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Note: My Anthropic Trilogy web-book, evolving since 1997, is a chronicle of my passing all considered opinion through the lens of my Nirvikalpa Samadhi with both an open-mind and healthy skepticism.

A recent review of features in my transcendent journey suggests that electromagnetic wave action that fills universal space and its entanglement with our neurophoton fields may be the fundamental manifestation of a Conscious Cosmic Matrix.

Since my transcendent experience back in 1970, I've been reluctant to try to relate any of its features to the familiar phenomenal universe but instead focused on similarities in details contained in other classical transcendent accounts and metaphysical literature. However since I started developing my Cosmic Consciousness website (May 2006) I realize there are elements in my journey that provide support for some quantum electromagnetic hypotheses regarding a conscious cosmic matrix.

It takes about eight minutes for light to go from our Sun to Earth. That is a reasonable approximation of my remembered impression of time that it took for me to first launch into the stream of energy and become joined with cosmic entirety. (My ecstasy occurred around 4 PM and after I completed my journey I had no memory of time beyond then until awaking around 8 PM but assumed the major portion of the total passage of time was spent in unconscious sleep after my journey had ended.)

The only other "nearby" phenomenal light source is our next nearest star Proxima Centauri but its light takes over 4 years to reach us. Of course one can theorize an infinite number of options for superluminal signals applying scenarios involving wormholes, multiverses, entanglement and other quantum processes allowing non-locality. However, if we stay within conventional perspective of time and accept Einstein's Special Relativity theory that information events don't exceed the speed of light, we have a startling coincidence that suggests both the "real" time and the remembered time are a good match to the time frame for a trip from Earth to our Sun at light speed. One could argue that if my consciousness (neurophoton field) traveled at the speed of light that I should have no remembered sense of time during my transport- which I had. It suggests that a field of information can retain a coherent sense of time even at light speed. In describing my feelings building up to and at the moment of being launched on my journey I use the term "electric" three times. Is this an intuitively accurate description of my bodily sensations as my consciousness became transformed from an explicate to an implicate state? While in a state of cosmic consciousness, my memory was that there was "an outer limit" and that "other similar systems were out there" . This clearly evokes a model of our Sun as the phenomenal element which I directly experienced with an interconnection to a conscious matrix involving other stars. (It was unclear as to wether these were features actually remembered from the event itself or notions imagined in the course of recalling the samadhi scenario in the way of rationalizing objects for the felt love experienced.)

Could such a simplistic and unoriginal notion- our Sun along with the heavenly spectacle- a holy reality, a core belief in the religions of civilizations going back thousands of years, be reclaimed by modern science by a holistic theory which identifies electromagnetic radiation with its entanglement with our neurophoton fields as the tangible manifestation of a Conscious Cosmic Matrix?

"Behind every man now alive stand thirty ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living. Since the dawn of time, roughly a hundred billion human beings have walked the planet Earth. --Now this is an interesting number, for by a curious coincidence there are approximately a hundred billion stars in our local universe, the Milky Way. So for every man who has ever lived, in this universe, there shines a star." (from Clarke's foreword in 2001, A Space Odyssey, 1968)

Together with my notions regarding an outer limit to my light and other similar systems- this suggests a reality model where our individual consciousness is bound to a single star within a holistic cosmological conscious matrix. That, in accordance with the principle of Maya, my Earth with all its materiality, nature, and my interaction with humanity, are phantasms of my exclusive imagination which will be pulled in after me upon the physical death of my body and brain. A logical projection of a modified Maya would suggest the cosmological model of the universe sans Earth might survive to consist of our billions of stars of light, bliss and love- however all simultaneousely assimilated into the undivided, non duality of Brahman. It would also infer that I had not attained that ultimate state which seems an unlikely anti-climax for what seemed to be a divine revelation of transcendent reality.

