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Originating on GeoCities in 1996- then acquired by Yahoo who closed down hosting Oct. 28, 2009 - the Maya-Gaia web pages have all happily relocated to Angelfire Hosting

Note: The Maya-Gaia website is a chronicle of my passing all considered opinion
through the lens of my Nirvikalpa Samadhi with both an open-mind and healthy skepticism.

The Maya-Gaia website (begun in 1996 at GeoCities) is a chronicle of my efforts to integrate a spontaneous transcendent experience which I had back in 1970. At the time, I was almost completely naive regarding philosophy, religion, metaphysics or mystical, spiritual, or paranormal phenomena of any kind but the experience started my search for explanation that is still ongoing. My journey can best be shared by those with critical thinking temperaments that balance a healthy skepticism with an open mind as my itinerary through the various disciplines of religion, metaphysics, and science is an intellectual minefield of controversy, contradiction and fantasy. Starting my journey as an agnostic, I easily ignored the dogmas of the prophetic religions but discovered my major challenge was in applying this balanced approach to the reductionist, materialist, scientific viewpoint and that of open-ended, new-age spiritualism. Fortunately a synthesis is evolving from new physics, quantum consciousness and metaphysical concepts derived from the nondual traditions and the revelation from my own experience that suggests a deist, rational-based meta paradigm for the nature of reality. In 2001, I created a website- Cosmic Consciousness exploring this topic. The original Maya Gaia pages present what insights my transcendent experience inspired and in subsequent content added since 2006- tentative concepts about its reality as an ultimate Nirvikalpa Samadhi- based on both historical Vedantic, Buddhist and Tao sources and the accelerating expansion of the universe of information on the internet from which I've selected resources to serve as my personal library. I've presented links to many of the arguments and resources that challenged me to choose pro, con and maybe- for compiling a model of reality that seems most plausible to me at the moment, so the reader can make up their own mind regarding various issues. A caveat in regards to whatever brilliant insights appear in my pages is that they are derivative from more advanced intellect of others- and simply passed thru the lens-of-verity of my Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

Bringing a Transcendent Revelation Into a Gaia Perspective

Gaia Manifest of Transcendent Immanence My major mission has become to try to bring my revelations into the context of a Brahman/Gaian Paradigm as my Nirvikalpa Samadhi experience triggered a slow metamorphous that has evolved over the past thirty-five years, to finally making the Gaian ethos my imperative. I am totally dedicated to supporting Gaia- conceived not as an anthropomorphic goddess but as the totality of nature- life, matter and cosmic energy as immanent manifest of a transcendent cosmic consciousness.

A Flash Slideshow Evoking the Awe of Evolution-Creation

Evolution-Involution Slideshow Collage

Evolution-Involution Slideshow Introduction to a pictorial slide show for contemplating the past lives in our hominid phylogeny back to the Big Bang and beyond- with glimpses of some of the concurrent perils and mass extinctions we had to survive at various stages of our evolution.
Big Bang Involution Contemplation Evolution Involution Slideshow 2 An optional slideshow presentation via HTML5 slider.
Evolution-Involution Slideshow References Resources for study of the Evolution-Involution Slideshow.

