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Note: My Anthropic Trilogy web-book, evolving since 1997, is a chronicle of my passing all considered opinion through the lens of my Nirvikalpa Samadhi with both an open-mind and healthy skepticism.

Exploring the Metaphysical Implications of the Background Radiation
Left Over From the Big Bang

This page presents the inflation of an idea that started with my viewing the PBS program Stephen Hawking's Universe that traced how cosmology theory grew from Copernicus to Galileo to Kepler, Einstein, Hubble, Lemaitre to the accidental discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation from the Big Bang by Arno Penzias and Robert Woodrow Wilson as they experimented with the Bell Lab's Holmdel Horn Antenna. It is intended also as a tribute to Hawking's synthesis of science and spirituality in his A Brief History of Time

For the past twenty years or so, as a light-sleeper, to minimize disturbance from random sounds I've slept with the white noise created by tuning into the unmodulated signal at either end of FM radio broadcasts. I wondered if 1.) this signal bore any relation to the microwave background radiation leftover from the Big Bang 2.) could being exposed, night after night, to the noise (converted from the electromagnetic radiation) have any subliminal effect on my consciousness such as heightening my mystical intuition? and 3.) could this white noise provide a synergistic effect for a meditative praxis based on a regression of consciousness back through our total phylogeny - including our astrobiology, amino acids, heavy elements, helium, hydrogen, the Big Bang singularity - thence to Brahman non dual consciousness?

My initial research confirmed that at least a portion of the white noise sound on FM radio was converted from unmodulated leftover microwave background radiation from the Big Bang. In the NOVA DVD Origins astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson says that about one percent of the snow on the old analog TV consisted of that MBR. I've also learned that when the MBR is converted to an acoustic signal in the range of human hearing- it reveals an ordered configuration rather than the featureless character of white noise. A crude simulation would be produced by engaging all the keys of a pipe organ synthesizer at once. Results of Seven-Year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) published 2011 - NASA's map of the MBR 380,000 years after the Big Bang.

NASA map of universe 380,000 years after big bang
The evolving early universe shown created and sustained by the conscious matrix of light

Secondly- I found precedents in the non dual traditions that had metaphysical creation concepts analogous to a Big Bang theory as well as yoga practice that involved involution of our consciousness back to a singularity- and beyond to Brahman.

Thirdly- I found examples both from non dual tradition and postmodern extrapolations that proposed a linkage of the mantra AUM to the sound of primordial cosmic creation.

Concerning the potential for configuring a program of images and information (revealed in a lapse-dissolve fashion) to serve as a serial mandala to facilitate a meditative regression of consciousness back through our phylogeny and to the pre-biotic links in our cosmic evolution back to the Big Bang: In very preliminary meditative trials of purely imagining an involution scenario accompanied by the FM white noise - it suggested that experiencing such a mandala would benefit if I provided a separate slide show for study to initially convey the images of the chain of being to memory which then would facilitate the actual meditative session- proceeding without the aid of the informational material.

But as intellectually attractive as this idea first I gathered images for my involutionary mandala... the more I felt I was moving away from my mission to help fulfill God's desire to be known. It then occurred to me that this was more a cognitive process than a meditative one and that it fit the class of knowledge I encountered in my samadhi ascent where I first "knew everything" that at first was awesome...then became insignificant and finally was irrelevant as my consciousness expanded. This project seemed to concern the very essence of knowing "About Things" that my samadhi revealed to me as irrelevant.

Update 03 16 10:
In a further examination of this topic- it seems axiomatic that ever since the Western tradition of empirical science arose in the Age of Enlightenment- each generation viewed their most recent paradigm of reality as a crowning achievement of rational knowledge. But much of this arrogance has subsided as we learn that the more we know- the more mystery extends, plus material (empirical) science is becoming increasingly disturbed by the seeming convergence of quantum theoretics and mystical perspectives of the non dual traditions.

So there is a distinct possibility that by presenting an easily accessible recapitulation of our phylogeny that extends back through our cosmic origins to the big bang- that rather than reacting in arrogance of how much we know- we will be so awed by our ignorance over how and the eternally enigmatic why such a miracle happened- that we may become enveloped in a state of mystical awesomeness. This can be compared to the euphoria David Roberts experienced contemplating the inexplicableness of shamanic cave paintings in a Havasupai site in Grand Canyon and even to states of consciousness that may spontaneously arise in such non-meditative practices as kirtan or Bhakti yoga. Such a moment of simply witnessing the glory of God...may (with Grace) bring us as close to triggering a genuine samadhi as under these deliberate spiritual environments. Even Ramana Maharshi taught a cognitive process of Self Inquiry that stood in contrast to classical meditation as do various jnana yogas that involve intellectual realization of predetermined metaphysical concepts.