The Starry Night - van Gogh

Looking through his barred asylum window, van Gogh saw a vast night sky, which his imagination transformed with swirls of color and stars of "exaggerated brilliance". In such views the artist glmpsed something "one can only call God...eternity in its place above the world." He also wrote to Theo: "Looking at the stars always makes me dream...Why, I ask myself, shouldn't the shining dots of the sky be as accessible as the black dots on the map of France? Just as we take the train to to get to Tarascon or Rouen, we take death to reach a star." (Na Geo Mag p 104,128 Oct 1997)

But am I simply succumbing to an instinctive tendency to attribute supreme mystical qualities to our most visible celestial object and awarding undue credence to one of an infinite number of fictional scenarios that brilliant sci-fi writers like Arthur C. Clarke crank out ad infinitum? The scientific paradigm implies that stars like our Sun are continually being created and extinguished within the ocean of space along with all the other cosmological entities from dark matter and black holes to particles-wave fields and gravity. In The Integral Vision of Reality by the author of 69 books on metaphysics- Ervin Laszlo suggests that eternal space itself is the fundamental matrix from which electromagnetic consciousness along with all its manifest properties arise. Thus an alternative "destination" in my transcendent journey may have been the nearest center of invisible electromagnetic consciousness in an infinite matrix with lumpy consistency. Perhaps to a locality similar to the fictional Photon Belt, a totally discredited concept, that supposedly lay just outside our solar system. At God as Consciousness Without an Object John C. Lilly embraces a feature in the philosophy of Franklin Merrell-Wolff - the culmination of the series is that Consciousness-without-an-object is SPACE.

This is the kind of unwarranted extrapolation of the Samadhi revelations that in the extreme, go beyond the traditional religious scenarios and can lead to invented paradigms that, with precious little evidence, map out derivative metaphysical landscapes which assume to explain not only all paranormal events, but offer "integrative spiritual" definitions of our souls and the nature of God. In light of this, the conclusions I list as a direct result of my revelations in my Samadhi along with my Dual-Nondual Model of Reality, and all my other speculations in this website are presented as pure hypotheses. (Of course this caveat applies to any and all explanations of consciousness regardless of the level of scientific sophistication.)

(As I evolve this discussion (06/06/06) I am discovering that an epistemology which defines both human and universal consciousness in terms of quantum electromagnetic theory featuring photon action has been evolving for many years.)

The Continuity of Consciousness- Pim van Lommel 2003 Chapter: Quantum Mechanics and the Brain A cardiologist, Lommel's extensive hands on research into NDE's offers a quantum mind hypothesis involving DNA and photon field action. "According to Stuart Hameroff and Roger Penrose, microtubules in neurons may process information generated by self-organizing patterns, giving rise to coherent states, and these states could be the explanation of the possibility of experiencing consciousness. Herms Romijn argues that the continuously changing electromagnetic fields of the neuronal networks, which can be considered as a biological quantum coherence phenomenon, possibly could be the elementary "carriers" of consciousness ... [a concept independently arrived at by computer science expert Simon Berkovich] ... Could consciousness and memories be the product or the result of these constantly changing fields of virtual photons? Could these virtual photons be the elementary carriers of consciousness?"

Elisabet Sahtouris- Ph.D. evolution biologist, futurist and author- Earthdance: Living Systems in Evolution in a presentation in At Home In The Universe: a symposium on the developing dialogue between science and religion at the World Parliament of Religions Capetown, South Africa, December 1999 says: "Now we are seeking the key to transposing from the high keys into the world of matter, via electromagnetic energy, through the ZPE field, formerly called the Plenum by the Greeks, the ether by Europeans and the Implicate Order by physicist David Bohm. I participate in many different discussion groups on this subject, mostly with other scientists, all of us asking: "If consciousness is the source of creation, just how does it transmute into our measurable electromagnetic energy? What are the properties of electromagnetic energy that we do not yet understand? What keys lie in the ZPE range?" I said earlier that western science is changing very rapidly now, toward an understanding of nature as alive, self-organizing, intelligent, conscious or sentient and participatory at all levels from subatomic particles and molecules to entire living planets, galaxies and the whole Cosmos, from local human consciousness to Cosmic Consciousness." Elisabet Sahtouris Website