More Pages Concerning Biogenic Evolution and Cosmic Creation

Journey of Man We examine some controversies in the story told by a leading population geneticist about humankind's history over the last 50 thousand years by tracing markers on the Y-chromosomes of extant populations. PBS Documentary, 2003, hosted by Spencer Wells, director of the Genographic Project from National Geographic.
Genographic Image Map Genographic map presenting migration patterns of the African diaspora of prehistoric Homo sapiens sapiens (behaviorally modern humans) starting 50 thousand years ago, with photo albums of modern descendants of the earliest populations.
Human Family Tree National Geographic DVD documents the results of sampling - on a single day on a single street, in a racially diverse neighborhood in Queens, NY - the DNA of just a couple of hundred random people to create a live, dynamic genographic map of their ancestry back to their shared African origins. Excerpts highlight the immediate plight of the Hadzabe - likely descendants of the prehistoric population who actually left Africa and are ancestors of every human living on the planet today.
Denisovan Radiation Exploring the possibility that Luzia, (name of the 11 KYO fossil remains of a female Homo sapiens, one of a group with anomalous cranial features found in the Lagoa Santa region in Brazil) may represent the first amerindians - neolithic austro-melanesians whose paleolithic ancestors interbred with Denisovan hominins 50 KYO.
An Exploration of Our Hominoid - Hominid Evolution In the Miocene (23-5.3 Ma) a most dynamic epoch both in terms of geological and climatic transformation and that of the scale and scope of our hominoid evolution and dispersal. Aside the range of geophysical interpretation as to how and when Africa connected to Eurasia and how the Tethys Sea was configured - major phylogenic uncertainties arise over which species may be in our Homo ancestral lineage and whether the transformation from hominoid to hominid occurred in Asia, Europe or Africa.
Miocene Hominoid Dispersal Map An interactive map with icons showing location of 27 hominoid species that link to their descriptions and more references.
Big Bang Involution Exploring the implications of Big Bang and biological evolutionary theory and potential for a slide show to provide a vizualization to reinforce the metaphysical contemplation of their reality.
Birth of Religion 11,600 years ago, at Göbekli Tepe, hunter-gatherer's urge to worship and build monumental stone temples gave birth to organized religion and likely triggered the Neolithic Revolution - the spark that led to argriculture, plant and animal domestication, permanent settlements and the catastrophe of civilization.
Theosophical Synthesis Presenting resources to explore issues in the tension between science/spirituality and evolution/creation and to examine possibilities for finding common ground and synthesis.
Anthropic Synchronicity Examining Anthropic Synchronicity- as a phylogeny of a living universal matrix - a Meta-Gaia - its myriad features each an essential element in the cosmogenic function of an evolutionary continuum that gave birth to a lifeform with the level of intelligence we humans are imbued with. Have I been led intuitively to this ultimate realization of what my acronym Maya-Gaia infers...that Maya refers to the totality of the perceived and unperceivable universe as imagined by our consciousness and that Gaia is the immanent manifestation of that transcendent body?
Animal-People Continuum Overview of origins and co-evolution.

Cosmic Consciousness Is Science Closing In?
An overview examination of the scientific evidence for the notion that our consciousness is a continuum of a conscious cosmic matrix and some of the controversy it has generated.

YouTube Videos

PRM - original video created 2011 Primordial Rhythm Meditation Video The first of my series of Primordial Rhythm Meditation YouTube videos - created back in 2011 - taken offline by me in 2014 but brought back online again in 2018 to chronicle the evolution of my PRM practice.

Update 09 15 2013: I've added Primordial Rhythm Meditation Part 4 video on youtube where Kelsey demonstrates her beginning a practice of PRM. End Update

Update 02 12 2017: Primordial Rhythm Meditation - Update - An update few years later that shows some variations in my drumming modality in my continuing evolution.

Update 05 24 2017: Primordial Rhythm Meditation Update - Part 2 - An update just a few months after my previous update but featuring a rather dramatic change in how I employ a minimal energy in my drumming that still evokes the voice of the water within the range of the average heart beat tempos. Our mindfulness meditation as we follow the water's voice transforms to a state of mindlessness/no thought/no cognition replicating our state of consciousness as embryos in our mother's womb when our sentient awareness consisted wholly of her heart rhythm.

Hillery demonstrates her beginning PRM Update 09 15 2017: Primordial Rhythm Meditation - with Hillery A presentation by Hillery of her beginning exploration of Primordial Rhythm Meditation.

Update 09 18 2017: Primordial Rhythm Meditation Update - Part 3 An update to the ongoing evolution of my PRM practice in which I occasionally drift into mindfulness on becoming nataraja and simulate his/her lightly dancing on the body of my drum with my two fingers to a heart beat tempo - following the voice of the water to a state of mindlessness.

Title Screen for Primordial Rhythm Meditation - Update 5 Update 03 08 2018: Primordial Rhythm Meditation - Update 5 - documentary youtube video. An update on over six years of practice that features the optimum drumming tempo and minimal energy for evoking the voice of the water (that I associate with communion with my ancestors and supreme spirit) and a mindful visualization of myself as Nataraja - drifting off into states of conscious mindlessness.

Title Screen for Primordial Rhythm Meditation - Update 6 Update 04 17 2018: Primordial Rhythm Meditation
- Update 6
- A documentation of a culmination in my PRM practice - where I use a truly minimal energy in drumming to evoke the voice of the water.

Primordial Rhythm Meditation - Water Drum Primordial Rhythm Meditation - Water Drum Tips for finding a container for an improvised water drum for your PRM practice that can evoke the voice of the water with minimal energy.