So I have re-rationalized justification for presenting my Phylogeny Involution Mandala as having a two-fold potential. 1.) As a straightforward educational and inspirational medium and 2.) as raising our consciousness to a state of awesome mystery that may invite the Grace of a genuine mystical transcendence. I would suggest that a contemplative rather than a meditative state should be used to approach whatever informational display I wind up with- and should be undertaken solely as an exercise to appreciate our contemporary rational view of the evolution of our universe and life. We should not assume our exploration of this body of knowledge as a involutional meditation praxis intending to experience union in Brahman consciousness and should put aside all expectations that any mystical event or epiphany will result. Instead, any such effect should be allowed to be incidental, unintentional and spontaneous to the extent- as with any meditative practice- we can truly extinguish desire.

Samadhi Big Bang Involution Update 04 10 10
The image to the right is a symbolic representation of my samadhi journey through our collective knowledge of material reality (universal inflation from the Big Bang) to the supreme reality of Brahman.

As I worked on this project...the more I felt detached from my primary mission and that I was (to mix metaphors) being seduced by the beautiful serpent of knowledge that is maya in some Hindu schools. All of this relates to why No-Mind or killing the mind is a major meditative approach in some Buddhist traditions.

The fact that this project emerged at the same time I had just acquired my new laptop suggests that I may have got caught up in the glitter of technology along with those great Hubble images and artist's renderings and astrobiology discoveries on the NASA website. So as much fun as this project is intellectually, I will consider whatever this project winds up with is no more than an educational medium for contemplating the span of our cosmic origins and serves only as a tribute - and not as a path - to God consciousness.

Update 05 03 10: Halfway through the process of assembling graphics to illustrate the phylogeny/contemplation slide show I stumbled upon the book by Professor Richard Dawkins entitled The Ancestor's Tale. More about this seminal work and how it provides the ideal in-depth knowledge base for the scientific comprehension of the facts of our phylogeny that the slide show symbolically abbreviates - at Evolution-Involution Slideshow

Update 11 09 10: After trials viewing different slide-show configurations, The preliminary version of the slideshow (thumbnails only) is introduced at Evolution-Involution A Flash version with full-sized images is now online- designed so that a viewer can first study reduced-sized images along with the captions. When sufficiently comfortable with the content- viewers can switch to a lapse-dissolve, auto-presentation of full-sized images without captions to experience a contemplative involution journey back through 14.7 billion years of our evolution and beyond.

Universe Evolution - from nonduality to duality Update 05 28 13: Particle Adventure Universe Evolution: A change from an indefinite, incoherent homogeneity, to a definite, coherent heterogeneity; through continuous differentiations and integrations. The site is an award-winning interactive tour of quarks, neutinos, antimatter, extra dimensions, dark matter, accelerators and particle detectors from the Particle Data Group of Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory.

References Pertinent to a Involution Mandala Production
Is FM white noise the sound of background radiation from the Big Bang?

Addressing question 1.) I wanted to Google confirmation that there was at least a component of the Big Bang radiation being converted into the FM white noise.

Physics demonstrations: a sourcebook for teachers of physics By Julien C. Sprott, 2006 By tuning an [analog] FM radio or television between stations, you can demonstrate what [background radiation from the Big Bang] sounds like. This [unmodulated signal converted to sound] noise, and the accompanying video image [snow], is in part a remnant of the three-degree backgound radiation from the Big Bang that occurred about 13.7 billion years ago.

Arono Penzias at Bell Labs This article concerns the accidental discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation. Although predicted by earlier theories, it was first found accidentally by Arno Penzias and Robert Woodrow Wilson as they experimented with the Holmdel Horn Antenna. They were not aware of any radio source that would account for it.

Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation With a radio telescope, there is a faint background glow, almost exactly the same in all directions, that is not associated with any star, galaxy, or other object. This glow is strongest in the microwave region of the radio spectrum. Electromagnetic waves longer (lower frequency) than microwaves are called "radio waves". [So since FM waves are shorter than AM waves- it is the unmodulated signal that FM radio converts to a hiss that contains background radiation from the Big Bang. Note the misinformation in "best answer" at Answers that says it is AM radio static that is sound of the Big Bang radiation.]