Update: 07 03 07 The synchronicity of how photons function as waves until they interact with matter and the fact that everything our consciousness touches turns to matter suggests a linkage between our consciousness and photons. Add to this the fact that the Copenhagen interpretation proposes that human consciousness is necessary for the collapse of the wave function in a quantum event and it is reasonable to speculate that photons are quanta constituting a panpsychic conscious cosmic matrix. The alleged properties of photons which manifest both wave and particle forms give credence to an understanding of reality which is simultaneously substance (matter) and illusion (maya). While alive our brains orchestrate collapse of the photon wave function to perceive reality as matter. When dead we are unified in the cosmic conscious matrix absent the illusion of a substantive reality. This defines reality as simultaneously two-tiered - a material duality while alive and maya nonduality when dead (or temporarily experiencing Nirvikalpa Samadhi). End Update

All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force ... We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter. [Max Planck]

Leibniz hypothesis of monadology was thought arbitrary, even eccentric, for the past three centuries. Now this as well as many other intellectually or transcendentally inspired concepts once thought outlandish, seem less so, in the light of key notions in contemporary physics such as fields, and the action at a distance and entanglement characterizing quantum mechanics. Given that quantum theory is exponentially growing a body of "scientific" hypotheses about the nature of reality that a decade ago would have been considered pure science fiction, a premis that light along with the entire electromagnetic spectrum is the manifestation of a Conscious Cosmic Matrix is hardly a radical postulate. The more one contemplates the notion- the more it seems that many of the modern paradigms of theoretical physics, biology and science of the mind could be accomodated to support such a hypothesis.

The visionary image of a photon by Jan-Henrik Anderson (below) although fanciful may be a synchronicity for David Bohm's super implicate order and Stanislav Grof's holotropic universe. Imagine its micro wormhole-like feature as a holographic element of a consciousness fractal that is repeated throughout cosmic space- from the Planck scale to the cosmological with my samadhi funnel/tube a manifestation of an astral human-scale, macro wormhole. See Consciousness Wormhole for a discussion with illustrations of this aspect of my nirvikalpa samadhi.

Reality and Consciousness- an online abridgment of book From Science to God - the Mystery of Consciousness and the Meaning of Light by Peter Russell

"Light" is the photon, a particle that has zero mass and charge, travels at a speed where time stops and uses up no energy as it traverses the universe. "Any exchange between two atoms in the universe involves the exchange of photons." This means "every interaction in the material universe is mediated by light...(that) penetrates and interconnects the entire universe." On this basis, Russell concludes that "light" and "consciousness" are parallel; both are absolute and invariant, beyond the material world. He then chooses to call universal consciousness an inner (divine, cosmic, eternal) light. "Instead of matter being primary, and the source of everything we know, including mind; consciousness becomes primary, and the source of everything, including matter, as we know it."

Panpsychism and Consciousness - a scientific discourse on panpsychism: We think the world we see around us is composed of matter- that the stuff of the world is, for the want of a better word, matterstuff. As far as the actual physical reality is concerned, this may be so- uncertain though we may be as to the ultimate nature of this matterstuff. But the world we see around us is not the physical world. The world we actually know, is the world that takes form in our mind. And this world is not made of matterstuff, but mindstuff. Everything we know, perceive, and imagine, every color, sound, sensation, thought, and feeling, is a form that consciousness has taken on. As far as this world is concerned, everything is structured in consciousness.

Light Creating the Universe - WMAP image
The Light of Cosmic Consciousness Creates and Sustains the Phenomenal Universe

We meditate upon that Divine Sun, the true Light of the Shining Ones.
May it illuminate our minds.

The Gayatri Verse of the Vedas

Update: 04_30_2013

I've just read the downloadable Chapter 1 of a yet to be published book by Sutapas Bhattacharya. The Divine Light and the Mystery of Existence Bhattacharya takes us - with a thoroughly justified pro-active Indic-centric vigor - on a scholarly, comprehensive sweep through three millennium of history of how light is the core of all the world's mystical traditions which emminated from India - the cradle of philosophy. These 54 pages are a compendium of intimate perspectives and connections to the subject - of virtually every authoritative source and individual in philosophy, metaphysics and science I've encountered in my integration effort over the past ten years. (maya-gaia)

You might have heard it said that the human body is the temple of the Spirit. Indeed, a Hindu temple is said to symbolize, in its architecture, the so-called subtle body (or etheric or energy body). The most sacred part of the temple is hidden deep within the structure. Beneath the surface of what seems to us most familiar and unassuming, our own consciousness, there lies this greatest secret of human existence which most will not become aware until the final moments of life. This revelation at the moment of death is not one that can usually be transmitted to others. This secret has long been suppressed by Christians and Muslims as it undermines their religious beliefs. Ironically, modern Science, which we shall see is in fact the disaffected child of Christian mythology, also wishes to suppress this greatest of secrets which likewise undermines its fundamental beliefs.