Recumbent Trike Safety Tips A youtube video illustrating my recent envolvement (2014) in riding a Sun EZ-3 SX delta recumbent tricycle.

Recumbent Trike Safety Tips - Part 2 demonstrating additional visual safety features retrofitted to the Sun EZ-3 SX delta recumbent tricycle

Recumbent Trike Safety Tips - Part 3 presenting Trike-Cam views of rider POV of daily ride on Sun EZ-3 SX delta recumbent trike to the library and shops in my neighborhood - highlighting typical safety alerts.

Recumbent Trike Safety Tips - Part 4 Evening meditation ride on Sun EZ-3 SX recumbent trike - nature - sunsets - night return - Trike-Cam POV. An integration of Primordial Rhythm Meditation and my recumbent tricycle journey.

Sitemap for all other Maya-Gaia pages.

Pages relocated to this maya-gaia.angelfire.com site.

Mystical Experience- A reprint of booklet published in 1972, documenting a spontaneous transcendent episode which I experienced two years earlier. It presents an anecdotal account of what I later learned is commonly associated with a Neo Tantra yoga scenario where sexual union culminated (for me but not my partner) in a supreme transcendence- a Nirvikalpa Samadhi. In my case however the event occurred in an environment devoid of any religious symbolism, belief or significance as we were an agnostic couple in a significant relationship and simply intent on "making love".
Samadhi Animated Flash An animated Flash portrayal of the moment in my samadhi journey when the energy stream transported me (still in a state of conscious duality) far beyond the gatekeeper and I seemed arrived in limbo. Suddenly, a blazing pure-white light - brighter than a welders arc - appeared at my feet and began a steady course up my body - annihilating my substance.
Samadhi Return Animated Gif An animated gif of a slow-mo portrayal of the moment in returning from my nirvikalpa non-dual episode (now back in a state of conscious duality) when the energy stream injected me into a funnel opening to an astral cord connected to the top of the head of a disassociated body - some 30 or so feet below.
Ancestry Dreams After an intense day-long session using the ancestry.com genealogy search-engine to track my ancestors from 19th and 18th century Kentucky and Tennessee to their 17th Century Roots in Germany - that night my dreams engulfed me in a possession-like, palpable Life/Death Struggle to Defeat Satan.
Atheism Politics An examination of the threat militant atheism and secular humanist fundamentalism pose to our republic under the expedient "faith" of the Obama administration- with further reading on atheism, deism, pantheism, panentheism, etc.
Existential Politics How the "Trump derangement syndrome" has metastasized in the pre-2020 ideology of the Democratic Party - abetted by mainstream media - to pose an existential threat to the national and international character and security of our republic. Also includes an archived account about the Dem's (during and post Obama administration) and mainstream media allies manufacturing false narratives to advance their ideological agenda to transform America into a socialistic state.
Brainstem Brainwaves Atman Brahman The Synthesis of Science and Spirituality by Sutapas Bhattacharya - My review of the landmark guide that displaces the materialist/physicalist approach to reality with a holistic metaparadigm integrating Vedic ontology, new science and the light of universal consciousness.
Links Cosmic Consciousness - Selected resources for the epistemological and ontological examination of Cosmic Consciousness and the notion that reality is composed of a conscious matrix from integral perspectives of new physics, biophysics, metaphysics and science of the mind.
Advaita Experience maya-gaia notes on Abhishiktananda's Non-Monistic Advaitic Experience a thesis on the Advaitic (non dual samadhi) by John Glenn Friesen - presenting excerpts from Page 1 of 5 PDF Pages with commentaries by maya-gaia.
Arguing Reality Approaches to the questions of- What is Reality, enlightenment and consciousness?- from physicalism and the reflexive model to trans-consciousness theories.
Belief Knowledge Knowing Notes on evaluating credibility of Epistemology, Empericism, Phenomenology, Heuristics, Samadhi.
Bimini Road Hoax An update- March, 2008 by Eugene Shinn.
Bug Bites An account of my being bitten in my sleep over a three-month period by a mysterious bug- finally discovered.
Conscious Survival Links to Opinions Regarding Consciousness Survival and Near Death Experience. Is there a rational argument to support belief in a Nondual Conscious Immortality? Who are the KNOWERS of ultimate non duality and DEATH? Is every occult and paranormal experience or NDE an insight to some aspect of the realm of the unseen and unknowable or are the ultimate episodes of Samadhi, Satori, Moksha, Gnosis the only clear experience of a cosmic consciousness?
China Existential Chronicles Documenting the transformative events and effects particularly on the U.S. from the Dec. 2020 onset of the Chinese coronavirus infection spreading to a world-wide pandemic. Features plans for a DIY snorkel respirator facial-hair-challenged guys, provides updates on USA status and China/US confrontation.
