exonerated and being acquitted are not equivalent concepts in law. Acquittal simply means that the prosecution did not prove its case with sufficient evidence, that is beyond a reasonable doubt... To exonerate is to "absolve (someone) from blame for a fault or wrongdoing."

But the special council investigation is empowered to indict a suspect if there is sufficient evidence but has no authorization to acquit, exonerate, exculpate, or otherwise clear any suspect of guilt. Although exculpate refers to evidence that will cast doubt on a person's guilt in a criminal trial. To exculpate may also mean to clear someone of guilt.

Giuliani Slams Mueller Statement - May 29, 2019 - Giuliani, took issue with the special counsel underscoring that investigators were not able to exonerate the president on obstruction charges. "The reality is that he gave us his opinion on collusion and obstruction," Giuliani said on Fox News. "And his opinion is you can't bring a case (and) that's the end of it. That's what a prosecutor does. And you don't prove negatives. - What they've done here is a perversion," Giuliani continued. "A combination of him and the media. I don't know where this notion came that you have to exonerate."

Dershowitz: Shame on Robert Mueller for exceeding his role - The statement by special counsel Robert Mueller in a Wednesday press conference that "if we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said that" was putting his thumb, indeed his elbow, on the scale of justice in favor of impeachment. Dershowitz said Mueller must have a "motive" to "help the Democrats" because there was no reason to emphasize that it could not be proven that Donald Trump committed a crime or was involved in a criminal conspiracy.

The Muller Investigation Report - In early May 2019, 693 former federal prosecutors who worked in both Republican and Democratic administrations signed a statement asserting Trump would have been indicted for obstruction of justice were it not for the DOJ policy prohibiting the indictment of a sitting president.

John Marini joins "Life, Liberty & Levin" 2019 youtube video - Professor Marini discusses his book Unmasking the Administrative State: The Crisis of American Politics in the Twenty-First Century - Marini reveals the constitutional justification of what we now call populism. His argument is that the progressive political project amounts to regime change and sees our political crisis as a conflict between two incompatible regimes: The old regime of the Constitution, with all the changes made to it since the end of the 18th century, and the new regime installed by Progressives, which culminates in the administrative state, or the rule of "experts" who are legitimated by their supposed expertise rather than the consent of the governed. Establishing the theoretical coherence of the progressive project we call the administrative state finally clarifies what it is that people opposed to the "establishment" or "the swamp" or "Washington" or "elites" actually oppose and sees the election of President Trump as populist opposition to the slow growing tyranny of progressive bureaucracy. Prof. Marini illustrates the existential threat of the administrate state to our Republic, exposes the regressive philosophy from which it springs and argues for the reassertion of the Founding principles to restore self-government. See also: Google: tyranny+of+progressive+bureaucracy

Life, Liberty & Levin FOX News July 27, 2019 - Mark Levin delivers a scathing, comprehensive, definitive overview of the origin and process of the Democratic party's conspiracy to overturn the presidency of Donald Trump with the complicity of members at the highest levels of the deep state - weaponizing their authority, relentlessly propagandized by their media allies to effect a coup against the democratic republic's electoral will of the people.

The epic example in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - of how photogenic Latino great looks, charismatic personality, and a woke social media support team can catapult a virtually unknown activist valley girl to become the ideological guru of the Mainstream-Media-Hollywood-Celebrity-Obsessed-Socialist Democratic Party. The spectacular rise to stardom took less than a month after winning a congressional election (in which the incumbent did not campaign) and the caution it provides about the nature of political belief vs knowledge - illusion vs reality.

Cobert with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Why Is AOC the Socialist, "Social Climbing" with Celebrities like 'Resistance' Queen Chrissy Teigen? by CharliePeach Feb 10, 2019

The unbelievable rise of Socialist and media darling, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been interesting to watch; if not insulting on so many levels to the many female activists/politicians who have actually put in the work. It was not enough that her supposedly poor bartender working girl shoes were put up for auction, but it was also revealed this week that a campaign documentary (along with three other women, who have gotten no attention) about her epic win (historically low turnout & an incumbent who did not campaign), is now being bought by Netflix for a mere $10M.

AOC is not capable of sitting down in front of a real journalist and asked real questions; every interview has been jaw-dropping with valley girl type responses. She's now being lauded over the last few days for another of her scripted and performative social media and made for TV antics; while pretending to care about money in politics. Her "Green New Deal", is the stolen platform of the Green Party and Bernie Sanders; with added hyperbole and true to her brand of valley girl blabbering.

Alyssa Limperis comedic impersonations of Alexandria
Alyssa Limperis

Alyssa Limperis Impersonating AOC video playlist - Parody skits of AOC's hyper theatrical persona turning life's everyday moments into existential crices.

Ocasio-Cortez Can't SHOW US THE MONEY Sep 17, 2018 video by Daily Caller - Why can't Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez give Jake Tapper an answer on how she'll fund her 40 trillion dollar socialist agenda?

The Most Lucid Commentary On Existential Politics On the Web

Victor Davis Hanson - the most clear-headed commentary on global and national issues by NRO contributor Victor Davis Hanson - a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and the author, most recently, of The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won.

Update 9/26/2019 The Ukraianian Collusion Witch Hunt

After the Mueller Report failed to provide the Dems any evidence for impeaching the president, I was hoping the politics could restart addressing many of the critical issues our nation is facing. Unfortunately the Dem's clinical TDS unabated to immediately latch on to another even more dubious impeachable event in the president's phone conversation with the new president of Ukraine and inflated to an unprecedented public theater of a House Intelligence hearing.

Pelosi doesn't want to bring impeachment to a vote because she knows it wouldn't pass - killing that charade - nor does she care that all or any charges are credible. The Dems' strategy - in their obsession for power (abetted by their media allies) is to keep the nation and the presidency in a perpetual state of chaos and turmoil with a relentless theater of public spectacle until the 2020 elections - regardless of the permanent injury and existential threat to America's national and international welfare - clear evidence that they hate trump and crave power more than they love America.

The Schiff/Pelosi Existential Lies to Justify Impeachment Inquiry

Pelosi doubles down on bare-faced lies that Schiff's parody "used the president's own words"

In his opening statement at the House Intelligence Hearing, Chairman Adam Schiff read into the record what he called the "essence" of Trump's words - leading viewers to think he was quoting from the transcript of Trump's conversation with the President of Ukraine - when in fact it was a completely made up script suitable for for an act in UKRAINE COLLUSION! THE MOVIE! - PRODUCED BY DNC - intended to heighten comparison to a mafia shakedown. This became the model for the various Dems' desperate attempts to script "evidence" for finding Trump guilty of treason while at the same time totally ignoring the blatant quid-pro-quo crime on behalf of his son extended to the Ukrainian President, boasted by Joe Biden on tape.

Schiff Gollum meme reading false quotes into the House Hearings Schiff Gets Crushed for 'Making up Quotes' About Trump Controversy Claims It's 'Parody by Madison Summers September 26, 2019 - House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) is claiming that his opening remarks during Thursday's House Intelligence hearing with acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire were meant to be "part in parody," as he's being called out for them. The hearing is surrounding a whistleblower report on President Donald Trump's previous call with the Ukrainian president. The White House released the transcript of the phone call between the two leaders after increased impeachment pressure by House Democrats and the House speaker's launch of a formal impeachment inquiry. The whistleblower's complaint was also released to the public on Thursday ahead of the hearing.

Schiff Gollum morph Adam Schiff reading false quotes into the House Hearings

Schiff offered a "more dramatic" version of the president's words during his opening statement at Thursday's hearing. In part, Schiff suggested: "In essence, what the President Trump communicates is this: We've been very good to your country. Very good. No other country has done as much as we have. But you know what, I don't see much reciprocity here. You know what I mean? I hear what you want. I have a favor I want from you through. And I'm going to say this only seven times, so you better listen good. I want you to make up dirt on my political opponent, understand? And don't call me again," Schiff added. "I'll call you when you've done what I asked."

Schiff's Dishonest B Movie His little skit wasn't funny at all because it was a brazen lie packaged as truth by Nate Jackson Sep. 27, 2019 - "Rep. Adam Schiff acknowledged on Thursday that he made up parts of the Ukraine phone call transcript when he delivered his opening statement at a much-watched TV hearing with the U.S. top intelligence officer," reports The Washington Times. That's right; at a time when Democrats are pounding on the table for impeaching the president, and during a hearing grilling acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is spouting utter fiction as justification. Schiff argued that the record of President Donald Trump's phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky "reads like a classic organized-crime shakedown." Actually, Schiff's characterization is more like B-movie acting. "Shorne of its rambling character and in not so many words, this is the essence of what the president communicates, Schiff said. He went on to parody the call while effectively insinuating that he was quoting Trump from the transcript.