Sutapas Bhattacharya writes: "Having spent 7 years writing my new book The Brainstem Brainwaves of Atman-Brahman: The Synthesis of Science and Spirituality, I just published my website preview that includes the essay The Tacit Racism of Western Academia.. For obvious reasons I am searching for an Indian publisher."

The Oneness/Otherness Mystery By Sutapas Bhattacharya. This is a work about our very existence, about Reality, about the relationship between the individual personality and the cosmos in which that personality exists, showing how the person is a microcosm, a little part of the cosmos, subtly reflecting his `world` however autonomous or independent he may believe he is. See also preview in Google books.

Update 12 15 2018: See The Brainstem Brainwaves of Atman-Brahman: The Synthesis of Science and Spirituality - by Sutapas Bhattacharya, 2015 - with my review.

Sutapas also has alerted me to Ralph Abraham, Professor of Mathematics, U. of CA at Santa Cruz whose prodigious portfolio consists of articles from a highly evolved mind- integrating perspectives from direct experience in pan-disciplinary mysticism and physical, mathematical and consciousness sciences. See also Vibrations and Forms - A remarkable biographical account of the author's experiential evolution in formulating concepts about reality as member of the LSD-tripping, mysticism-questing, diaspora of young American intellectuals who like Baba Ram Dass joined satsang with Neem Karoli Baba in India in the 1970s and lived in a cave as a sadhu. End Update

Links that refer to human and/or cosmic consciousness in terms of electromagnetic fields.

Principles of Quantum Buddhism by Francois Lepine (Quantum Buddhism Association, St-Raymond, Quebec, Canada) Samadhi occurs during deep meditation. Scientifically, in altered states quantum brain activities may become more directly connected with the universal quantum geometry and its collective information. Number 10 of 22 abstracts of papers presented at
Quantum Mind Conference University of Arizona, 2017 by leading scientific theorists for interconnecting consciousness and the physical world. Many of these papers present highly technical science-based theories relating to how our personal consciousness may entangled with a conscious cosmic matrix.

Conscious Entities - discussion of hypothesis put forward by Susan Pockett in her book The Nature of Consciousness. The hypothesis can be briefly stated - 'consciousness is identical with certain spatiotemporal patterns in the electromagnetic field'.

The Tao of Consciousness - Daniel R. Hankins presents The Neurophoton Consciousness Theory describing consciousness as a quantum electromagnetic field resulting from photons in movement. "Consciousness is a product of light. It is pure yang energy. It begins as light; it remains light while interacting within the physical body; and it continues as light when the body dies."

Electromagnetic Theory of Consciousness Overview of theories of J. McFadden, S. Pockett, E. Roy John and Andrew and Alexander Fingelkurts.

The electromagnetic field theory of consciousness (Wikipedia) is a theory that says the electromagnetic field generated by the brain (measurable by ECoG) is the actual carrier of conscious experience. This theory was initially proposed by Susan Pockett, Johnjoe McFadden and E. Roy John. Related is Andrew and Alexander Fingelkurts theory "Operational Architectonics framework of brain-mind functioning". The starting point for these theories is the fact that every time a neuron fires to generate an action potential and a postsynaptic potential in the next neuron down the line, it also generates a disturbance to the surrounding electromagnetic (EM) field. Information coded in neuron firing patterns is therefore reflected into the brain's EM field.

Entangled Minds by Dean Radin, senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Science who implicates recent string theory and quantum entanglement to describe how psi effects may manifest throughout the entire metaphysical spectrum.