Climate Change and the Population Bomb The current maturation of the existential threat to all life on Earth by man-caused climate change and overpopulation is a grim reality that present and future generations will increasingly suffer. I'm presenting a list of resources that helped me understand the inevitability of this debilitating evolutionary process. Even in the unlikely event of a spontaneous global awakening arising in the next few years to try to stop the effects - the inertia of Earth is like the Titanic trying to steer clear of the iceberg.
Conscious Cosmology Mike Adams examines the new evidence at CERN for the Higgs Boson field in the context of mainstream science's blind eye to individual and cosmological consciousness and the possibility that intention plays a role in what science discovers.
Cosmic Model Phenomenological evidence from my transcendent journey that supports the notion that electromagnetic wave action that fills universal space and its entanglement with our neurophoton fields may be the fundamental manifestation of a Conscious Cosmic Matrix.
Credibility Hawking God a detailed examination of Stephen Hawking's latest pronouncements in regards to God from his 2010 book The Grand Design and the August 08 2011, Discovery Channel/BBC airing of the first show in their Curiosity series entitled Did God Create the Universe?
Credibility Meditation States of Mind Exploring contrasting states of mind among jnana and bahakti meditative practices and shamanic transcendent journeying.
Credibility New Age To what degree are New Age precepts and paradigms plausible, rational or credible?
Credibility of Prayer How strong is the evidence that prayer can be answered? Can it ever be established that prayer has evoked divine intervention to effect the course of events or beyond coincidence- is synchronicity as close as we can come to explain blessed outcomes.
Credibility of Siddhis An examination of siddhis- the supernatural powers allegedly manifested by legendary Arhats, mahasattvas and Tathagata and claimed to various degree by some of the most revered rishis as well as certain modern day yogin and gurus and the relation to shamanism and hallucinogenic drugs.
Credibility Transcendent Revelation What criteria apply to the credibility of transcendent revelation and what are the comparisons between NDEs, the bardo, numinous conscious-duality and non-dual consciousness of Nirvikalpa Samadhi?
Credibility of Transcendence Revelations- References Links to resources relating to credibility of transcendent episodes, NDEs and samadhi.
Credibility Yoga Is skepticism warranted that Hindu yoga and Buddhist dhyana meditation can result in realization anywhere comparable to a transcendently orchestrated experience of Nirvikalpa Samadhi or is their value solely in their potential to provide insight in the integration of such an episode should it incidentally occur through grace?
Dark Energy Chronicles Are there any cosmological metaphors in Upanishads or other bodies of sacred Vedic or non dual texts or in the phenomenological or ontology of contemporary philosophers for integrating theories of dark energy that suggest a science/spirituality synthesis? An exploration of dark matter and energy from perspectives of science, quantum mechanics, consciousness and ontology.
Do-It-Yourself Tantra Attaining a transcendent experience via a Neo Tantric regimen (or tantra for Dummies)- spontaneity may be a key.
Dual Nondual Model Concurrent, Two-Tier, Dual-Nondual, 200 Percent; heuristic metaphysical Model of Reality that manifests a living relationship in duality with God within Advaita's ultimate nondual state of Brahman and Buddhism's Void. I had every expectation that the result would be something that conformed to a particular non dual school. Instead, I had to borrow principles and concepts from traditions that have fundamental disagreements to which I've added my own contradictions to all. My "model" is only a crude outline of the supreme numinous of conscious/reality and should be perceived as a holographic conceptual space wherein the states of consciousness and transcendent and immanent tiers interfere concurrently to create a blurred pattern of blended possibilities for an outline of a Brahman/Gaia Paradigm.
Ecospirituality Controversy Examination with links to the debate over eco spirituality and position of the Wilberian Integral Spirituality community that Gaia Addiction is something to 'rise above'.
Electromagnetic Matrix Appendix A compendium of resources including books, articles, papers and speculation on consciousness with many featuring its relationship to electromagnetism and quantum theories as epiphenomena of a conscious cosmic matrix.
Sixty Years Later: The Enduring Allure of Synchronicity -My review and extended excerpts and references to PDF download of Journal of Humanistic Psychology (2012) article by clinical psychologist Dan Hocoy. Explores the multiple factors [trans-psychology; quantum physics; multi-cosmology; implicate reality] that seem to have synergistically converged to maintain the relevancy of the synchronicity meme.
Extrapolating Samadhi The transcendent origins of religion and how the extrapolation of samadhi experiences has created a chaotic landscape of religious and metaphysical contradiction, ambiguity, controversy, confusion and fantasy.
Falsifiability Karl Popper proposed a epistemological methodology for evaluating hypotheses including those that could not be experimentally tested and insisted that the term "scientific" can only be applied to statements that are falsifiable. Introduction and description for dummies.
Fate & Transcendence An account of a synchronicity wherein concurrent compulsive episodes bring a couple unknown to oneanother to meet and experience simultaneous samadhi- and the unexpected consequences.