Adam Schiff has a message for witnesses of Trump's misconduct CNN Wolf Blitzer interviews Adam Schiff after Intelligence Committee Hearing (comments at end about Schiff's justification for "mocking" the president's dialog in the transcript - because he thought it was accurate that the president was speaking like an organized crime boss).

Intel Chair Schiff and Ranking Member Nunes Opening Statements on House Intelligence Committee Hearing CSpan Video Sept. 26, 2019

Adam Schiff - Gollum morph reads parody of Trump Ukraine phone call

What Authority Has a Formal House Impeachment Inquiry?

Efforts to Impeach Donald Trump Wikipedia - Various people and groups assert that U.S. president Donald Trump has engaged in impeachable activity both before and during his presidency, and talk of impeachment began before he took office. Formal efforts were initiated by representatives Al Green and Brad Sherman, both Democrats, in 2017, the first year of his presidency. On September 24, 2019, Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi announced that six committees would undertake formal impeachment inquiries after reports about controversial interactions between Trump and the country of Ukraine.

The House's role in the impeachment inquiry process September 25, 2019 by Scott Bomboy - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced an impeachment inquiry would be made against President Donald Trump into allegations that he acted improperly in talks with Ukrainian leaders. So what is an impeachment inquiry and where does it fall in the range of the House's constitutional powers? Scholars Steven G. Calabresi and Michael J. Gerhardt discussed the Founders' impeachment-process intent in an essay for our Interactive Constitution project. "The different powers of the House and Senate further reflect the Framers' hopes for the Senate's disposition toward the implementation or protection of classical republican values, such as ennoblement through public service," Calabresi and Gerhardt wrote. "Even with its 'sole' power to impeach, the House may only initiate a legislative action but must depend on the Senate to complete the job, whether it entails enacting a law or convicting and removing a high-ranking official, such as the President, for serious misconduct in office." The impeachment process and the super-majority Senate vote, they explained, "are designed, as James Madison explained in The Federalist No. 58 as a 'shield to some particular interests, and another obstacle generally to hasty and partial measures.'"

Must the House Vote to Authorize an Impeachment Inquiry? The Ukraine Connection by Keith E. Whittington, October 9, 2019 - Since taking control of the U.S. House of Representatives in the midterm election of 2018, the Democrats have been exploring how it might be possible to pursue an impeachment inquiry while retaining some plausible deniability about whether they are actually doing so. As the center of gravity in the caucus shifted toward impeachment after the revelation of Trump's phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi finally announced that the "House of Representatives is moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry." But what counts as an "official impeachment inquiry," and what is required to move forward with one? House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy sent a letter to Pelosi asking her to "suspend" the impeachment inquiry until "transparent and equitable rules and procedures" could be put in place and a floor vote authorizing an impeachment inquiry could be taken. Pelosi responded that no vote was necessary. Now White House Counsel Pat Cipollone has written to Pelosi informing her that the administration will not cooperate with the House's "constitutionally invalid" impeachment inquiry, in part because the House had not voted "to authorize such a dramatic constitutional step" or provided the president with "due process protections."

White House to House Dems: Impeachment inquiry 'violates the Constitution' Oct 8, 2019 by John T. Bennett - White House officials announced Tuesday they will refuse to cooperate with the House impeachment inquiry focused on President Donald Trump's request that Ukraine's president investigate Joe Biden and son Hunter. The move amounts to the latest escalation in the three-week-old impeachment saga, with the White House arguing Speaker Nancy Pelosi has set up a "legally unsupported" probe by opting against holding a floor vote on whether to launch a formal impeachment inquiry.

Pelosi's impeachment drive is all politics, no law by Andrew C. McCarthy Oct. 16, 2019 - The president is correct that the Constitution gives the impeachment power to the House of Representatives. The power is not given to the speaker of the House or to a cabal of partisan committee chairmen. It belongs to the House as an institution. The House acts as an institution by voting. On the matter of conducting an impeachment inquiry, the House has not voted.

Impeachment Circus Cartoon Dems Pass Impeachment Inquiry on Party-Line Vote Pelosi's resolution essentially rubber-stamps the Democrats' impeachment efforts. Thomas Gallatin, Nov. 1, 2019 - The Democrat-controlled House finally voted Thursday on Speaker Nancy Pelosi's anti-Trump impeachment-inquiry resolution, which easily passed 232 to 196 along party lines. Not a single Republican voted in favor of the Democrats' "inquiry," while two Democrats broke with their party in voting against it. In any case, the resolution merely rubber-stamps the coup 2.0 charade Democrats have already been running. Let's just say it's ironic that this witch hunt advanced on Halloween. Following the vote, Pelosi bloviated, "We gather here - to proudly raise our hands to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." What outrageously phony claptrap. She then disingenuously asserted, "This is not any cause for any glee or comfort. This is something that is very solemn, that is something prayerful, and that we had to gather so much information to take us to this next step." See more Lisa Benson Editorial Cartoons

We're speaking with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi LIVE at the Texas Tribune Festival! (Video 1:19:31) Sept. 28, 2019 - Pelosi described the impeachment inquiry to Smith as "a very sad time" for the U.S. "There is no joy in this," she said. "We must be somber, we must be prayerful and we must pursue the facts further to make a decision as to did this violate the Constitution of the United States. Which I believe it did." Now, she seems to have sharpened her language in her interview with Tribune CEO Evan Smith, saying she thinks "there's a cover-up of the cover-up."

Pelosi says no joy in impeachment

Pelosi says she's heartbroken, prayerful - no joy in impeachment.

Pelosi's Permanent Impeachment By proceeding by fiat instead of a full House vote, the speaker sets a terrible precedent by William McGurn Sept. 30, 2019 - Mrs. Pelosi has no precedent for what she has done, and by eliminating a House vote, she has denied the House minority the opportunity to be heard before Congress begins exercising its most formidable constitutional power short of declaring war: the process of removing an elected president, In 1974, Rep. John Conyers, a member of the Judiciary Committee, helped draft the articles of impeachment against Nixon. A quarter-century later, when a Republican House was about to impeach Bill Clinton, he insisted that the minority be granted subpoena power along with the majority. Democrats were given that power in the Clinton impeachment, just as Republicans had it in Nixon's - but it's tellingly absent in Mrs. Pelosi's bid against Mr. Trump. Meanwhile, with her decision to proceed with impeachment by fiat, Mrs. Pelosi has set many disturbing precedents - none more terrible than the idea that all you need is a willing speaker and you can put a congressional committee in permanent impeachment mode, using its powers to try to overturn an election. "Until now, only the full House could trigger impeachment proceedings," says Mr. Collins. "By denying that vote, she is laying the ground for perpetual impeachment proceedings - and transforming the most severe constitutional power into an irreverent messaging tool." (mg note: ...which the fake news media will wield relentlessly in their complicity with Dems to destroy Trump's reelection.)

Pelosi Blatantly Lies During GMA Interview About Schiff's Reading of Ukraine Transcript by Leah BarkoukisLeah Barkoukis: Oct 03, 2019 - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi falsely claimed in an interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff's fabrication of the transcript between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky was actually real. Schiff improvised most of the transcript he read during last week's hearing with acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire.

Stephanopoulos: "I know you support Chairman Schiff, but was it right for him to have that dramatic interpretation of the president's transcript of the phone call at the hearing last week?"

Pelosi: "I want the American people to know what that phone call was about. I want them to hear, it. So yeah it's fair," Pelosi said Thursday on Good Morning America. "It's sad, but it's using the president's own words."

Stephanopoulos: "But those weren't the president's words, it was an interpretation of the president's words. They're saying he made this up."

"He did not make it up," Pelosi insisted.

New York Times Headline 11/15/2019
Ex-Envoy to Ukraine 'Devastated' as Trump Vilified Her

The third "witness" in the Dems' impeachment circus, Marie Yovanovitch, took 21 minutes in her opening "testimony" to wrap herself in association with the proud history and legacy of iconic State Department ambassadors who served with honor, loyalty and self-sacrifice, specifically including J.Christopher Stevens murdered along with 3 other service members in the Benghazi Embassy.

Video - NY Times clips of Yovanavitch testimony

"Witness" Yovanavitch responding to Robert Goldman (Council for Democrats) who asked her 'how do you feel' about the tweet President Trump sent during her testimony.

Ex-Envoy to Ukraine 'Devastated' as Trump Vilified Her As Marie Yovanovitch testified, President Trump tweeted insults at her, drawing charges of witness intimidation WASHINGTON - The former United States ambassador to Ukraine told the House impeachment inquiry on Friday that she felt threatened by President Trump and "shocked, appalled, devastated" that he vilified her in a call with another foreign leader, as Mr. Trump attacked her in real time on Twitter, drawing a stern warning about witness intimidation from Democrats.

