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Note:My Anthropic Trilogy web-book, evolving since 1997, is a chronicle of my passing all considered opinion
through the lens of my Nirvikalpa Samadhi with both an open-mind and healthy skepticism.

Knowledge About Death- The Case for the Survival of Consciousness

Who are the KNOWERS of ultimate non duality and DEATH? Is every occult and paranormal experience or NDE an insight to some aspect of the realm of the unseen and unknowable or are the ultimate episodes of Samadhi, Satori, Moksha, Gnosis the only clear experience of a cosmic consciousness?

Links to Opinions Regarding Consciousness Survival and Near Death Experience. Is there a rational argument to support belief in a Nondual Conscious Immortality?

About the Continuity of Our Consciousness 2004 by Pim van Lommel, Cardiologist, Division of Cardiology, Hospital Rijnstate, The Netherlands. In this paper I first will discuss some more general aspects of death, and after that I will describe more details from our prospective study on near-death experience in survivors of cardiac arrest in the Netherlands, which was published in the Lancet.1 I also want to comment on similar findings from two prospective studies in survivors of cardiac arrest from the USA2 and from the United Kingdom.3 Finally, I will discuss implications for consciousness studies, and how it could be possible to explain the continuity of our consciousness.

Who's Afraid of Life After Death? By Neal Grossman, PhD (History and Philosophy of Science) IONS Review 2002- For the experiencer, the NDE does not need to be explained because it is exactly what it purports to be, which is, at a minimum, the direct experience of consciousness (or minds, or selves, or personal identity) existing independently of the physical body. It is only with respect to our deeply entrenched materialist paradigm that the NDE needs to be explained, or more accurately, explained away. In this article, I will take the position that materialism has been shown to be empirically false; and hence, what does need to be explained is the academic establishment's collective refusal to examine the evidence and to see it for what it is.

Skeptical Investigations The Skeptical Investigations website is organized by the Association for Skeptical Investigation, the purpose of which is to promote genuine skepticism, the spirit of enquiry and doubt, within science. This includes an open-minded investigation of unexplained phenomena, a questioning of dogmatic assumptions, and a skeptical examination of the claims of self-proclaimed skeptics.

The Roots of Consciousness by Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD - an encyclopedic volume of consciousness studies. Thinking Allowed host Jeffrey Mishlove is a licensed clinical psychologist, an accomplished radio and television interviewer, one of the most erudite and articulate personalities on television and president of the Intuition Network. Jeffrey received the Pathfinder Award from the Association for Humanistic Psychology for his outstanding contributions to the exploration and expansion of human consciousness.

A Physics of Consciousness, PSI and Survival by James E. Beichler, Ph.D - Publication rejected by the JSPR 09/21/2014 Abstract: While the psychical sciences and parapsychology have languished over the decades and failed to produce a viable theoretical basis for their observations, great strides have been made in the neurosciences especially in the areas of neurophysiology and neurophysics. The object of these researches goes beyond just discovering how the brain functions, but to actually discover the neural correlates of mind and consciousness. Understanding how brain and consciousness relate to one another has opened a new door to understanding psi and how consciousness survives death. (See also other research by author)

Consciousness Manifesto James (Jim) E Beichler, Vetha Center for Transdisciplinary Studies, Consciousness Studies, Faculty Member Index to Consciousness Papers) Consciousness Manifesto: Physical origins of consciousness through evolution and revolution Once the positivistic/escapist interpretation that human consciousness is epiphenomenal, i.e., accidental, is dismissed there are two possible approaches to the scientific study of consciousness. Bottom-up consciousness, from the individual organism or being to the universe, and Consciousness from the top-down, from the universe to the individual. These two approaches mark the outer boundaries of the present scientific search for a theoretical model of consciousness, even though Consciousness goes beyond science and moves into the realm of metaphysics.