My Fireball Sighting at Age Ten and the chance that it was a harbinger of my Nirvikalpa Samadhi and synchronicity for a mission to help fulfill God's desire to be known.
Gaia- Mixed Messages In Desert Solitaire 1968, Edward Abbey's iconic advocation for environmental conservation- in his chapter about the 'wicked rabbit' he reveals a disturbing ambivalence in regards to what can only be described as a gratuitous disregard for virtually every moral compunction against wanton execution of wildlife.
Gaian Paradigm by Bill Ellis "The three themes of this book are 1. Our world view or paradigms are shaped by our cultural nurturing; 2. There are no evil paradigms but just cultures we do not understand; 3. The technology that connects us to each other reveals the cosmos as one and makes possible a new direct democracy in which all people can make decisions to improve their lives." Excerpt from Chapter 4 concerning potential for synthesis between science and spirituality in a future holistic paradigm.
Gaian Realization A biographical but painful account of my rocky path to Gaia realization.
The God Machine My review of the article The God Experiments- By John Horgan - DISCOVER Vol. 27 No. 12 | December 2006. Horgan presents an unbiased description of the theories and research of five scientists taking different approaches to explain mystical religious experiences in reductionist terms.
The Godhead Experience Experiencing the Godhead-Brahman-Atman-Cosmic Consciousness Singularity. In a skeptical yet open-minded overview of the Perennial Wisdom traditions of Advaita Vedanta, Kashmir Saivism, Zen Buddhism, Vajrayana Buddhism, and contemplative Taoism (the main five sacred traditions that have engendered the rise of nonduality in the West)- a single metaphysical concept survives all doubt. That it is possible for our living consciousness to experience the supreme Godhead-Atman-Brahman-Bodhi singularity in a brief episode of non-dual transcendent consciousness- after which the knower returns to mundane life.
Guru Bad Behavior There are many contemporary and some historic accounts of behavior by both anointed and self-proclaimed enlightened ones that seem inconsistent with that prescribed in classical Vedic and Buddhist Dharma. Our issue is with the basis of claims to their enlightenment, the substance of the ideologies they embrace and whether the character of their interpersonal relationships and lifestyle betray their own teachings.
The Ultimate Implicate Conscious Cosmic Matrix- suggested in the transcendent experience raising issues of a gatekeeper omniscient cosmic consciousness, free-will, collective memory, samadhi wormholes, Bohm's Super Implicate Order and more.
The Integrationalists and the Non-Dualists by Peter Holleran - Review of a thesis presented as an imaginary conversation between contrasting points of view at Wisdom's Goldenrod Center for Philosophic Studies on the relationship between realization and transformation.
Jnana Bhakti Tension My personal neo-classical confrontation with the tension between jnana and bhakti integration of my Nirvikalpa Samadhi.
Kelamuni Excerpts Excerpts from The Neo Vedanta and Advaita of Swami Vivekananda by Kelamuni and how pivotal a role he had in the adaptations of the non dual traditions into the postmodern spiritual philosophy in the West.
Kirtan and Bhajan An Introduction to Bhakti Kirtan and Bhajan- videos introduce traditional and sub-genre of the devotional music and songs.
Kundalini Seminar My review of Individuation and Subtle Body - a doctoral dissertation on Jung's Kundalini Seminar, 1932 by Gary W. Seeman- with extensive excerpts.
Meditations The original intent of this page initiated in 1997 was to present the Maya Project as resources for meditations based on more doctrinaire principles featured in Vedic and other non dual traditions. Since then the Maya-Gaia website has evolved to a broader theme incorporating concepts from new science and integrative spirituality.
Links to Meta New Physics Links to metaparadigms for consciousness via a synthesis of metaphysical and new physics concepts.
Nondual Love Love without object- exploring the love felt in a nondual Nirvikalpa Samadhi experience as distinguished from the Divine Love in the duality described in the prophetic religions.
Non-dual Theism/Atheism Exploring the levels of divine concepts in the dual and non-dual spiritual/philosophical traditions and the growing cultural tension in the dialectic between theism and atheism.
Old Age Samadhi Growing old with samadhi- reflections in my old age- four decades after my Nirvikalpa Samadhi experience.
Panpsychism Consciousness A scientific discourse on Consciousness, Panpsychism and the Cosmic Mind
Playing Guru Unorthodox answers to some ultimate questions about traditional axioms regarding samadhi that appear to be myths in light of my Nirvikalpa revelations.
Postmodern Paradigms An introduction to the dialectics of paradigm shift and some postmodern examples in a variety of disciplines.
Primordial Rhythm Meditation An exploration of historic and contemporary concepts regarding the identity, synthesizing and integration of primordial sounds and rhythm as mantra to incorporate into my active meditative bhakti practice.
My One Psychedelic Experience A psychedelic magic mushroom experience with features relating to hysterical blindness.