Adam Schiff read into the congressional record a tweet made in real time by President Trump critical of Yavanovitch's tenure and said, "The president implicitly threatened you in that call record ... and now the president in real time is attacking you. What effect do tou think that will have on other witnesses willingness to come forward and expose wrong-doing?" Yovanovitch replied: "um, ah, it's very intimidating" Robert Goldman (Council for Democrats) joined with Schiff in a number of similar questions also asked her specifically about how she "felt" about his insults/attacks/vilification/threats. She dutifully "testified" to each accusation, with iterations of "feeling" - threatened/appalled/shocked/devastated/humiliated/intimidated.

House Impeachment Inquiry - Yovanovitch Testimony CSPAN 2 video (full testimony) - End Update

Big Tech Censorship Existential Threat to Our Democratic Republic

Big Tech Censorship Shapes Impeachment Coverage Brenda Walker, 11/15/2019 - There has been a growing clamor against the heavy hand of Big Tech meddling in political and cultural affairs in the United States. Concerned citizens complain, but Washington has done nothing to diminish the extreme power of Google in particular. Prof. Robert Epstein has warned against Google's use of its Search function to influence voters to embrace the liberal side. Last July, the Senate held a hearing titled Google and Censorship through Search Engines where Dennis Prager testified that Youtube (owned by Google) had restricted access to 56 of PragerU's 320 five-minute videos that explain history and politics to young people because schools have become so deficient. Silicon Valley investor and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel has accused Google of improperly working with Red China, including "the seemingly treasonous decision to work with the Chinese military and not with the US military." On Wednesday, Tucker Carlson interviewed Floyd Brown, the co-author of the new book Big Tech Tyrants. Watch Youtube video

Dear President Trump: If you do not end censorship by Big Tech, you will lose the election and thrust America into a violent civil war 06/16/2019, by Mike Adams - Pay attention to the fact that the intolerant, bigoted Left in America today has zero respect for freedom of speech or the rule of law. Over the last two years, they have been systematically silencing all conservative, Christian and pro-Trump voices in order to deliberately suppress their speech. Now, left-wing tech giants are even silencing whistleblowers like James O'Keefe (Project Veritas), setting a new precedent that says all whistleblowers who make Leftists look bad will be censored and de-platformed...If Trump thinks he can win the election in this environment, where Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Apple, YouTube, Snapchat and all the other tech giants are selectively silencing pro-Trump independent voices, he's kidding himself.

Google's Image search has a massive celebrity sexism problem wired May 28 by James Temperton - [This article concerns how Google image search algorithims are biased in presenting results for females that pertain to body and appearance in marked contrast to results for males that pertain to careers, achievements, etc. But the cause and effect of the algorithmic process described provides insight to why Googles' collective political/ideological bias manifests in both image and topic searches for conservative content.]

Google Wants To Hack 2020 Election Tucker Carlson examines Google's algorithms and how they benefit Democrats ahead of 2020.. James Damore, a Google whistleblower was fired by the company for his totally conventional, moderate political views and in the video, describes the culture of bias in the most powerful company in the world, to remake the American political landscape. There is a term for using a company's dominance on the internet to sway the outcome of an election - it's a term you've heard constantly from talking heads on television for more than two years (about Russia!, Russia!). It's called hacking an election. Google wants to hack the 2020 election. See also: google algorithms political bias

The existential threat from cyber-enabled information warfare Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists by Herbert Lin Jun 28, 2019 - Search engine optimization techniques enable gaming of search algorithms to promote the visibility of false, misleading, or worthless information.

Transhumanism cyber-conditioned existential dystopia World without Mind How Google, Amazon, and Facebook Shape Your Mind 2018 Review by Samuel James - The Existential Threat of Big Tech. World without Mind advances a sharp but increasingly compelling proposal, that the digitization of Western life - especially the digitization engineered by tech giants Google, Amazon, and Facebook - represents not just an epochal landmark in accessibility and convenience, but an outright assault on things that matter much more. Google, Foer warns, is the undisputed gatekeeper of public information, and it desires to reach all areas of life. Amazon has forever altered the commercial relationship between creatives and the people who would support their work, and Facebook's algorithms subtly manipulate millions to see the parts of their world Mark Zuckerberg's engineers believe they should see. All of this trends, Foer writes, toward a technological monopoly on human thought itself: When it comes to the most central tenet of individualism - free will - the tech companies have a different way. They hope to automate the choices, both large and small, that we make as we float through the day. It's their algorithms that suggest the news we read, the goods we buy, the path we travel, the friends we invite into our circle.

Gutfeld on 'existential' being word of the year The Five: Dec. 03, 2019 - Dictionaries used to be awesome. Now they're just like every other medium: Full of anxious social climbers, straining for relevance.

Dissecting Dystopia By Merrill Perlman Aug. 29 2016 - This unusual election season has many writers falling back on philosophers and philosophy to describe what's happening. Two words thrown around a lot are "dystopia" and "existential." Let's muse about those. "Dystopia", the Merriam-Webster Dictionary says, is "an imaginary place which is depressingly wretched and whose people lead a fearful existence." The root of "existential" is, of course "exist." The philosophy of "existentialism" is based less on existence itself and more on humanity, of individuals finding their true selves through free will, through underlying themes like anxiety, knowledge that death is inevitable, and dread. In "existentialism," society itself is unnatural, political rules are arbitrary, and even science is not necessarily a good thing. Individual responsibility is paramount. Existential Crisis is swiftly becoming dystopian reality. As soon as alternative facts, fake news, enemy of the people propaganda became normalized, society slipped and the descent into Fascist Inferno wasn't hyperbole but veracity. MG Comment: Realistically, I would replace "Fascist Inferno" with "Socialist Dystopia" considering the Dems dysfunctional obsession to sustain impeachment turmoil throughout 2019. End Comment

Why the Democrats Must Not Win David Limbaugh, author of 'Guilty by Reason of Insanity': fears a 'horror show' if the left regains political power - On Mark Levin 'Life, Liberty & Levin' Oct. 28, 2019.

Barron Trump referenced by Dems' impeachment witness 5 Dec 2019 video clip - In her answer to a scripted question by Democratic senator Sheila Jackson Lee: "What comparison, Professor Karlan, can we make between kings - what the framers were afraid of, and the conduct of the president today?" Stanford law school professor Pamela Karlan - the Democrats' witness and impeachment expert - included the comment: "While the president can name his son Barron, he can't make him a baron." This prompted a fierce rebuke by Republican representative Matt Gaetz. The professor later apologized at the hearing but was compelled by TDS to include a dig at the president. "I wish the president would apologize obviously for the things that he's done that's wrong, but I do regret having said that."

Dems try to educate us on 'virtues' of impeachment Hannity: Dec 4 2019 - House brings in 3 committed Democratic scholars (Republicans get to call one independent) to provide expert testimony on impeachment law.

3 impeachment scholars with TDS

Update May 29 2020 (m-g comment: To include a poster child for TDS in academia like Pamela Karlan in the 20-member Facebook oversight board guarantees it is tilted with 'radical liberal bias' - bereft of any credibility for objectivity and political balance. end m-g comment)
End Update

Facebook censor board meme Most of Facebook Censorship Board Has Ties to Leftwing Billionaire George Soros Judicial Watch May 29, 2020 - The recently appointed Facebook oversight board that will decide which posts get blocked from the world's most popular social networking website is stacked with leftists. The information uncovered by Judicial Watch shows that the group of 20 is overwhelmingly leftist and likely to restrict conservative views. More than half of the members have ties to Soros, the philanthropist who dedicates huge sums to spreading a radical left agenda that includes targeting conservative politicians. Other Facebook oversight board members have publicly expressed their disdain for President Donald Trump or made political contributions to top Democrats such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren. As one New York newspaper editorial determined this month, the new Facebook board is a "recipe for left-wing censorship." The new board has only a few token conservatives such as Stanford law professor Michael McConnell, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. The overwhelming majority of those making Facebook's "final and binding decisions on whether specific content should be allowed or removed," are leftists.

Prof Jonathan Turley: 'This is wrong,' being mad is no basis for impeachment Dec 4, 2019 - video: Jonathan Turley, professor at George Washington University Law School, delivers his opening statement to testify as a scholar of constitutional law at the House Judiciary Committee's public impeachment hearing.

