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Note:My Anthropic Trilogy web-book, evolving since 1997, is a chronicle of my passing all considered opinion
through the lens of my Nirvikalpa Samadhi with both an open-mind and healthy skepticism.

Mutually psychic compulsion draws two strangers together to a meeting whereapon they experience simultaneous samadhi. The uncertain interpersonal consequences of their experience.

This chapter provides some perspective on the presumption that relationships that seemed to be made in heaven- due to their involvement with authentic transcendent experiences- are just as vulnerable to the vagaries caused by our human natures as those that evolve without such mystical intervention- that your choices and free-will continue to shape your fate and that having a Samadhi does not guarantee that you become a beautiful person or that your life thereafter will go swimmingly.

In the case of my own transcendent episode- triggered by my ecstatic climax in a lovemaking session with my girlfriend- Patti did not share any of the mystical state I experienced. From that time on- our relationship simply evolved from a relatively loving one over the next three years living together in N. Carolina to a breakup over a variety of issues, primarily- my unenlightened promiscuity. In that respect, although I was imbued with a profound concern and compassion for the Gaia ecosystem, I felt humankind was evolving into a cancerous component and required a radical transformation to become benign. I never developed an empathy with the Buddhist notion that enlightenment necessarily imbued a compassion for all humankind or that it led to one living a life of love, respect and consideration even towards significant others- an attitude- in respect to significant others- that I have lived to deeply regret.

A much more telling example of the uncertainty of how transcendence can effect interpersonal relationships is the story of Terry X.

Terry was a brilliant research associate at the U. of Miami Marine Laboratory who had no academic science degree but due to his fertile imagination had achieved a position of some rank in the scientific hierarchy in the department of oceanography. About half a year after having my experience- we briefly got into a conversation about the topic of transcendence after I had described my mystical experience to Terryhe confided in me a remarkable mystical episode that he had experienced around the same time as mine.

Update 11 20 2013: In my samadhi chronicles it's essential that I maintain truthfulness in every aspect that I have control over. In an example of how the Internet can subject all kinds of claims to scrutiny by it's worldwide audience - I recently received hard evidencence that although Terry did share a mystical vision with a lady he knew only casually - the scenario as to how it took place is a complete fabrication. As to the nature of their mystical vision - although authentically mystical (it did apparently compell the couple to shatter their married lives) Terry's claim that the scenario bore any resemblence to my classical nirvikalpa samadhi was also untruthful. All the other content in this page is in it's Update 03/24/06 form. End Update

Terry's Account
During his usual routine at his office- he inexplicably started to have recurrent episodes of impulsive thoughts about going to the Fairchild Tropical Gardens- a sprawling complex of arboretums and grounds famous for its world-class collection of tropical plants. He had no particular connection to the place so he simply ignored the impulses. After three successive days of these episodes they finally became compulsive and he decided to take a trip out to the Gardens during his lunch break. When he arrived at the entrance, instead of going inside the complex he simply hung around outside to gather his impressions. After a few minutes he noticed that a young woman seemed also to waiting for someone in the area on the opposite side of the entrance. Following a hunch, he approached her and asked her frankly why she was hanging around outside the Gardens. She seemed friendly and answered that over the past few days she simply had an inexplicable impulse to come to the Gardens- a locations she had no particular association with and finally decided to come here and see what developed. With that- the two looked into each other's eyes and as they stood facing each other- went into simultaneous Samadhi. After a period of time their two consciousnesses re-constituted and reentered the here and now and knew they had somehow been mystically soul-mated. There was no equivocation about whether this was a fact but how to deal with the reality of Terry with a wife and two kids and the woman's husband and four children. At the time Terry was telling me the story, the families were struggling to synthesize a common interrelationship with the purpose of effecting a compatible switching of significant and sexual partners.

This was as far as my access to a first-hand account of Terry's story goes and it was some two years later that I had learned via one of Terry's close friends that the two families had made the switch but finally broke apart as a united family- with the kids staying with their respective mothers. Terry and his spiritual mate moved to his homeland in the UK where they each wrote separate books describing their shared transcendent experience- hers from a intuitive, spiritual perspective and his from a more scientific, quantum consciousness-type viewpoint. Apparently both continued to have various kinds of transpersonal experiences and in Terry's case these increasingly involved supernatural but helpful entities.

My next opportunity to pick up on Terry's story came a few years later when my next door neighbor (I had returned from N. Carolina to live back in Miami) had hired a guy to do some yard work. Much to my surprise the transient guy turned out to be Terry- and we had an hour-long, somewhat awkward session together in which he revealed how tragically his life had evolved. He had broken up with his mystical mate in the UK- returned to Miami, was presently living doing odd jobs with no permanent address and was now plagued by demonic entities. I was filled with compassion and offered to try a on-the-spot, informal exorcism. He was agreeable and I embraced him and mentally exhorted his demons- challenging them to leave him and migrate into my person. At the time, I was absolutely fearless about vanquishing any demon that I was confronted with based on my experience with the church hit-man back at Duke U. After a few minutes of intense effort at exorcism, I released Terry- who seemed appreciative of my efforts but showed no immediate signs that any change had occurred nor did I receive any tangible evidence that I had become inhabited. We soon parted and that was the last time (around 1976) I had any connection with Terry or chance to learn of his fate.

Update 2010: Through a guy who had been associate with Terry at the Marine Lab I learned thay Terry was now living over on Florida's West coast I think around Clearwater and was making a living installing lawn spinkling systems- but had no mew information that advanced the narrative regarding his or his ex-soulmate's mystical history.

I will try to surf the internet and email one person who I am still in touch with who may shed more light on Terry and/or the books that were written by the couple. If anyone can provide any related information- please email Maya-Gaia.


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