My Psycho/Sexual Profile presented for whatever insight it may provide for the cause and effect of my Nirvikalpa Samadhi.
Quantum Leap Quantum leap in consciousness- perspectives on transcendence and the crack between the worlds.
Ramana References More references to Ramana Maharshi with excerpts from Hindu and Non-Hindu Interpretations of a Jivanmukta by Dr. John Glenn Friesen
Religion Evolution The unearthing of prehistoric stuctures dating back 12Kya - named Gobkli Tepe in Turkey - likely revealed the beginning of the calamity of civilization's evolution.
References Reality Model Epistemology and ontology reference resources for the Concurrent, Two-Tier, Dual-Nondual, 200 Percent; Model of Reality: a model of reality that manifests a living relationship in duality with God within Advaita's ultimate nondual state of Brahman and Buddhism's Void.
Rhythm Epigenises Exploring sexual dimorphisim in the evoluton of diverse species of birds of paradise and bowerbirds as it relates to those evolutionary processes that may have shaped a young human child's ability - unique among all other animals - to express motor skill in synchronization to ambient musical beats and tempo.
Ronald Havens Correspondence My discourse with the author of Hypnosis for Cosmic Consciousness over whether the source of cosmic consciousness is introvert or extrovert.
Sahaja and Jivanmukta Examining teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, his role as a Jivanmukta; contradictions over the concept of Sahaja versus Nirvikalpa Samadhi; controversy over realization of the Godhead and its role in attaining ultimate enlightenment.
Samadhi Anecdotes An effort to distinguish between the psychic and transcendent states in anecdotes of alleged non-dual Nirvikalpa Samadhi.
Samadhi Links Insight and Speculation- a comparison of various descriptions and interpretations of samadhi, satori and non-dual consciouness.
Sankara Parallelism Review: Could There Be Mystical Evidence For A Nondual Brahman? by Stephen H. Phillips. The great Advaita Vedantin Sankara puts forth a mystic parallelism thesis that is philosophically examined: mystical and sensory experiences are epistemically parallel. (my excerpts from Infotrac access.)
Satanists Stalk an Outward Bound Camper Satanist couple unmasked after they attacked an Outward Bound camper at Everglades National Park.
Samadhi Synchronicity A unique synchronicity in how an omniscient God consciousness manifested in the Samadhi accounts of two individuals.
Samadhi Evolution of Soul A first person account of a Nirvikalpa Samadhi by Frances Stephens with a unique synchronicity with maya-gaia's samadhi in how an omniscient God consciousness manifested as gatekeeper for the journey to continue.
The Third Secret of Tantra Attaining Tantra transcendence - aching desire, satisfying your sexual fantasies and the third secret.
Review of Transcendent Sex by Jenny Wade PhD. A review by maya-gaia.
Shambo's Transcendental Experience A contemporary first-person account of a transcendental experience by Shambo.
Singularity-Ambiguous Definitions Definitions of the term singularity as applied to Technology, Metaphysics, Cosmology and Consciousness.
Spooky Paranormal Events My first-person accounts of three events whose explanations seem to lie outside all classifiable transpersonal catagories.
Stace Mysticism I examine some of W.T. Stace's precepts presented in his book Mysticism and Philosophy featuring his dividing and defining mystical experiences into introvertive and extrovertive catagories.
Transcendent Legacy The legacy of Samadhi and transcendent revelations in integral spirituality.
Transpersonal Experiences Brief anecdotal accounts of "mystical", "transpersonal" and other paranormal experiences in my life.
Treasure Coast Gallery An archive gallery website presenting landscape paintings and nature photographs (before digital) by Ed Fisher.
Upanishad Synchronicity I examine the extraordinary synchronicities in my Nirvikalpa Samadhi journey with the cosmography and events in both the Katha and Brihadaranyaka Upanishads. "A space as wide as a razor's edge or a fly's wing" describes a gap between the two halves of the cosmic egg through which a soul passes on its journey to Ishvara. Other metaphors apply to the three stages in the absorption of consciousness in my ascension and my confrontation with the cosmic gatekeeper and subsequent self-annihilation and transformation to non dual union with the godhead.
The Ultimate Question examining questions about prerequisites or qualifications for experiencing Nirvikalpa Samadhi and our ultimate fate of nondual consciousness that it suggests after our bodily death.
Is Vamachara Tantra Dharmic? Selected excerpts from an extensive forum discussion exploring Vamachara (Vamacara) and Kaula Tantra from the perspective of Vedic and Dharmic tradition.
Wikipedia Neotantra this is my original rewrite of the Wikipedia Neotantra article- since completely replaced.
Yoga and Freedom: My excerpts from a reconsideration of Patanjali's classical yoga by Ian Whicher. (This page a synopsis of excerpts from the full 272 text available in InfoTrac (library access) An exceptionally lucid examination of what the author sees as ontological and epistemological misinterpretations, reductionist hermeneutics and misleading definitions of Sanskit yogic terms in many scholarly interpretations of Patangali's Yoga Sutras.
24-Hour Dive An account of Ed Fisher's world record 24-hour dive under the sea at French Reef 3 miles off Key Largo in 1954.