DOJ Watchdog On Russia Probe: No Evidence Of Bias, But Problems With Surveillance December 9, 2019 - Heard on All Things Considered by Ryan Lucas - Overall, Horowitz's report found no evidence that the FBI and Justice Department acted with political bias in the broad frame of the Russia investigation. This raises the aphorism "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence" since it is unlikley Deep State intelligence experts would leave a trail of incriminating evidence of political bias. So the limitations and restrictions of Horowitz's investigation does not justify a claim by Dems that there was no political bias or Deep State conspiracy - only that he found no evidence of such. The much greater scale and scope of Attorney General William Barr's investigation - now underway, will provide a much more definitive examination as to whether there is evidence of a Deep State and/or political bias by agents involved in obtaining FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign in 2016.

Is It Ever OK for a President to Ask a Foreign Country to Investigate a Political Rival? Sometimes, yes- which is why Donald Trump's potential impeachment hinges on his motive in doing so. by Edward B. Foley October 06, 2019 - Democrats seem to assume the answer is no, that this kind of request could never be proper, given the implications for our electoral system. "Smoking gun" is what they say about Trump's urging Ukraine- and now also China- to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden. Republicans, meanwhile, contend that it is perfectly normal, and justified, for Trump as president to ask the Ukrainians to look into potential corruption that involves Americans and could, in theory, affect U.S. relations with that country. "This is not about politics. This is about corruption," Trump told reporters outside the White House on Friday. But the real answer to this question is more complicated. History shows that a president sometimes might be justified in asking a foreign country to investigate a political rival, including a former vice president. So, the mere fact of Trump's request for an investigation into the Bidens, without considering the circumstances of the request, is not enough to impeach him. In order to prove Trump abused his presidential powers to the point that he no longer can be trusted in exercising them- the constitutional standard for impeachment- Congress must establish Trump's intent in making the request. Was it done in good faith, with U.S. foreign or domestic interests in mind, or in bad faith, merely for Trump's personal and political benefit? To prove the latter, Congress can't rely on Trump's words alone; it must show that the charges of corruption against Biden are justified.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a constitutional obligation to send articles of impeachment to the Senate, Judge Andrew Napolitano said 12/19/2019

Impeachment of Donald Trump Wikipedia Dec 18, 2019

When Hate Becomes an Agenda Victor Davis Hanson - Dec. 15, 2019 - Trump so infuriated his opponents that, rather than find arguments to convince a majority of Americans that the president's policies were flawed, his enemies instead sought to destroy him. When a party, an ideological movement, and an entire political agenda are based on hatred, people and policies become warped. The left-wing loathing of Trump has now tainted almost every Democrat's agenda and unhinged most of the party's major players. Impeachment has turned into a cruel caricature of a rare constitutional remedy for presidential criminality. Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz's report proved a compendium of FBI lying, fraud, and vendetta. There is not a single prominent figure in Horowitz's lengthy report who has not left a written or video trail of anti-Trump bias (James Comey, Peter Strozk, the Ohrs, Lisa Page, Kevin Clinesmith) or has had some sort of questionable financial relationship with the Clintons or their affiliates (Alexander Downer, Andrew McCabe). Meanwhile, the progressive presidential field is in a sort of collective meltdown, as candidates begin recalibrating and trading accusations as they fear their own early anti-Trump agendas have little public support.

Joe Biden Brags At CFR Meeting About Withholding Aid To Ukraine To Force Firing Of Prosecutor FLASHBACK video, 2018: Posted By Tim Hains On Date September 27, 2019 - The video transcript of Biden bragging about demanding the Ukrainian President fire a prosecutor investigating Burisma Holdings a Ukrainian company with a history of corrupt practices and who since 2014 has been paying Biden's son Hunter tens of thousands of dollars each month as a board member- in order for Biden to release a billion dollars of military aid already authorized by the U.S. This is prima facie evidence of the Vice President demanding a quid pro quo for personal gain (to protect his son from potential loss of huge sums of cash).

Profiles In Corruption book by Peter Schweizer Profiles In Corruption Abuse of Power by America's Progressive Elite Jan. 18, 2020 by Peter Schweizer - In his expose of tomorrow's headlines, Schweizer attacks the plague of corruption in DC and goes after the 'Biden Five' - family members who made millions of Joe Biden connections. Using extensive documentation to reveal the network of corrupt tributaries which feed the Washington DC swamp (which President Trump campaigned to 'clear out'). James Biden's firm received $1.5 billion in government contracts, despite having no experience, during the Obama administration. Frank Biden is linked to projects receiving millions in taxpayer loans from the Obama Administration, despite having no experience. Hunter Biden's firms scored business deals with people and entities tied to the governments of Russia, China, and Kazakhstan, and those deals "reportedly scored him hundreds of millions of dollars." Elizabeth Warren's son-in-law, with whom she is close, produced a film backed by the Iranian government and one of her little-known corporate and international ties is directly tied to her son-in-law, Sushil Tyagi, husband of her daughter Amelia. Schweizer's book also contains blockbuster revelations on Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (D). Schweizer's writing resembles the fast-paced and bullet-proof case laid down by a criminal prosecutor for crimes on a scale which will be shocking to the average man or woman who believes every representatives in high office would be held to account for any corrupt profiteering. Turns out - some of the most corrupt politicians are those who pontificate on how superior their moral and patriotic credentials are, than the rest of us.

Schiff on Late Night comedy TV

Adam Schiff On Stephen Colbert Comedy Youtube Video - Adam Schiff on Late Night Comedy reveals how solemn he feels about impeaching the president, Dec 13, 2019

Has President Trump been officially impeached yet?

Mitch McConnell delivers summary of Dems' partisan rage to impeach Trump

The Dem's Impeachment Circus winds up with the House passing articles of abuse of power and obstruction of justice but Pelosi withholds transmitting articles to senate - a constitutional requirement for impeachment to proceed.

Articles of impeachment not headed to Senate imminently See video of speaker replying to question: "Can you guarantee that the impeachment articles will at some time, be sent over to the senate...Can you guarantee that?" Her reply: "We're not having that discussion," Pelosi said when asked if the House may never send the articles. Pushed on whether she can guarantee the articles will be transmitted to the Senate at some point, the speaker's obfuscated answer: "That would've been our intention but we'll see what happens over there."

White House considers arguing that Trump wasn't impeached by Ben Tracy, Grace Segers Decmber 20, 2019 - The White House is considering making the case that Mr. Trump has not been impeached based on an opinion piece by Harvard Law Professor Noah Feldman on Bloomberg's opinion page Thursday. Feldman was one of the legal experts called by Democrats to testify before the House Judiciary Committee earlier this month and has advocated for Mr. Trump's impeachment and removal from office. "Impeachment as contemplated by the Constitution does not consist merely of the vote by the House, but of the process of sending the articles to the Senate for trial," Feldman wrote in Bloomberg. "Both parts are necessary to make an impeachment under the Constitution: The House must actually send the articles and send managers to the Senate to prosecute the impeachment. And the Senate must actually hold a trial. If the House does not communicate its impeachment to the Senate, it hasn't actually impeached the president. If the articles are not transmitted, Trump could legitimately say that he wasn't truly impeached at all," Feldman wrote.

However, Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe wrote on Twitter that he disagreed with Feldman's analysis, saying that "under Art. I, Sec. 2, Clause 5, he was impeached on Dec 18, 2019. He will forever remain impeached. Period." That portion of the Constitution says that the House of Representatives "shall have the sole Power of Impeachment."

Can Dems hold off transmitting impeachment articles to senate in perpetuity and is Trump not officially impeached until they do?

Pelosi threatens to delay Senate impeachment trial Some legal scholars have suggested she could consider refusing to transmit articles of impeachment to the Senate. Though the House adopted two articles of impeachment charging Trump with abuse of power and obstruction of congressional investigations, it must pass a second resolution formally naming impeachment managers to present the case in the Senate. That second vehicle triggers the official transmission of articles to the Senate...but Pelosi instead will be empowered to pick managers at her discretion and without a deadline. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) argued that the House could use the delay to continue to build on its evidence for impeachment, and possibly to score additional legal victories that could unlock troves of new evidence and witness testimony that the Trump administration has withheld from Congress.

An Impeachment Role for the Supreme Court? by Conrad Black December 18, 2019 - The Democrats claim Trump exceeded his powers, without much specificity, and they accuse him of contempt of Congress for refusing to cooperate with a proceeding that gave him none of the relevant rights accorded to defendants by the Bill of Rights. ...the Senate should consider voting to send it to the Supreme Court, to determine whether what is afoot is just a naked attempt to embarrass a partisan opponent by attempting to incite public belief that President Trump may be guilty of a very serious offense, without actually alleging one or citing any evidence of one.