Big Bang TV Signal Part of that interference (in screens at interchannel settings of analog TV) - about 1% or less - comes from background radiation leftover from the Big Bang, called the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). The same is true for FM radios - when the radio is tuned to an interstation setting, part of the hiss that you hear, called "white noise", is leftover radiation from the Big Bang some 13.7 billion years ago. In fact, it was annoying "noise" that led to the discovery of the Cosmic Microwave Background in the first place. In 1965, Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson had built a Dicke radiometer for Bell Telephone Laboratories to use in radio astronomy and satellite communication experiments.

Google search: "FM radio detected big bang radiation"

John Cramer Audio Files of the Big Bang The Big Bang sounded like a deep hum by Marcus Chown, October, 2003 Physicist John Cramer of the University of Washington in Seattle has created audio files of the event which can be played on a PC. From these variations, he could calculate the frequencies of the sound waves propagating through the Universe during its first 760,000 years, when it was just 18 million light years across. At that time the sound waves were too low in frequency to be audible. To hear them, Cramer had to scale the frequencies 100,000 billion billion times. "The sound is rather like a large jet plane flying 100 feet above your house in the middle of the night," he says.

Google search: "FM noise big bang radiation"

FM Hiss Big Bang In the case of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) its somwhere in the microwave region - 100-200 GHz. Tv typically receives in the MHz band - up to 200 Mhz or so. So its not a perfect match. Because its a black body spectrum though, its not a sharp peak, but more a rolling hill type of peak, so there are still bits of the CMB radiating in the MHz which TV picks up. BB radiation also tends to have more on lower frequencies than the higher frequencies of the peak too. So the TV is not tuned to pick up CMB, but it does get a small fraction. When it is detuned from a TV station, the static you get is composed of all sorts of things, including stuff induced from sparks, lightning, stars, and the CMB.

Detailing the Wow signal at the SETI program in 1977 by Dr. Jerry R. Ehman, 1998. An [sic]AM or FM radio station, as it is just coming on the air and before you hear persons speaking or music being played, is sending an unmodulated signal (and you will hear a hissing sound from your radio if you turn the volume up sufficiently). When you hear the voice or music, then you are receiving a modulated signal.

Google search: "background noise big bang"

Big Bang - Silent Bang? MP3 audio download The 'Big Bang' was really more of a Big Crescendo! Big Bang - Silent Bang?: The Pulse of the Planet daily radio program offers free legal online mp3 downloads, exploring the world of sound in nature, culture and science by Jim Metzner. Mark Whittle is a Professor of Astronomy at the University of Virginia. He tells us that over the past few decades, scientists have been studying cosmic microwave radiation, the residual energy of the Big Bang. A picture made with this radiation revealed enormous [sic]sound waves moving through the hot gas of the young universe. From these observations, Whittle simulated the crescendo of the Big Bang. It took time for sound to grow. So, one of the things that you hear on these recordings is its getting louder as time goes by. The reason for this is that what is driving the sound is not somebodys vocal cords. Its actually gravity pulling gas down into areas where there's more matter. The gas drops in, and it bounces out again. It overshoots, and it drops back in again, and it bounces out again. That is the beginning of the oscillation, and, as times goes by, the regions which can participate in this get larger and larger. And so, the pressure wave is a stronger pressure wave, and that means its a louder sound. [Email: to ask about the statement: "A picture made with this radiation revealed enormous sound waves moving through the hot gas of the young universe. How could sound waves be revealed - or are they recorded by space intrumentation - or is their existence purely theoretical?]

Addressing question 2.) There was really no way to ascertain whether after 20 years of exposure to the FM white noise- even it were produced by background radiation from the Big Bang- it could have any effect on my intuitive capabilities since during all this time I was exposed to it passively with no conscious awareness of its origin. So I judged it highly unlikely that I had been imbued with even the slightest heightened sense of mystical insight. It's more likely that whatever infinitesimal influence such radiation might have- has been effecting all humanity plus all stages of life and astro-biological stuctures over the past billions of years.

Non dual traditions and the Big Bang singularity

Addressing question 3.) Could this white noise provide a synergistic effect for a meditative praxis based on a regression of consciousness back through our total phylogeny?

Google search: "meditate back evolution big bang"

Four Reasons Buddhists Can Love Evolution, 2009. "Buddhists across the world meditate for ... evolution and involution (similar to the ideas of the "Big Bang" ... draw all the matter in the universe back to a central point)."