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My 9/11 Memorials Images and resources so We Never Forget the atrocities!
Charas Links for Exploring Tantra and Cannabis Connection.
Consciousness Wormhole A synchronicity in my return from samadhi to string, brane and wormhole theories.
Cretaceous Extinction Slideshow illustrating progressive stages of recovery of a single landscape within 50 years of the Chicxulub meteor impact.
Free Will Events in my Nirvikalpa Samadhi journey provide phenomenological evidence suggesting that our conscious reality has free will while alive in duality and is deterministic after transformation to nonduality (after our bodily death or temporarily in Nirvikalpa). The aftereffect of samadhi suggests that the process of integration results from a synthesis of deterministically imbued revelation and memetics constructed via free will.
Lotus Symbolism and Botanical Distinction A comprehensive review of the symbolism the sacred lotus has provided Hinduism and Buddhism since antiquity as well as sorting out the confusion regarding the botantical identification distinguishing the Egyptian "lotus" from the true lotus of India and southeastern Asia and its diverse iconography.
The Lotus Pond Introduction about how living lotus growing in an artifical pond in an architectural landscape spontaneously raised the muse of local artists in my hometown of Stuart, Florida.
Lotus Pond Gallery Artwork by resident artists inspired by visits to a cultivated lotus pond.
Maya Project The notion of this universe, its heavens, hells, Mother Earth and everything within it, as a great dream dreamed by a single being in which all the dream characters are dreaming too, has in India enchanted and shaped the entire civilization. This perceptual enigma has been a fundamental feature in the dialectics of non dual traditions and lurks in the context of every contemporary spiritual/scientific paradigm.
Gaia Symbol The Gaia paradigm- symbol and theory: Beyond James Lovelock's metaphor for Earth as a holistic self-regulating organism, Gaia can also be perceived as somewhat similar to the divine feminine of Daoist yang, the Hindu Shakti, Lakshmi and Devi as well as the Sophia of the gnostics. In my dual-nondual model of reality Gaia is a manifestation of all cosmic reality as immanence of transcendent consciousness or Brahman.
Gila Wilds Synchronicity - account of a life-saving synchronicity in a wilderness misadventure.
Vishnu Dream Frontispiece to Maya-Gaia original website of symbolic illustration of Lakshmi evoking Vishnu's dream of reality- maya.
Ed Fisher Diving Adventures -accounts of some classic adventures in the early days of scuba.
Keith Reef more diving adventures to a unique site in international waters of the Med.
Ankle Injury account of a slight injury to my sural nerve that caused severe disability to my entire leg for over two months.
Native Gems Descriptions and images of some of the wildlife habitats in my locality on the Treasure Coast of Florida- all under stress of development pressure.
Tantra Links- resources for Tantra, NeoTantra and Dao sexual yoga.
Tribute to Patti Brown the lady to whom I owe my ultimate purpose in life- to transmit my samadhi experience.
Wikipedia Nirvikalpa my original version of Nirvikalpa article- since completely replaced in Wikipedia.