How to Fix Impeachment Nine experts on what's gone so wrong with the Trump proceedings - and what America should do about it. The proposals include a rule to prevent conflicts of interest among committee members, dusting off century-old tools to hold uncooperative witnesses in jail, an impeachment shot clock and letting the Department of Justice have a bigger role in presidential oversight in general. And one expert thinks that, with so much else that has failed, maybe process fixes can't save us anymore - that the removal of a president should be left up to elections alone.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell speaks on Senate floor after House impeachment vote See video: Dec 19, 2019 - McConnell lays bare the Dems partisan crusade to impeach President Trump even before he was inaugurated. "The house's conduct risks deeply damaging the institutions of American government. This particular House of Representatives has let its partisan rage- at this particular president- to create a toxic new precedence that will echo well into the future."

McConnell scoffs at Pelosi's demands to set rules for Senate trial Sen. Mitch McConnell says Senate remains at an impasse over impeachment logistics Sen. Chuck Schumer continues to demand new and different rules for President Trump Dec. 20 2019 - Schumer had requested a "special pre-trial guarantee of certain witnesses whom the House Democrats, themselves, did not bother to pursue as they assemble their case," McConnell said, leaving the status of the trial in limbo. "Meanwhile - other House Democrats seem to be suggesting they prefer never to transmit articles - fine with me." McConnell said.

On Life Liberty & Levin, Ken Starr says Dems' impeachment process is abuse of power Ken Starr on Life, Liberty & Levin Dec. 23, 2019 - Former independent counsel Ken Starr says the precedent-shattering Democrats' impeachment of President Trump is a 'nasty lesson' in how not to conduct an impeachment. Starr elaborated. In his view, Speaker Nancy Pelosi "seized power" that rightfully belonged to the whole House in the way she began the impeachment process. "She unilaterally, without a debate in the House - she just said 'here it is,'" Starr said. "She exercised a quasi-monarchical power and, I think, imperiously seized the power of the House and said this is now an impeachment inquiry." And by threatening to withhold the articles of impeachment from the Senate over concerns about the rules of a Senate trial, Starr added, "she is intruding into the power of the Senate." Starr also said that Pelosi's signals to the Senate over sending the impeachment articles violate the "basic, unwritten rule of comity" meant to exist between the two chambers. "She has no authority to do it. It's unthinkably and unpardonably intrusive. It's yet another, Mark, abuse of power, or an attempted abuse of power."

In their relentless effort to legitimize their impeachment charade - Dem's provided two days of hyper patriotic, constitutional pomp and ceremony video theatrics. First - speaker Pelosi held an "engrossment ceremony" to sign the bill with 20 embossed pens she distributed amongst the other Democrats in Congress including Maxine Waters who has been calling for Trump's impeachment since 2017. - Then a 9-member precession delivered the document, a 1,416-word leather-bound warhead, the "Articles of Impeachment Against Donald John Trump," cradled at the forefront with all the pageantry and solemnity of a sacred scroll to the senate chamber. Then the next day, the caravan of trial managers appointed by Pelosi performed the ritual march from house to senate where Adam Schiff officially introduced the "articles" to the senate.

House Democrats Impeach Trump

The rare and bizarre ritual of marching the impeachment articles from the House to the Senate

House Dems present articles of impeachment to the U.S. Senate January 16, 2020 - The House Democrats selected by Pelosi to serve as managers of President Donald Trump's impeachment trial conduct a ceremonial procession march to the U.S. Senate to present "articles".

Forever and Ever: The Stain of Impeachment and Vladimir Putin's Reign Trumpet Daily Radio Jan 16. 2020 - An audio narration overview of the Dem's impeachment circus ending with Pelosi (posing with managers Nadler and Schiff) declaring that Trump will be "impeached forever" which mainstream media instantly hyped into emphatic claims about how impeachment will be a permanent stain on the Trump legacy. Includes live soundbites of Dem's hyperbole like Pelosi's comment after articles were presented: "This is about the Constitution of the United States, and it's important for the president to know and Putin to know that American voters - voters in America - should decide who our president is," - in a pathetic attempt to revive the failed 'Russia collusion' charge against Trump.

Adam Schiff's eyes an existential threat to TV viewers Adam Schiff's Eyes Deemed Existential Threat to TV Viewers Jan. 23, 2020 E. Williams - Atlanta - Researchers at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) are warning those who attempt to watch the Senate impeachment trial. Beware, your sanity could be at risk. Scientists say Congressman Adam Schiff's eyes are an existential threat to viewers. "We want to especially warn millennials, those susceptible to hypnosis, and other young Democrats," Dr. Roy Stanton explained. "Mr. Schiff has already spoken for many hours in the opening days of the impeachment trial. Already, reports are coming in from across the country that liberal viewers are being lulled into a trance-like state after as little as 10 minutes of watching him talk. "As Schiff drones on with his conspiracies about the president, brain cells diminish and IQ's plummet. Many of these people can't afford to lose much of what they already have. If you're someone who's, say, bought into the global warming hysteria, you're extremely vulnerable to believing the crap coming out of Schiff's mouth."

Bolton and Romney profiles in narcissism and betrayal

What Bolton means for impeachment Politico Playbook Jan. 27, 2020 - The NYT monster scoop - that John Bolton has written in a draft of his book that President Donald Trump ordered aid to Ukraine held until it investigated the Bidens - reminds the United States Senate and the American people of a reality that was, until now, easy to forget: Bolton is going to tell his story, it's just a question of what medium it appears in first - a book, a television segment or a sworn testimony. In some ways, there's nothing new here. The revelation confirms what nearly two dozen associates and employees of TRUMP told House investigators. The only people who say the opposite are the president and his associates. The story is as bad as can be for Trump. Bolton is now contradicting the president's claim that he did not tie the aid to investigating Joe Biden, and he is a direct eyewitness. It comes at the absolute worst time for this White House: as the Senate is days away from deciding whether to call witnesses in the impeachment trial. Bolton is dangerous because he's unmoored from Trump. He clearly does not care what the president's orbit thinks of him. His 528-page book is titled, "The Room Where It Happened," with the words contained inside an oval (hint, hint). It is scheduled for release March 17.

Bolton Is The Snake In The Poem Trump Read During The 2016 Campaign Tucker Carlson: video January 27, 2020 - Back during the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump used to recite a poem about a woman who took a dying snake into her home and nursed it back to health. The snake became healthy again, and then immediately turned and bit the woman. As she breathed her last breaths, the woman asked the snake why it had done this. "Because I'm a snake," was the reply. "That's what we do." All of which, somehow, reminds us of disgraced former national security advisor John Bolton.

Click on image for video

Sen. McConnell's full statement on Trump's impeachment trial Feb. 4. 2020 - Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said the framers of the U.S. Constitution took the impeachment process "very seriously." McConnell said they wanted the proceedings to be fair and "placed the ultimate judgment, not in the fractious lower chamber, but in the sober and stable Senate." He then went on to say he will vote to acquit the president. On Feb. 4, Senators weighed in for the second day on how they will vote on whether to remove President Donald Trump from office. The speeches come one day before the Senate will decide whether to convict or acquit Trump on two articles of impeachment - abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. After the Senate voted last week to bar new witness testimony and subpoenas for documents, Trump's acquittal has seemed all but assured. The House of Representatives impeached Trump in December by an exclusively partisan Democratic majority with bipartisan opposition.

McConnell closing remarks after Trump is acquitted PBS video Feb.5, 2020 - Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell offered closing remarks in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump on Feb. 5 after the Senate voted to acquit the president of both articles of impeachment-abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Trump was acquitted largely along party lines. Only Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, broke with his party to vote "guilty" on the abuse of power charge.

Click on image for video

Highlights of Trump's SOTU Speech 2020 that Pelosi ripped Feb. 5 Sky News Australia - Sky News host Paul Murray says President Donald Trump's State of the Union, and the Democrats response to it, was a "very big shift in the race to November 2020". Immediately after the State of the Union address, Speaker Nancy Pelosi tore up her signed commemmorary copy of President Trump's speech which included mentions to families affected by the ongoing war in the middle east, premature births, and families affected by international terrorism. Mr Murray said following Ms Pelosi's actions, there will be a "big shift" in the race to the November election. See also: Watch Trump's full 2020 State of the Union speech Washington Post Feb. 4

Pence reacts to Pelosi's 'new low' at the State of the Union Fox News Feb. 5, 2020

Feb 7, 2020 CNN's Anderson Cooper talks with House impeachment managers from President Trump's impeachment trial in an exclusive interview - Click on image for video

The Populist's Guide to 2020 A New Right and New Left are Rising February, 2020 by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti, co-hosts of Rising at The Hill TV one of the fastest growing political shows in America. Theirs is the only book that fuses the populist right and populist left to explain the rise of the Trump and Sanders movements. The authors curate an essential collection of their biting commentary, stunning predictions, media critiques, and reveal their vision for a working class centered politics.