Big Bang and Evolution/Involution

Google search: "meditation involution big bang"

This search transported me to an extensive body of metaphysical speculation about concepts in all the non dual traditions that anticipated both the notion that all reality was created by a Big Bang and that [sic]involution meditation could carry consciousness back to Bindo or union with the Supreme Consciousness, Brahman singularity. Involution was also a principle featured in the teachings of non dual mystics that rose to prominence in the West in the 20th century. However for any rational examination of any proposition, one would like to have specified exactly what meditation praxis and apperception of involution is being addressed.

Spiritual Reality & Theory of Creation by Roy Posner. The Big Bang, Involution, Evolution, and the Scientist ...... Silencing the mind, meditation on God, aspiration, rejection of lower movements, ...Roy is also the chief developer and author of the site New Insights Into the Life and Teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, a fresh, new look of the spiritual teachings of these two towering figures, and is a contributing author and editorial board member of Consecration magazine, a journal dedicated to practical application of spirituality in daily life.

Hinduism and Big Bang Theory: The Cosmic Event in Upanishads and other Hindu Scriptures - Brahman being the one and only Reality, represents everything, including even the state of singularity before the Big Bang, as well as the whole manifested universe after it. As the point of singularity, Brahman is the impersonal absolute of pure timeless existence. Representing the primal sound of creation the AUM symbolizes the manifesting sound (or vibration) of the Big Bang which astronomers have detected as the residual cosmic emanation from that explosion. The Kashmiri cult of Shaivism is more explicit in its account of creation. The whole universe was at first concentrated at one point or dot (Bindu). It is the Primordial Seed of creation. After a period of germination it undergoes an explosion (Sphota) resulting in the sound (Nada) of creation (OM). (Sound is used in the scriptures for all kinds of vibrations.) All creation (Kala) proceeds from this sound. Thus the doctrine of Nada, Bindu, and Kala is but an implied reference to the Big Bang theory of creation.

Cosmos Samadhi - Universes Evolving Involving Meditation & Its Practices: A Definitive Guide To Techniques And [Cosmos Samadhi - Universes Evolving Involving] Traditions ... By Swami Adiswarananda. Japa (spiritual practice to invoke God-consciousness) and the Breath: Vedanta maintains that creation is a process of manifestation and nonmanifestation, evolution and involution. The universe of name and form comes into being, endures for a length of time, and then dissolves back into its causal state. Manifestation of the universe into gross forms is what is known as evolution, and its return to the causal state of nonmanifestation is involution. Only through involution can evolution occur, and vice versa. This eternal process of involution and evolution has been described by the Upanishads as the inbreathing and outbreathing of Brahman. The breath of each living being is the very same cosmic breath that pulses in the universe. Thus our breath is a reminder of our identity with Brahman, the supreme Self, which is the Self of all beings. According to Vedanta, this is expressed by the Sanskrit mantra So'ham, or "I am He." As we inhale, we make the sound so and as we exhale, ham. At the rate of fifteen times per minute, which is the average rate of breathing, each person is unconciously repeating the So'ham 21,600 times daily.

Update: 04 30 2013 Sutapas Bhattacharya writes: "Having spent 7 years writing my new book The Brainstem Brainwaves of Atman-Brahman: The Synthesis of Science and Spirituality The Brainstem Brainwaves of Atman-Brahman: The Synthesis of Science and Spirituality, I just published my website preview that includes the essay The Tacit Racism of Western Academia.. End Update

Some relevant commentary by Sutapas Bhattacharya regarding the BBC documentary What Happened Before the Big Bang? follows:

Last night's BBC Horizon focused on the new Perimeter Institute in Canada funded by the Blackberry inventer where Lee Smolin already was when he wrote The Trouble with Physics. In the last 10 years the challenges to the Big Bang orthodoxy have been coming thick and fast.

Turok of the M-Theory Cyclic Ekpyrotic Model is now head. They also focused on an Indian Param Smith there with his antigravity-rebound model of an oscillating universe.

The ideas of the woman Laura Mersini-Houghton at North Carolina were the most interesting but not elucidated very clearly. She has used some String Theory Model supposedly eliminating assumptions made in other models and accounting for 3 anomalies including that Dark Flow idea where thousands of galaxies seem to be heading towards another universe. Her model sounded best to me as it had Wave-activity or Vibrations creating things without assuming the pre-existence of Laws, constants etc. as a lot of these Glorified Technicians assume.