Religion of Tomorrow by Ken Wilber (2018) - The religion of tomorrow will not be one religion, but all religions guiding their respective constituents toward oneness with Ultimate Reality. This book is Ken Wilberís comprehensive synthesis of all the elements that make for human development from the Big Bang through the course of material and biological evolution. The recent discoveries of science, especially in the areas of developmental psychology and historical criticism, as well as mystical experience, have enabled him to bring together contemporary science, the wisdom of the world religions, and an integral presentation of the human condition with all its potential.

Mysticism, Mind, Consciousness by Robert K.C. Forman (1999) Returns to the theme of his edited volume and in my view argues conclusively against any constructivist interpretation of pure consciousness.

TRANSCENDENTAL PHYSICS book: utilizing a single assumption, Dr. Edward R. Close presents the elements of a comprehensive science that includes matter, energy, time, space and the conscious observer. Transcendental Physics integrates the search for answers to questions ranging from the mind-body problem, to survival of consciousness after death, to the frontiers of quantum physics and relativity. Proceeding from a single assumption, the "inner" world of consciousness and the "outer" world of physical phenomena can be united, contemplated and explored within one logically consistent system of thought.

Anthony Peak This is the forum for all who are interested in the theory of what may happen to consciousness at the point of death as explained in the books 'Is There Life After Death - The Extraordinary Science Of What Happens When You Die' and 'The Daemon'. See also Cheating the Ferryman Athony Peak's blog.

Blavatsky Net - Theosophy The transpersonal model of death- by Dr Jean-Louis Siémons A re-examination of Madame Blavatsky's 19th century explanatory scheme for Theosophy's interpretation of near-death experience and reincarnation. Offers contemporary perspective on some specific features in my samadhi including awareness of a collective, universal knowledge, encountering an omniscient God consciousness in a state of duality and progressing to an ultimate state of non-duality in union with a cosmic consciousness manifested in light, bliss and love.

Credibility of New Age Paradigms A brief examination of the future of New Age precepts on the evolution of true knowledge expressing my reservations about its open-ended standards of evidence and rationality.

Samadhi Trilogy- excerpted from a longer article by Michael Comans
An in-depth examination of the intricate and subtle evolution of Samadhi in Vedantic, Zen and Yogic disciplines and interpretations of its role in transcendence, enlightenment and ultimate liberation.

Science of Consciousness and the Hard Problem Henry P. Stapp, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory U of California, Conference at University of Arizona, April 8-13, 1996. Abstract: Quantum theory is essentially a rationally coherent theory of the interaction of mind and matter, and it allows our conscious thoughts to play a causally efficacious and necessary role in brain dynamics. It therefore provides a natural basis, created by scientists, for the science of consciousness.

VERITAS Research Program The Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health (formerly the Human Energy Systems Laboratory) in the Department of Psychology at the University of Arizona was created primarily to test the hypothesis that the consciousness (or identity) of a person survives physical death. The primary investigators of the VERITAS Research Program are Gary Schwartz, Ph.D., Director, and Julie Beischel, Ph.D., Assistant Director. Primary research focus on mediumship.

Consciousness Survival We, a group of scholars and scientists who have carefully studied the scattered, empirical evidence for the possibility that people may, in some form, have some kind of survival of consciousness after physical death, agree on the following five points: Arthur Hastings, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Jon Klimo, Rosebridge Graduate School, Melvin Morse, University of Washington, Peter Mulacz, Austrian Society for Parapsychology and Border Areas of Science website, William Roll, West Georgia University

Life, Death, and the Survival of Consciousness Alternative Cosmologies and Altered States by Stanislav Grof - From a talk given at the Institute of Noetic Sciences conference - Chicago, 1994.

Skeptical Investigations Website is organized by the Association for Skeptical Investigation, the purpose of which is to promote genuine skepticism, the spirit of enquiry and doubt, within science. This includes an open-minded investigation of unexplained phenomena, a questioning of dogmatic assumptions, and a skeptical examination of the claims of self-proclaimed skeptics. Dean Radin, Rupert Sheldrake, Stanley Krippner, etc.