New Way Forward Act Fox TV Jan 7, 2020 Tucker: New Way Forward Act would make it nearly impossible to detain immigrants. This act - with 44 Democratic co-sponsors - is an example of the reality of the existential threat progressive politics already presents to the Republic! Tucker challenges any one of them to appear on his show to defend their position.

Media 'disgusting' for using coronavirus to attack Trump Ingrahm Angle video Feb. 26 - See despicable examples of how fake news spins blame on the president from every possible angle.

Update 3/3/2020 Over past few days - In their speeches - Biden, Bloomberg and Sanders repeated the explicit lie that the fake news had "reported" that President Trump called the Coronavirus a hoax - feeding the Dems propaganda narrative that Trump is anti science. The truth is that trump referred to the Dem's attempt to blame him for the coronavirus threat "a hoax" and is in fact doing everything possible to combat the threat it poses to America in coordination with the World Health Organization to help contain its global effect. See Fact Check: Did Trump Call Coronavirus a 'Hoax'?End Update

An Iconic Example of the fanaticism of leaders
of the Democratic Party to control both governmental
and institutional center of power.

Chuck Schumer speech threatening justices of the Supreme Court

3/2/2020 On an abortion rights rally held on the steps of the Justice Building - Rep. Schumer delivered a inflamatory speech watch video that threatened two chief justices of the Supreme Court by name and pointing to the chambers saying "You will reap the whirlwind" and "You will pay the price. You won't know what hit you." Rep Jim Jordan twitter response - First Schumer tells President-elect Trump: "You take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you." Now today he threatens 2 Supreme Court justices: "You will pay the price. You won't know what hit you." 3/4/2020 - Chief Justice John Roberts rebukes Chuck Schumer for comments about Kavanaugh and Gorsuch

Mitch McConnell slams Chuck Schumer for 'reckless' Supreme Court threat Meanwhile mainstream media promotes the narrative that when Trump called for Sotomayor, Ginsburg to recuse themselves from cases dealing with his administration - that was as threatening as Schumer's inflamatory remarks and that Roberts selective criticism of Schumer's remarks reveals his political bias and inability to administer equal justice. 3/5/2020 - Schumer denies Threatening - but says 'I shouldn't have used the words I did.'

U.S. Airstrike Kills Gen. Qassim Suleiman - Iran's Supreme Terrorist

The Killing of Gen. Qassim Suleimani NY Times Jan. 5, 2020 - What We Know Since the U.S. Airstrike: Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, promised retaliation. The U.S. moved to send more troops to the Middle East. And a deluge of threats on social media. Iran's United Nations ambassador, Majid Takht Ravanchi, called the killing of Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani "an act of war," and vowed that it would be met with "revenge, a harsh revenge."

Crowds gather in Iran to mourn military leader killed by US airstrike by Fernando Alfonso III et al, CNN Jan. 5, 2020 - Overview of reaction to Soleimani death.

Worldwide Response to U.S. Killing Soleimani Washington Times Jan. 6, 2020 - Soleimani Chronicles: immediate fallout of official and political viewpoints pro & con regarding the Soleimani airstrike.

Tucker Carlson charges neoconservatives are warmongers CNN Jan. 04 2020 - Carlson said official Washington "has wanted war with Iran for decades. They have been working toward it. They may have finally gotten it." Carlson's primary argument was this: "Before we enter into a single new war, there's a criterion that ought to be met: Our leaders should explain to us how that conflict will make the United States richer and more secure. There are an awful lot of bad people in this world, we can't kill them all. It's not our job. Instead, our government exists to defend and promote the interests of American citizens, period, that's why we have a government.
MG commentary: Although I normally agree with Tucker Carlson's political views, I am appalled that he thinks a total U.S. withdrawal of all it's presence throughout the Middle East - would be a preemptive solution to the threat of Islamist terrorism - allowing our then isolated Republic to enjoy getting "richer and more secure". I'm hoping Carlson suffered a temporary episode of political idealism passion that overcame his normally rational mindset because such a strategy of appeasement would inevitably result in Iran, in solidarity with its proxies, to fulfill their promise to "wipe Israel from the face of the Earth" with a first strike nuclear attack and achieve hegemony and resources over the entire Middle East - secured with alliances with Russia and China. The facts of reality are that the State of Iran has been at war with the U.S. since 1979 with their supreme leader and every member of their official parliament chanting "Death to America" for the past 40 years. It is directly responsible for terrorist acts that have killed and wounded thousands of American and muslims and committed other military action against U.S. and allies aircraft and shipping which constituted acts of war - so all the angst erupting over the possibility that Trump's targeting Soleimani might "get us into a war" is blatantly hypocritical! It is a long overdue strategic shift in our response to its State-sponsored terrorism. Trump's doctrine of kenetic military response will execute pre-targeted strikes on Iranian assets in retaliation to any future terrorist acts it or its proxies commit around the world, that results in the death of an American citizen. Look for Iran to factor in (and be emboldened) by hysterical opposition by the Dems to vilify Trump's strategic doctrine and pass various War Powers Resolutions in an attempt to limit his supreme command of how our armed forces respond to military threats - short of a Declaration of War which the Constitution authorizes Congress to evoke.

China, Russia, Iran begin joint naval drills Dec. 27, 2019 - The Russian, Chinese and Iranian navies have started their first trilateral maritime exercises. They are aimed at strengthening regional military cooperation amid heightened tensions between Iran and the United States.
MG Comment: China and Russia have accelerated building military alliances to divide their hegemony over vast regions of the world. Meanwhile, Dems have spent 3 years attempting a coup by obsessing over impeaching Trump as a fake existential threat to the country's national security - distracting and weakening the presidency, departments and committees from addressing the strategic threats from abroad - clearly demonstrating it is the dysfunctional Dems who are the real existential threat to our nations' ability to maximally defend our peace and security. End Comment

A perspective on the question of whether the U.S. has been in
"a state of war" since 9/11

Smithsonian Special Issue on America at War The nation's epic, expanding fight against terrorism overseas by Smithsonian magazine Jan. 2019 - In the matter of war, the American language creates its own fog. We speak not only of wars, but also of armed conflicts, military engagements, combat operations, expeditions, policing actions, raids, airstrikes and shows of force. And even with so many labels, we use the term "war" pretty loosely. Does the Honey War really count? The 1836 Missouri-Iowa border dispute- named for the chief on-the-ground casualty, three beehives-was settled at the Supreme Court. The Aroostook War? It was another 19th-century border dispute, in Maine, which the United States and England settled bloodlessly. The Global War on Terrorism, declared in 2001, surely counts, but it has barreled onward through a fog of its own, a series of vagaries concerning territory, scale, foes and metrics for success. Exactly when the war in Afghanistan surpassed the Vietnam War as America's longest overseas war is debated-the comparison depends on which benchmarks you use. Last September, however, the United States reached an indicator that clears away at least some of the confusion: The first cohort of Americans who were born after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, became old enough to enlist in the war that followed. Whatever else it is, the Global War on Terrorism is now a second-generation war. With that in mind, this double issue of Smithsonian brings into focus who is fighting this war, and why, and where, and even what they've left behind.

World Map - Counterterrorism U.S. Military OPS 2019 Map Shows Where in the World the U.S. Military Is Combatting Terrorism by Stephanie Savell and 5W Infographics Smithsonian Jan. 2019 - The infographic reveals the U.S. is now operating in 40 percent of the world's nations. Less than a month after the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States, U.S. troops- with support from British, Canadian, French, German and Australian forces - invaded Afghanistan to fight Al Qaeda and the Taliban. More than 17 years later, the Global War on Terrorism initiated by President George W. Bush is truly global, with Americans actively engaged in countering terrorism in 80 nations on six continents. This map is the most comprehensive depiction in civilian circles of U.S. military and government antiterrorist actions overseas in the past two years. The war isn't being waged by the military alone, which has spent $1.9 trillion fighting terrorism since 2001. The State Department has spent $127 billion in the last 17 years to train police, military and border patrol agents in many countries and to develop antiterrorism education programs, among other activities. Because we have been conservative in our selections, U.S. efforts to combat terrorism abroad are likely more extensive than this map shows. Even so, the vast reach evident here may prompt Americans to ask whether the war on terror has met its goals, and whether they are worth the human and financial costs.

Each of the three professors chosen by the Democrats as witnesses in the impeachment hearings of 2019 (in contrast to Professor Turley- the single constitutional scholar chosen by the Republicans as witness) are poster children for the metastasizing of radical leftist political indoctrination presently being injected into virtually every field in academia which is the subject of the following archived material.


Update June 21, 2020: Addressing the existential crises of radical liberal ideology that is promulgated in all curriculum of the overwhelming majority of American higher education institutions.