I see that Roger Penrose has done a U-turn on previous dogmatic refusal to go beyond the Big Bang Creation ex nihilo myth. What struck me was the sudden increase in philosophical nous amongst the like of the ubiquitous Michio Kaku etc. understanding that Creation ex nihilo is nonsense and Models are not reality. But it remained totally Eurocentric as even the Param Singh at Perimeter Institute did not contradict the nonsense about the supposedly Radical Nature of these ideas - they were actually discussing ancient ideas of a Plenum-Void a Nothingness containing the potentiality of everything and Cyclic Creation and Dissolution which are standard in Hindu thought - and no doubt as with Buddhist parent possessing Kaku, such Eastern ideas have helped influence these models - just as the Belgian Lemaitre who put forward the Primeval Atom idea was an ordained Christian priest steeped in Christian superstition. None of these physicists of course has grown up enough philosophically to recognize that the concept of the Physical Universe itself is just a human phantasy that cannot actually exist! SB

Update 06 13 2012: Relative to the above topic of the Vedic cyclic (evolution-involution) creation cosmograhy- Sutapas forwarded an Email sent to him by John White, internationally known author in the fields of spirituality and higher human development (associated with many of the principles and orgs of the postmodern noetic community including Timothy Leary, Gopi Krishna, Werner Heisenberg, Ken Wilber, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Amit Goswami, etc.)

(published with permission)
From: John White

Again the rishis were the first to speak of this (as they did for so much else of science). The "breath of Brahman" myth tells of the universe coming into being on the out-breath of Brahman. The universe then exists for an unspecified amount of time - some versions mention, I think, kalpas of years (forgive me if I've mangled the Sanskrit) which is a huge timespan - after which Brahman breathes in and, in doing so, terminates the universe. The entire cycle is just one breath of the Divine Creator. There follows a pralaya, a resting period of unspecified duration, and then Brahman/God breathes out again, bringing a new universe into existence. Whether it maintains the laws of physics as we know them in our present universe is a matter of speculation; I'm not aware that the myth says anything about that. Be that as it may, from that mythic perspective our entire cosmos from beginning to end is nothing more than a single breath of the Creator, and this has been going on for God-alone-knows how many times. The scale which the ancient myth presents its teaching is mind-boggling but entirely reasonable, and Penrose seems to be "discovering" it through science.


Meher Baba's Teachings features Involution

Meher Baba Wikipedia: According to Meher Baba, the aim of all beings in creation, in fact the very purpose of creation, is the attainment of God-realization. A soul is God-realized when it has first traversed evolution, taking each successive form in creation until it achieves full consciousness in the human form (the terminus of physical evolution according to Meher Baba), then has gone through successive lives during reincarnation, and finally, having traversed the inner planes of consciousness during involution, achieves consciousness of its true original identity as God.

Meher Baba Evolution/Involution Meher Baba states that evolution is the soul's gathering of full consciousness, reincarnation is the state of ordinary people caught up in karma, and involution is the inner journey of the spiritual pilgrim back to its origin through higher planes of consciousness.

Story of Meher Baba's Enlightenment the story of the mystical meeting under the neem tree of Merwan who later became Meher Baba and Hazrat Babajan

Christian polemic about Meher Baba cult

Meher Baba Cult Eastern Mysticism and the Resocialization of Drug Users the Meher Baba Cult by Thomas Robbins Sociology Dept. U. of North Carolina. Characterizes Meher Baba cult as recruiting persons involved in psychedelic and other entheogenic drugs that acts as a half-way house between the drug culture and reassimilation into conventional society. By injoining "social service", Baba deprives the drop-out life-style of legitimacy, endows work with expressive meaning, and facilitates his followers; reassimilation into conventional work roles.

Meher Baba Home Page

Sarlo's Guru Rating Service Meher Baba 1894-1969 aka Merwan Sheriar Irani - Meher Baba "Was embraced at age 19 by Hazrat Babajan, an ancient Mohammedan woman, who gave him God-Realization. From age 25 he maintained silence until the end of his life." "Don't worry, be happy." Claims of Avatarhood failed to impress Paul Brunton, the original guru-rater. The right stuff more or less, but where is he now?