Universal Living Memory From the subatomic to the cosmic, from cells and ideas to souls and God, all dynamic systems have memory. Using the tools of science, University of Arizona scientists Gary Schwartz and Linda Russek demonstrate that everything in the universe is alive, eternal and evolving. Their new model of life, the Universal Living Memory theory, is reconfiguring the scientific landscape. "Schwartz and Russek usher the reader through new doorways to profound discoveries. Here is stunning but sober emerging evidence that every idea ever thought and every awareness ever generated is even now contained in the universe as information or memory, that consciousness survives death, that God exists - and is evolving."

Consciential Infinite Lifespan - The Odd Couple: Monist Life Extension and Dualist Immortality by Nelson Abreu and Pedro Machin. Perspectives on the survival of consciousness after death. The out-of-body experience has been reported and documented by the most diverse cultures throughout the times. We can begin by observing the myriads of terminologies available for the act of projecting (astralwanderung, Germany), for the "second body" described as a more subtle double of the physical body used during a projection (kha, Egypt), and the silver cord (sutratma, India), which connects the two. There are also numerous names for an energy system (of which the silver cord would be part of) that include terms like chi or bioenergies as well as chakras. These hundreds of terminologies were created by cultures ranging from Eskimos to Peruvians, from ancient Greece, Egypt, Africa, and China to modern Europe and Brazil. Presents a compendium of case histories of NDE worldwide plus synopsis of many of the most well-documented accounts in the body of research on remote perception.

The Institute for the Scientific Study of Consciousness - Papers and articles by Dr. Melvin L Morse MD featuring clinical evidence that supports a consciousness paradigm that finds reality in spiritual neuroscience, NDE experiences, remote viewing, survival of consciousness after the brain dies. See Implications for the Clinician

Conscious Survival compendium on anecdotal evidence for conscious survival.

Survival of Bodily Death- An Esalen Invitational Conference - 2005 The Infinite Regress of the Observer and the Stubbornness of Fact On Monday morning Crabtree started by saying there are essentially three ideas about what is meant by the notion of "survival of bodily death": 1) After death, I am the same person as before but lacking my body 2) After death, I re-identify with a higher being of which I am a sub-part 3) After death, my former identity completely dissolves into One Consciousness In the first two above, there is memory that continues after the body has died. While in the third case, there is no first-person knowledge and memory involved, because whatever one is ultimately melts back into the One Consciousness.

Death and Dying by Adi Da. Real audio and excerpts.

Institute of Noetic Sciences A nonprofit membership organization located in Northern California that conducts and sponsors leading-edge research into the potentials and powers of consciousness- including perceptions, beliefs, attention, intention, and intuition. The institute explores phenomena that do not necessarily fit conventional scientific models, while maintaining a commitment to scientific rigor."

What Happens When We Die? Life After Death: The Burden of Proof by Deepak Chopra. Chopra focuses on the quantum concept of randomness at the most minute, sub-atomic levels of the universe and the role that consciousness plays in influencing how that randomness eventually plays out in either/or choices. He eventually leads the reader to the BIG IDEA of the book -- that the whole universe and everything in it is conscious, and that together all conscious beings create reality.

Life After Death The Evidence - by J.P. Moreland. In the second of his two-part article, J.P. Moreland continues to examine the different arguments for life after death. "In part one of this article, I reviewed a few of the arguments for life after death, namely, the two empirical arguments (Near Death Experiences and Jesus' resurrection) and the three non-empirical theistic dependent arguments (the image of God/love of God, divine justice, and biblical revelation). In part two, I will continue to make the case for life after death by going over the non-empirical theistic-independent arguments, followed by an assessment of all these cases together."

Intimations of Immortality 1987 by Robert Crookall - A carefully researched study of near-death and out-of-the-body experiences, and the evidence they provide for survival after physical death.

Embraced By the Light Review of Betty Eadie's book extrapolating her experienced NDE.

Near Death Experience Wikipedia





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