In Review: "The Breakdown of Higher Education" How It Happened, the Damage It Does, and What Can Be Done by John David April 21, 2020 - If there's anyone who has intimately observed the evolution (read: devolution) of higher education over the last 50+ years, it's author Dr. John Ellis. Those dedicated to reform would do well to consider his recommendations. In this week's featured article, Jennifer Kabbany of The College Fix does just that through her review of the book. She describes Ellis' approach as a "scorched earth" strategy, one that goes beyond other proposed solutions in scope and intensity.

Kabbany begins by highlighting Ellis' seven "reform goals": restore ideological balance to faculty; remove radicals who pose as professors; allow viewpoint diversity; dismantle the campus diversity industrial complex; teach about the accomplishments of Western Civilization; fire cowardly administrators; and appoint trustees who act as watchdogs, not lapdogs. In order to accomplish these, Ellis argues that "half-measures and calls for reason cannot obtain the necessary results." It will not do, for example, to appoint a handful of conservative professors in order to try and "balance the ideological scales" - this will not get at the heart of the problem and will be ultimately ineffective. Ellis contends that higher education "can no longer be reformed from within," and that strong legislative action is necessary to accomplish true change. "They [legislators] must develop the political will to argue that universities are committing 'fraud and embezzlement' by promising to educate young minds and instead subsidizing radical-left politics. Then they must enact reform."

The College Republican National Committee Continues Its Anti-Trump Crusade" It's time for the conservative student organization to support its own party's President by Gavin Wax June 30, 2020 - The future of conservatism is endangered. Not from the left, but from capitulators within the right. Nowhere is this more evident than in the CRNC, a Never-Trumper organization grifting off of the Trump movement. College Republicans are pleading for their national leaders to say something nice about Trump in the summer of 2020.

The CRNC bills itself as "America's voice for young conservatives," but over and over again, the well-funded organization and its leadership either remain silent or silence their own side rather than pushing back against progressivism. This is consistent with the initial Never-Trumper position they took back in 2016, when the CRNC, for the first time in its 125-year history refused to endorse the Republican presidential nominee. Only on the very shallow surface does it appear that the CRNC has moved on from 2016. It surely hasn't apologized. One person who probably knows a thing or two about swindling conservative benefactors is the CRNC treasurer Ty Seymour. Going further than most Never Trumpers, Seymour is a supporter of the Lincoln Project, a political action committee endorsing Joe Biden for president and campaigning against Republicans this year. End Update

Critical Thinking vs Obama Politics

Update 03 25 15: On the extraordinary degree under the Obama presidency whose lies, guile and deceit have resulted in a host of utterly false narratives promoted by the mainstream media that advance his ideological agenda to transform America into a socialistic state based on the European model. These narratives cater to an entitlement society plus persuade a sizeable population of gullible or clueless constituents incapable of critical thinking and pose an existential threat to the national and international character and security of our republic.

Update 11/20/2019: For the past 4 years my image hillary_obama_lies.jpg (or as republished in an alt link from a Republican opinion website) - was featured in the top row of a Google image search "hillary+lies". About 3 weeks ago - no iteration of "hillary+obama+lies" brings up my image - so it is evident it has been deliberately censored by Google political bias since it was ranked in first row in Google's image search over the past 4 years. End Update

Cognitive Bias: Bad Thinking and Bad Decision Making by Michael Elliot (politics and critical thinking) Two things which fascinate me are the ways in which we logically or illogically argue and how our observations can succumb to certain biases. If you routinely study the styles of argumentation which people reason from and then reverse engineer their language, you start finding the fallacious thinking and bias that drives their outlooks. The best examples of when this is on parade are discussions concerning politics or religion, however, they also permeate the minutiae our daily conversations as well. (see also: Cognitive Bias Your brain is primed to reach false conclusions by Christie Aschwanden (2015). Specifically the "illusion of causality" and how it pertains to the anti-vaccination movement.

J'accuse some major false Obama and Hillary narratives:

1. Hands Up- Don't Shoot False Narrative
2. Army Sgt. Bergdahl-Taliban Prisoner Swap
3. IRS Stonewalling
4. Reset Cuban-U.S. Relations
5. Executive Orders to free Gitmo Terrorists
6. Obama Wont connect Islamists and Terrorism
7. Obama Creating An Entitlement Society
8. Hillary Clinton Refuses Request For Personal Server for independent confirmation about Benghazi emails while Secretary of State and to reveal details regarding contributions by Saudi and other foreign governments to the Clinton Foundation before and after her tenor as Secretary of State.
9. Accusation that Netanyahu's "flip-flop" on a Two-State Solution - justifies Obama to "reassess" U.S.-Israel relations - totally ignoring the changed reality on the ground since 2009 when there was some hope that a Palestinian state would live in peace with Israel to the evolved state where the Palestinian government is in alliance with Hamas - pledged (alongside surrounding terrorist forces of Hezbollah in Lebanon, Isis in the Golan Heights and a nuclear Iran) to the annihilation of the Jewish people).
10. Fatal Flaw in Obama's Deal With Iran Obama's plan will guarantee (at best might slightly delay by a one year) the state-sponsor of terrorism will attain nuclear weapons and eventually obtain intercontinental missiles.

Update 11/03/2019: I voted for candidate Romney back in 2012 - mainly due to his being the only alternative to Obama - but his recent alignment with the Dem's "impeachment inquiry coup effort" and his secretly posting RHINO and Never Trumper commentary in an anonymous Twitter account under the name Pierre Delecto - reveals an overweening petty, egotistical, narcissistic and seriously flawed temperament that - if he had won - would have perpetuated the existential political swamp that Trump is valiantly attempting to drain.

Stephanie Grisham Torches 'Pathetic' Romney, 'Never Trumper' Republicans by Ryan Saavedra 11/25/2019 Later in the day, during an interview on FOX Business with host Trish Regan, Press Secretary Grisham slammed Romney over his constant opposition to the president. Grisham, who previously worked for Romney on his 2012 presidential campaign, was asked to contrast the difference between Romney then and Romney now. "One word comes to mind: pathetic," Grisham responded. "I would just remind Mitt Romney that he is not president. He lost. He needs to quit pretending like he is president." Speaking about some of those Republicans that aren't really speaking up for the president, you also have some that are really in some ways trying to harm him," Regan responded. "Mitt Romney being one. He's reacted to whistleblower reports saying they are 'troubling in the extreme.' He says the president's phone call with the Ukraine president was 'wrong and appalling.'" End Update 11/03/2019

Update on the Presidential Race of 2012
- two weeks before election day
Romney versus Obama Last Debate

Critical issue arising over the Obama administrations deceit about their failure to protect the Benghazi consulate in Lybia on 9 11 2012 and to lie that it was a spontaneous response to an amateur anti-Islam video rather than a planned terrorist attack.

Update 10 18 2012: The Benghazi Terrorist Atrocity on 9 11 2012

Memorial to Victims of 9 11 2012 Benghazi Terrorist Attack In memory of U.S. ambassador, Chris Stevens - Sean Smith, an Air Force veteran who worked as an information management specialist for the State Department - Glen A. Doherty, a former Navy SEAL who worked for a private security firm and was protecting the consulate in Benghazi - Tyrone S. Woods, a former Navy SEAL who had served protective duty in various U.S. posts.

Death And Deceit In Benghazi - Did Obama Try to Hide The Truth? (Fox video 40.5 min)

A non-partisan insider overview of the Benghazi terrorist attack Geoffrey Ingersoll, Sep. 13, 2012. Matthew VanDyke is a filmmaker and expert analyst on Libya and the Mideast. "This type of thing can be put together in a matter of minutes with a few cell-phone calls."

Clearing the Record About Benghazi by Scott Shane, NY Times, October 17, 2012 - A weasel-worded spin that alleges to "confirm" Obama's claim that he called the Benghazi attack - "an act of terror" - in his Rose Garden address.

Obama weasel-wording claim he called Benghazi a terror attack editorial cartoon by Michael Ramirez in End Update

Hillary Clinton senate hearing Jan 23, 2013 - What Difference Does It Make!?
Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton at Benghazi Senate Hearing, Jan 23, 2013
Answering why attack was blamed on spontaneous protest over video:
See Also: Senate Hearing Video

Benghazi Deception Presents ongoing reports on revelations arising from investigations of the Benghazi atrocity/debacle.

End Update

Update 10 05 08: This update is being written at a time when the stock market is crashing and there are serious doubts that America can avoid plunging into economic depression. The polls show McCain is slipping and Sarah Palin has emerged as the hope that she can attack the Obama-Biden ticket as a danger to America with their bankrupting fiscal policy and Obama's socialist ideological roots... facts that the vast mainstream media conspiracy has tried to keep hidden.