Is the Sun Conscious? By Rupert Sheldrake From The Bridging Tree, Vol. 1 No. 1 - Winter, 1997 - 1998. Over the summer solstice of 1997, thirteen people of diverse backgrounds and disciplines met in a secluded valley in the west of England to discuss the consciousness of the Sun. We thought about the Sun's relationship with the other stars. Do stars communicate with each other? Can they do so through gravitational effects and electro-magnetic radiation, not only in the visible range, but through x-rays, radio waves, and particle emissions? Or can they also communicate 'telepathically'? Does the galaxy itself have a mind at a yet higher level, or is it simply a kind of collective consciousness of the individual star-minds within it? If the Sun has habits, like all other living organisms, then these habits will probably be unconscious, as habits usually are. Thus the Sun may have an unconscious mind. And perhaps stars have a collective unconscious.

Involution- An Odyssey Reconciling Science to God by P. A. Rees. Involution is written as an epic poem charting the history of scientific thought. It is, the book maintains, the recovery of memory that has inspired the model science has built of evolution, the collective intellect or what Teilhard de Chardin called the Noosphere. In the process, science has ignored the severing of man’s mind, epitomized by the two hemispheres of his brain and permitted the dominance of the left, when it was the right that truly guided it. Mind and matter are perceived as distinct through this artificial separation of intellect from consciousness. All is consciousness, the field where DNA shapes and is shaped by electromagnetism in its varying forms.

Archives of Quantum-Mind and Does A Photon Possess Consciousness? - Fred H. Thaheld, U of Arizona

The Physics of Collective Consciousness - 1996 paper by Attila Grandpierre Attila Grandpierre, Ph.D. Konkoly Observatory of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Consciousness: Light of the Self by Christopher P. Holmes Ph.D - Dr. Holmes draws from ancient esoteric teachings, modern science and personal experience, to provide a perspective on the mysteries of life, death & everything in between. with a focus on the explorations of human consciousness, physics and metaphysics. Mystical and spiritual teachings equate consciousness most directly with light. The light of consciousness illuminates the psyche and the activities of the mind/body complex, allowing awareness of psychological processes within inner experience. The Self- the spiritual soul- is inherently self-luminous, an element of pure light consciousness. In this vein, Ramana Maharishi refers to the "self-luminous Self," and notes, "I in the heart, it is consciousness." Similarly, Swami Prabhupada explains, this "soul is consciousness and conscious." The divine spark is a quantum of pure light consciousness at the heart of being, an element of God-consciousness, the Inner Self.

Richard P. Feynman - won Noble Prize for pioneering work in Quantum Electrodynamics a relativistic quantum field theory of electromagnetism. QED mathematically describes all phenomena involving electrically charged particles interacting by means of exchange by photons, whether the interaction is between light and matter or between two charged particles.

First Annual ECPD International Workshop on Scientific Bases of Consciousness Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Proceedings edited by Ljubisav Rakic, 1997. The European Centre for Peace and Development (ECPD) of the United Nations University for Peace in 1996 initiated an international scientific project Brain and Consciousness, which will include research, scientific meetings, publishing and organization of postgraduate studies at the specialist, master and doctor levels. Our workshop, with eighteen invited outstanding tutorials published in this proceedings, will be a very good opportunity for those who want to gain in-depth knowledge about current status and future directions of selected critical areas in the extremely wide and intriguing field of consciousness.

Towards a Theory of Consciousness by Dejan Rakovic, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade - Related Papers: Hierarchical neural networks and brainwaves. The only mechanism that can account for the extremely dilated subjective time base in altered states of consciousness is the relativistic biophysical one, if only the "subjective" observer can be associated with an EM field of the ultralowfrequency (ULF) brainwaves which can move through the brain with relativistic velocities, as it was extensively elaborated in our biophysical model of altered states of consciousness. However, it is necessary that complete information (both conscious and unconscious) be permanently coded from neural network to brainwaves, as a spatio-temporal pattern resulting from changes of the synaptic interconnections in the neural networks of the brain. See Also: Brainwaves, neural networks, and ionic structures: Biophysical model for altered states of consciousness, 1996; Prospects for conscious brain-like computers: Biophysical arguments, 1997; Towards a theory of consciousness, 1997; Towards a new/old humanism: Transitional states of consciousness as a clue, 1997; Transitional states of consciousness as a biophysical basis of transpersonal transcendental Phenomena, 2000; On brain's neural networks and brainwaves modeling: Contextual learning and psychotherapeutic implications, 2001; Hopfield-like quantum associative neural networks and (quantum) holistic psychosomatic implications,2002; Tesla and quantum-coherent states of consciousness: Case study for understanding quantum-holographic nature of creativity.2006; Scientific bases of quantum-holographic paradigm, 2007; Macroscopic quantum effects in biophysics and consciousness, 2007.