Involution (Philosophy) Involution according to Meher Baba; Sri Aurobindo; Esoteric cosmology; Ken Wilber; and others. [The following passage under Basic Themes seems to reverse the metaphysical role of Involution from Meher Baba's and the majority non dual traditional usage:]
The process by which the Many is created from out the Absolute is called the Involution. Once that process ends, the process of evolution begins. In essence the evolution begins with creation (or in scientific cosmology the Big Bang) and continues with all that follows. The involution is the process by which the Absolute manifests the creation, the universe. It is the process by which the Many emerged from the One as a universe of divided, ignorant forms. The involution is that which occurred that enabled the creation, the universe, the cosmos to manifest from out of the Original Principle, the Divine, God, the Absolute. Involution is the process of self-limitation, of densification, by which the Absolute veils itself by stages until it assumes the appearance in the cosmos, the universe we know of. It wishes to create the universe to objectify itself and its spiritual properties in infinite possibilities, for the purpose of delight of discovery which it will achieve thereafter.

Aum and the Big Bang

Google search: "aum modulated signal big bang" I accessed specifics in the non dual tradition that held that the mantra "AUM" was the primordial sound of creation of the universe and contemporary work that extrapolates it and the B flat tone to the Big Bang background radiation.

various MP3 downloads of white, pink, brown noise tracks for listening with stereo headsets

David Hykes Hykes has pioneered a deeply inspired and joyful contemplative music lineage called Harmonic Chant, founded in 1975, as well as the Harmonic Presence work, contemplative practices and teachings linking music, meditation, the mind, and healing harmonization. To find a clear and compassionate "healing harmonization," almost like an atmosphere of natural blessings. Hykes brings a unique "harmonic spirit" to this work, nourished and guided by his studies and immersions in Tibetan Buddhist traditions, the Gurdjieff Work, Christianity, Native American tradition, Hinduism and Sufism.

Zero Point by Colleen Rae, 2010. In my novel I have an anecdote from a lecture by Daniel York about "Zero Point Sound" or what's often called the signature of Zero Point Energy. What's the Sound of the Universe Meditating? I heard-felt in the sound of B flat that is the pitch of the buzzing in my ears. It's like the sound I like listening to as a meditation.

Mickey Hart Smithsonian Magazine, 2013. The Grammy Award-winning percussionist for the popular American rock band The Grateful Dead. Hart has been working on converting light and electromagnetic waves collected throughout the universe into music that leads back to the sound of the "Big Bang," the singular event 13.7 billion years ago that blew us into creation.

The Tibetan Gyuto Monks perform Buddhist ceremonies while chanting on one fundamental note. Their refined chanting technique enables each member of the choir to sing a three-note chord, exciting the harmonics of the fundamental drone note. A listening to their recording for Windham Hill Records reveals that the monks are droning on a note slightly flatter than B, exciting all the overtones above. Their valve-less brass horns are designed to play this note as the fundamental partial. The Gyuto Monks have been resonating the Big Note for the past 500 years at the Gyuto Monastery in Lhasa, Tibet, now living in exile in Dharamsala, India. There is no explanation as to why the monks drone on that particular note.

Alternative Perspectives Relating to Creation and the Big Bang

Cosmogony [Gr. Kosmogonia from Kosmos the world and root of gignesthai to be born] is the coming into existence, the creation and origination of the universe. In space science and astronomy, the term cosmogony is also used to refer to theories of creation of the Solar System, for example, the Solar Nebula. It is also the study of these aspects. So a cosmogony depicts an origin belief about how the Universe came to be; hence, the creation story in the book of Genesis is one such cosmogony, and there are many others, both scientific and mythological. This contrasts with cosmology, which studies the Universe at large, throughout its existence.

The ancient Vedic Mantras that heal and cure - There has been proved to be a psycho-physiological sensitivity in animals and humans to magnetic and electrical fields in extremely low frequencies (ELF) corresponding to brain waves. These ELF, which can penetrate anything, have made it possible for the military to have a world-wide communication system with its submarines, which can be situated in any part of the world. Man is a bio-cosmic transducer, a transmitter and receiver as well, and that somehow our brain waves can lock on and modulate with the earth's electromagnetic field, the Universal Magnetic Field (UMF), as Tesla called it.

E.J. Gold Biography of spiritual work. (The following is an excerpt from a now deleted E. J. Gold blog) "AM or Amplitude Modulation is capable of registering faint "background" radio signals broadcast from a variety of sources, among which are the formation of Population III stars just after the Big Bang, Black Holes and clouds of Dark Matter and Dark Energy, invisible by any other means. How this energy can be harnessed for Inter-Universal Astral Travel is something which we are now exploring with the Beta-Blocker AM Crystal Radio Technology." [m-g commentary: Holy cow! - we're getting ready for aliens to suck us up in their starship - crown chakras - 11th dimensions - who-oo! It also contradicts the scientific position that it is FM radio signals that modulate background radiation.]