Update: 03 18 08 This section presents examples of humanist elitism exposed in the published writings of various intellectuals and academia. The character such examples share is that a liberal, progressive, secular humanist, anti-Bush political point is made without benefit of any credible supporting evidence. It dramatically contrasts with the high standards the author ordinarily adheres to in regards to the truthfulness in all respects of professional work published for peer review. Why should folks care about this double standard? There is no doubt that even gratuitous comments by respected intellectuals have a more serious influence in shaping public political opinion than identical sentiments coming from other segments of society such as the Hollywood crowd.

Liberal humanism tends to erode our national will to meet the deadly threat of Islamist terrorism.

Layla M Humanizing Terrorists Dutch filmmaker Milke de Jong?s Layla M tries to subtly humanize the conflicts of the European Muslim youth in a Dutch migrant setting. It does say there is radicalization, however. And the recruitment to ISIS and jihadist training. In the context of migration, Islamophobia, refugee crisis and the ISIS, this becomes an important film when one studies the representation of young European Muslims, particularly their search for identities. See review: Layla M: Humanising Radicalised European Muslim Youth Film Review by Muhhammed Noushad (2018)

Re-Visioning Terrorism: A Humanistic Perspective Book edited by Elena Coda, Ben Lawton (2016) An interdisciplinary collection of essays that aims to offer a plurality of visions on terrorism, expanding its meaning across time and space and raising new questions that explore its multifaceted occurrences.

Islam and Terrorism: The Humanist (May/June 2002) By David Islam an inherently violent religion? With good reason many of us have been turning to acknowledged experts for help in clarifying what turns out to be a complex issue. In particular, three highly respected humanist writers of great courage and persuasiveness, with roots in the Muslim community, have been widely read and quoted: ibn Warraq (a pseudonym), Salman Rushdie, and Pervez Hoodbhoy. Their views deserve our closest attention.

American Presidential Campaigns: - The Need for a New Vision. From Light America Spirit by Julie Redstone- This article has particular relevancy to the 'rock-star/celebrity' treatment that drove Barack Obama's rise to front-runner in the 2008 Democratic primaries in a total absence of vetting of his political judgment and character. The mainstream media- fawning over his The mainstream media- fawning over his speech- claimed that it's eloquence justified and closed all issue over the politics in his 20-year involvement with Reverend Wright- consequently they can claim that any further criticism beyond this point is racist.

To read or write commentaries and suggest links to source other examples go here.
Last updated 06 02 06

The Vagaries of Religious Experience - Daniel Gilbert, senior research physicist Stanford, in an op ed piece in writes: " Some religious people regard scientists as foul heathens, which is terribly unfair. We aren't all that foul. On the other hand, we do tend to be heathens. The most fundamental principle of science is that beliefs must be predicated on empirical evidence- things that everyone can see, touch, taste, and measure- and in more than two thousand years of recorded history, no one has yet produced a shred of empirical evidence for the existence of God. That hasn't kept most people from believing. For as long as pollsters have been asking the question, roughly 90% of Americans have been claiming to believe in God, and a sizable majority believes that God takes a personal interest in their lives and intervenes to help them. When President Bush said, "God told me to strike at Al Qaeda and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did," most Americans were not alarmed to learn that their leader was receiving orders that no one else could hear. America is an unusually religious nation, but even in the world's least religious nations the majority of people claim to believe in God."

My Critique:
In the same paragraph celebrating the superior truth of scientific knowledge over religious blind faith, by virtue of the former's insistence on empirical evidence- Gilbert then puts quotations around a highly questionable commentary whose source was an exclusively Arabic-speaking Muslim politician with sympathy to terrorism who claimed that this is what he overheard President Bush tell Abbas at a meeting in the West Bank in 2003. Never mind that whatever was being quoted had to have gone through at least 3 or more layers of translation between Arabic and English before the report first appeared in an Israeli newspaper. After it was headlined in anti_Bush blogs globally, both Abbas and the White House immediately and emphatically denied that Bush had ever said anything about God at the meeting- a fact readily available to Gilbert.

For a respected scientist to deliberately misrepresent the accuracy of the report by enclosing the alleged comment in quotes- "President Bush said," ... and heap more ridicule by suggesting that the leader of the free world "was receiving orders that no one else could hear", suggests a schizophrenic divide in his standards for evidence between scientific and political honesty. Actually this dichotomy is so prevelent among all branches of academia and the intellectual professions that one must conclude that liberal Humanist political elitism, like any religion, has no evidential standards, and feels free to make their points with no more justification than the passion of blind faith in the KoolAid gushing from the over 40M anti-Bush web blogs on the Internet.

Eric Hoffer - best know for his The True Believer a seminal critique of the passionate self-righteousness that characterized various mass movements including religious fundamentalism from Islam to Evangelical Christianity. His most consistent and harshest criticism however focused on the anti-American passion of the humanist intellectual community especially in academia. "Nowhere at present is there such a measureless loathing of their country by educated people as in America," Eric Hoffer said. "soul raping" -- an apt term for what goes on in too many schools today, where political idealogs treat the classroom as a place for them to shape children's attitudes and beliefs in a politically correct (humanist) direction. This is creating the next generation of "true believers," indoctrinated with ideologies that provide "fact-proof screens from reality" in Hoffer's words. It is the antithesis of education.

Down the Rabbit Hole Documentary film sequel to What the Bleep Do We Know? exploring how quantum reality may effect ordinary lives. I was profoundly offended and disenchanted by the book's example, of how lying has become culturally acceptable, by including the following footnote: "Case in point: The leaders in America produced a series of lies to manipulate the country into a war that killed tens of thousands of people. And, by and large, America just shrugs" This revealed to me a supreme arrogance and sense of elitism had taken hold of the What the Bleep production team (the enlightened ones) by which they felt free to make outrageous claims without any credible evidence- not only in the quantum world but the phenomenal world as well.

Michel Chossudovsky is professor of economics at the University of Ottawa and Editor of - probably the most aggressively anti-American, high-end, well-financed website in north America even when compared to US sites like Michael and

He is an active member of the anti-war movement in Canada, and has been involved in the propagation of alternate theories regarding the September 11 terrorist attacks. He is a frequent contributor to Le Monde diplomatique, Third World Resurgence and Covert Action Quarterly. His publications have been translated into more than twenty languages. His latest book is titled America's "War on Terrorism".

Possibly the most widely published, prolific and passionate personification of far-left, humanist ideology in academia. As an indication of how effective the internet is in networking anti-American propaganda emanating from western intelligentsia- Google yielded not a single result for a rebuttal to any of the 281K links (including all the Marxist and jihad sites) promoting Michel Chossudovsky diatribes against the U.S. Please let me know if you discover any.

Just two examples of the thousands of academics proselytizing hate for America in US colleges and high schools: Noam Chomsky and Ward Churchill For more- The Professors- The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America

Of course there are even worse examples of citizens who exploit the blessings of democracy to preach hate for their government such as the UK's notorious George Galloway, darling of the global Jihadi.

Philip Handler, former president of the National Academy of Sciences, said that "Scientists best serve public policy by living within the ethics of science, not those of politics. If the scientific community will not unfrock the charlatans, the public will not discern the difference-science and the nation will suffer."

For a critique on cultural/political issues both within Indic society and the Western world view - Being Different Book by Rajiv Malhotra. Malhotra writes with passion from within an avowedly dharmic stance, undermining the attempts to domesticate and expropriate India's own intellectual traditions, including the ontological claims of Indic cosmology, the epistemology of yogic experience, the unique Indic appreciation for complexity, and the nuances of Sanskritic expression - in a process of interreligious dialogue that is ultimately based on a Western cosmological framework. See also We need to study western 'White' culture on our own terms Jan 26, 2013

Inference and Scientific Progress in International Relations The Disorder of Things - For the Relentless Criticism of All Existing Conditions Since 2010
(Feb. 3, 2011) This is the third in a series of posts by several of us at The Disorder Of Things on Patrick Thaddeus Jackson's The Conduct Of Inquiry in International Relations: Philosophy of Science and Its Implications for the Study of World Politics From a philosophy of science perspective, IR discussions on methodology and epistemology have always struck me as a bit bizarre. The outdated nature of most debates and the odd use of labels like 'positivism' have made IR philosophy of science too often seem like a muddled confusion, rather than an insightful debate. So it's hard to overstate how fantastic it is to see a book like Patrick Thaddeus Jackson's - precisely because it weaves skillfully through rigorous philosophy of science, and doesn't remain bound by IR's idiosyncratic frameworks of debate. I find myself highly sympathetic to a lot of what Jackson argues for in this book, and am a strong proponent of methodological pluralism. There are two major points I think Jackson's book neglects though - one is more based upon my own philosophical position (an external critique), while the second is a problem more or less within Jackson's position (an internal critique). In what follows I try to examine some missing elements of Jackson's book, and suggest what might be an alternative approach.

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