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Chakra for Online Meditation based on A Gentle Guide to Kundalini by John Selby with post-experience reservations and warning.
Big Bang Inflation A diagram of the history of the universe. Once upon a timeless, most cosmologists believe, all that is our universe was incredibly small and dense. Neither space nor time as we know then existed. Nothing is known of this earliest instant. Scientists use the term big bang to describe this moment of creation. Somehow the universe - all matter, energy, space, and time - exploded from the original singularity.
Denisovan Radiation Exploring the possibility that Luzia, (name of the 11 KYO fossil remains of a female Homo sapiens, one of a group with anomolous facial features found in the Lagoa Santa region in Brazil) may represent the first ameriindians - ancestors of interbreeding between paleolithic austro-melanesians and Denisovan hominins established in Siberia 41 KYO.
Distinguishing Numinous Vs Psychic Classifying transpersonal events either as transnuminous- part of the numinous transcendent continuum culminating in Nirvikalpa Samadhi or as intrapsychic or psychic projections- a diverse body of inexplicable epiphenomena the occult has codified in mythic maths based on pure fantasy.
Ediacaran Index Pictorial index to species of Precambrium Ediacaran lifeforms illustrated in the Evolution-Involution Slideshow.
Enigmatic Synchronicity Contemplating my chancing on a rare, blue-green feather and the existential synchronicity relating to my lifetime and the anthropic universe.
Gaia Mandala A symbolic mandala of the creation of Gaia
Genographic Image Map Genographic map presenting migration patterns of the African diaspora of prehistoric Homo sapiens sapiens (behaviorally modern humans) starting 50 thousand years ago, with photo albums of modern descendants of the earliest populations.
Gaia- Cosmic Birth A graphic illustration of Gaia as immanent creation of a transcendent singularity.
Hadzabe Genographic The NatGeo Genographic Project identifies the Hadzabe - likely descendants of the prehistoric population who actually left Africa and are ancestors of every human living on the planet today.
Human Family Tree National Geographic DVD documents the results of sampling - on a single day on a single street, in a racially diverse neighborhood in Queens, NY - the DNA of just a couple of hundred random people to create a live, dynamic genographic map of their ancestry back to their shared African origins. Excerpts highlight the immediate plight of the Hadzabe - likely descendants of the prehistoric population who actually left Africa and are ancestors of every human living on the planet today.
Map- Marriage Legal Age World map showing legal age for marriage in reference
to article Godhead Experience
Mysteries of Consciousness by coauthor Ingrid Frediksson - A recapitulation of a post in academia.edu presenting a collection of academic papers among the earliest (1970-1990) challenges to the conventional Brain = Mind paradigm.
Legend 1 for image: Rise of Mammals Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum. mammals_rise2_legend.html
Legend 2 for image: Rise of Mammals Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum. mammals_rise2_legend.html
The Parable of the Ten Bulls The Oxherding Parable and the ten illustrations symbolizing the evolution of Buddist realization.

As of April 30, 2013 I've turned 85 and technically classified as a very elderly senior. I'm hoping some younger writer who has a deist/philosophical turn of mind and finds my samadhi chronicles of value and ideologically compatible could continue to build the Maya-Gaia website in partnership with me until I go eternally non-dual and then have it as their own production. I have funded renewal of the annual fees for hosting my three angelfire websites that contain over 100 of my Maya-Gaia pages and the evolution-involution.org slideshow and other webpages, plus the domain name until 2020. Although my writings are exclusively from the perspective of my Samadhi revelations I feel they are a unique contribution to the body of evidence for the Brahman/Gaian Paradigm and should not be lost after I'm gone. Anyone interested can Email me at smalltownsATusaDOTcom and enter mayagaia as subject.

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