A Physics of Consciousness, PSI and Survival by James E. Beichler, Ph.D - Publication rejected by the JSPR 09/21/2014 Abstract: While the psychical sciences and parapsychology have languished over the decades and failed to produce a viable theoretical basis for their observations, great strides have been made in the neurosciences especially in the areas of neurophysiology and neurophysics. The object of these researches goes beyond just discovering how the brain functions, but to actually discover the neural correlates of mind and consciousness. Understanding how brain and consciousness relate to one another has opened a new door to understanding psi and how consciousness survives death. (See also other research by author)

Tesla and Quantum-Coherent States of Consciousness: Case Study for Understanding Nature of Creativity by Dejan Rakovic.

Electromagnetic Theories of Consciousness from wapedia: The electromagnetic field theory of consciousness is a theory that says the electromagnetic field generated by the brain (measurable by ECoG) is the actual carrier of conscious experience. This theory was initially proposed by Susan Pockett, Johnjoe McFadden and E. Roy John. Related is Andrew and Alexander Fingelkurts theory "Operational Architectonics framework of brain-mind functioning".

Electromagnetic Consciousness - article in Wired Magazine Johnjoe McFadden, author of Quantum Evolution, argues that human consciousness is actually the brain's electromagnetic field interacting with its circuitry.

The Conscious Electromagnetic Field Theory - J McFadden. Synchronous firing and its influence on the brain's electromagnetic field: evidence for an electromagnetic theory of consciousness.

Quantum Physics in Consciousness Studies by Dirk K. F. Meijer and Simon Raggett Review/Literature compilation: The Quantum Mind Extended Contents: Introduction in Quantum aspects of brain function, p 1-19 Quantum approaches to neurobiology: state of art, p 19-31 David Bohm: Wholeness and the implicate order, p 30-39 Henry Stapp: Attention, intention and quantum coherence, p 39-44 Roger Penrose: Consciousness and the geometry of universe, p 45-54 Stuart Hameroff: Objective reduction in brain tubules, p 55-68 and a dozen other researchers in quantum consciousness.

Quantum Physics / Quantum Theory - holistic reality philosophical site- Uniting Metaphysics, Philosophy, and Physics from One Thing, Absolute Space and the Spherical Standing Wave Structure of Matter.

Our Undiscovered Universe by Terence Witt- Introducing Null Physics- The Science of Uniform and Unconditional Reality. Controversial TOE. Positive review: Physicists teaching next generations of physicists have in-bred narrow minded views and instituted a state of 'blind dogma', that is a typical cycle of the fundamental sciences (physics being the worst for it). This text is written by someone outside of the Physics fraternity itself, yet with the benefit of a PhD level science and engineering background. It is for the very reason of being "outside looking in", that a fresh and unbridled view of physics' accepted axioms is presented with logical and thorough reasoning, and in some facets outright rebuttals from current accepted truths. Skeptical forum - thread discussion with author Terry Witt- with skeptics.

Is God Electromagnetic? Thread in Sciforums. In his fantastic book, Spiritual Universe , Fred Alan Wolf makes a most interesting analogy. He states the similarities between the force acting on our souls through matter, just like the force between two magnets. Thinking like this allows us to envision consciousness and the soul in some weird and wonderful ways. We have already seen that consciousness might be a by-product of gravity on a very small level, but what about the electromagnetic forces? If so, i find myself asking some rather strange questions... concerning thought and emotions.
''Is this how we connect to God... through electromagnetic waves?''
''Is the sea of consciousness split through electromagnetic influences?''
''Is God electromagnetic?''

