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Note:My Anthropic Trilogy web-book, evolving since 1997, is a chronicle of my passing all considered opinion
through the lens of my Nirvikalpa Samadhi with both an open-mind and healthy skepticism.

Thinking About Having Your Very Own Tantra Transcendence?

It can happen to anyone but it probably won't....Why?

1. You're not old enough. In order to experience a state of absolute no desire- even for a moment- you have to have built up a burning desire for a highly individualized ultimate pleasure model. Since sex is our most powerful agent for pleasure, this means being sexually frustrated at least into middle age- from not achieving all those personal proclivities that combine to define your total sexual fantasy. This means you have to had your heart eaten out for many years from being deprived of even having the prospect of your fantasy ever being satisfied. Proclivities are not merely physical components but psychological and emotional so that for instance feelings of love may be an essential aspect of the ideal. If religion or spirituality have touched your psyche this too can be a part of your model.

As each generation becomes more permissive, youths find sex and sex-enhancing drugs more accessible which can produce early burn-out and probably corrupts the historic pattern which endowed middle-aged folks with an archive of sexual frustration and made them candidates for achieving a once-in-a-lifetime ecstasy which when fulfilled can lead to a momentary state of absolute desirelessness. The ancient rites of the Greek mysteries undoubtedly involved sacred sexual ritual and were reserved for the middle-aged for this reason.

2. You can't buy it. At the time Tantric principles were evolving in Upanishad India and later in Tibet and at other times and places in the world, sectarian communities arose which embraced the concept that sex was a legitimate component of spiritualism- a notion historically condemned by many "civilized" societies. Back then- The monks and spiritual aspirants would go through a series of ritual ceremonies working with a dakini, or God-woman. Mostly these were young women who had been prepared from childhood to serve in these rituals without any personal involvement or clinging to the sensual aspect of the ritual. Sons, daughters and whole orchestras were often spiritually motivated to fulfill the desires of initiates who paid for once-in-a-lifetime ritual in the temple sanctuary. In the view of contemporary establishment morality not only in the U.S. but in India and China where Tantric and Daoist sexual spirituality originated, the practice of classical forms of Vamacara or Kaula Tantra are considered pornographic, pedophilic and technically illegal. Today wild and ambitious boys and girls are as available as ever but to purchase a partner that fulfills a desire to be loved or is motivated by a shared spiritual ideal is unlikely at any price. This means one has to connect almost miraculously with the ideal partner through the ordinary social intercourse of one's life- and for all aspects of the relationship to unfold in precisely the manner which builds to a spontaneous moment of supreme ecstasy.

Party time in the good old days of the Mughals.

3. You already have too much information. Expectations create many pitfalls and in the information age, anyone can access the last shred of data available on any topic. I suspect that both the incidence and landscape of a spontaneous transcendence are effected by the degree of naiveté of the experiencer and that by trying to accomplish or even simply expecting something to happen will prove to be an impediment to the spontaneity. Thus the oft quoted yoga admonition about not "grasping"- striving to "achieve" enlightenment- the Catch 22 in meditative practice is a major reason that following a path to transcendence (samadhi) via practice of yogic meditation is long, arduous and often unfulfilled. A primary reason the secrets of Tantra and the Eleusinian Mysteries have been kept over millennia (anyone who revealed them was condemned to death) was to preserve the naiveté of initiates to insure that the sacred rites arrived as revelations of previously unrealized mystery.

4. The Third Secret of Tantra After building a historic archive of aching desire and establishing a relationship with a partner who can satisfy your every proclivity, there is one factor remaining to attain the Tantric experience.

Links on Tantra, Kundalini and Vedism- Primarily scholarly resources, wary of the Orientology resulting from Western interpretations which along with more recent New Age models, present Tantra as a kind of Kama Sutra yoga- however much of the scholarly work represent various historic sectarian biases which have evolved highly doctrinaire and moralistic principles or in the case of Kundalini, practices that are risky for initiates to take on without qualified supervision.

Self Analysis A brief autobiography that may explain my social dysfunction and psycho-sexual immaturity.



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