Endogenous Light Nexus Theory Of Consciousness by Karl Simanonok Ph.D., 2008 Abstract: Evidence is presented for existing and hypothetical structures and functions which 'bridge the explanatory gap' to mechanistically explain how individual consciousnesses could be derived from a higher (God) consciousness through an interface created in the brain by endogenous (emitted from within) light. It is hypothesized that photons emitted from cells in the brain are guided to the surfaces of the brain's fluid-filled ventricular spaces, where the photons interact with beating cilia lining those ventricles and are guided by the beat timing to form interference patterns in the ventricular spaces, creating an interface (a nexus) through which a tiny portion of the "light of God" is able to animate the corpus.

Quantum Collapse, Consciousness and Superluminal Communication - Chinese paper assumes that human consciousness is the observer in a photon wave/particle duality experiment.

A Path of Light and Levity- - could provide a transitional outline for developing a rational hypothesis of electromagnetic fields as the fundamental stuff of reality. One of 12 books by Hyatt Carter on scientific and metaphysical thought. (m-g comment: As a counselor in emergent philosophy and Religious Science Carter's Science of Mind promotes a doctrine which includes many issues such as the the nature of God about which I have no opinion.)

Light - A 'Definitely So' Story by Ramon 'Ray' Sender- "What lies beyond in space, in the center of the galaxy, or before time within that primal moment when the universe exploded into being, I can only conjure up in my imaginings. But my senses, my daily experience, tell me that the light-bringer from which mankind abstracts their multitude of notions of the deity is visible in the sky above, perceivable to all living things every day of their lives and, according to my observations, acknowledged as such by all creatures -- except we humans."

Grand unified Theory Wave theory The TOE of Dr Chaim H. Tejman. "The photon, despite it being the most fundamental expression of energetic matter (a virtual one), is a unique and sophisticated formation which has an infinite number of forms beyond our imagination, and is currently only starting to be investigated." (m-g comment: Dr Tejman's website is no longer online -Needless to say I have no opinion as to the credibility of his TOE.)

The Size and Structure of the Universe According to the Bible and (Sic) Non-Theoretical Science by Marshall and Bonnie Hall - A polemic based on biblical contradictions to various aspects of contemporary cosmological science. Example: More Unyielding Evidence of Flagrant Deceptions In The Measurement of Star Distances (m-g comment: Needless to say I am highly skeptical as to the credibility of this TOE.)

Ketamine and NDE The original paper by Dr Karl L.R. Jansen claiming to debunk the spiritual nature of NDEs and attributing all the typical factors to chemical changes in brain neororeceptors. However Dr. Jansen's own shifting perspective on his ketamine-NDE analogy has been notable. He has since acknowledged that ketamine may in fact be one particularly powerful trigger of authentic spiritual experiences - of which near-death may be another and his present position appears closer to thinkers like Daniel Pinchbeck and others like Carl Jung, Ken Wilber and Stanislav Grof.

Human Knowledge Brian Holtz 2002-2009 This living hypertext is a systematic summary of the knowledge attained by human civilization. For each subdivision of human knowledge, the text identifies its fundamental concepts, principles, mysteries, and misunderstandings. This text aims to assert humanity's analyses and theories that are most valid (i.e. convincing and defensible, as opposed to merely logically well-formed). Potentially contentious assertions are those sympathetic to ontological materialism, epistemological empiricism and positivism, mental functionalism, theological atheism, axiological extropianism, political libertarianism, economic capitalism, constitutional federalism, biological evolutionism, and technological optimism. (m-g commentary: an example of how an impressive intellect (compare to Richard Dawkins) can create an immense body of knowledge with magnificent scale and scope- yet treat perennial metaphysical enigma as having no epistemological value. When one's worldview is treated with ontological materialism, epistemological empiricism and theological atheism the intellectual bias simply cannot allow a transcendent reality to be revealed...with some psychological analogy to hysterical blindness.)

Defining two classes of materialist or physicalism bias: Traditional/naive materialism is the belief that there is a material world and that that is the only ontological realm which exists. Modern materialism is the belief that all patterns of connection and influence can be reduced to physical patterns of connection and influence - that physical determinism is necessarily true. Either protocol rejects any and all reality to theistic, metaphysical, paranormal, numinous or transcendent epiphenomena while even more ephemeral topics such as dark energy, wormholes and god particles are respected as visionary knowledge since they are evolved from the physicalist continuum of theoretical physics. Meanwhile- the entire subject of consciousness is cast into limbo.

This then is the message which we have heard of Him, and declare
unto you, that God is Light, and in him is no darkness at all.

1st Epistle of John (1:5) And here's an interesting paragraph from Authur Young which I think accurately summarizes what I've been saying...

'Young sees the photon as the entry point for consciousness into the universe. The reason for this is that the photon's apparent uncertainty cannot be distinguished from the photon having freedom, choice, and/or freewill- Christian de Quincey . Young's conclusion that the photon possesses choice is achieved through rational thought, "If velocity is the derivative of position with respect to time, and acceleration is the derivative of velocity what is the derivative of acceleration?", the third derivative is control (de Quincey). Science clearly accepts the first two derivatives. Yet, when it comes to acknowledging the logical third derivative, control, inquiry ceases. Why? Because this would undeniably mean that the photon (a unique subatomic "particle") is conscious! Thus, Arthur Young postulates a credible cosmology in which the quantum is consciousness. And, it is solidly established upon rational deduction.'

All things by immortal power,
Near and Far
To each other linked are,
That thou canst not stir a flower
Without troubling of a star.

Francis Thompson

So far this discussion has managed to stay within the bounds of consciousness fringe-science but the feature in my account I discuss here makes a quantum leap into the ultimate implicate order.
More Resources for Exploring Consciousness and Electromagnetism
Relative distance from belief in Cosmic Consciousness

Diagram of relative distance various schools of thought/belief are from accepting the notion of a Cosmic Consciousness (Brahman) whose immanence is manifested in all of nature and whose transcendent nature beyond light, bliss and love presents an eternal mystery.


Examples of ancient civilizations whose religion featured solar and celestial deities:
Sumerian, Upanishad, Hindu, Egyptian, Zoroastrian, Greek, Maya, Norse

Also interjecting in any tidy paradigm that assumes light and other electromagnetic sources of energy and even all the visable celestiai objects are the major players in the makeup of reality are the recent revelations concerning the presence of dark matter and dark energy. While presently mainly a theoretical concept, the implications hold a profound potential for defining the nature of a meta reality.

Mining for Dark Matter Deep inside a Minnesota mountain, physicists are hunting down the universe's missing ingredient. Discover Magazine by Guy Gugliotta, May, 2007. In the late 1990s the pioneering space mission called the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) delivered the first accurate account of the makeup of the universe - an answer that was exceedingly strange. Dark energy makes up 73 percent of the universe, dark matter another 23 percent. Atomic matter - everything around us and everything astronomers have ever detected - accounts for just 4 percent. Presently both American and European research programs are being conducted in the deepest abandoned mine shafts with the goal of detecting fundamental weakly interacting massive particles or WIMPS. Detecting WIMPs - Nuclear Recoil Objects Detecting WIMPs - Nuclear Recoil Objects What makes WIMPS the most attractive for evidence of dark matter is that their existence would elegantly resolve the missing mass problem but also a shortcoming in the standard model of particle physics. The practical value of finding dark matter would probably be minimal but the implication for philosophy of science would be mind-boggling. (m-g comment: Needless to say it would also prove a challenge for integration into a coherent ontological model of reality.)

Dark Energy Chronicles Are there any cosmological metaphors in Upanishads or other bodies of sacred Vedic or non dual texts or in the phenomenological or ontology of contemporary philosophers for integrating theories of dark energy that suggest a science/spirituality synthesis? An exploration of dark matter and energy from perspectives of science, quantum mechanics, consciousness and ontology.

Update 5/20/2012: Dark Matter Where Art Thou? Science News, May 2012. So far, no Earth-based experiment to capture WIMPs has confirmed a detection. End Update