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MAYA-GAIA INTRODUCTION & SITEMAP       Page Update 08 24 07

Note:My Anthropic Trilogy web-book, evolving since 1997, is a chronicle of my passing all considered opinion
through the lens of my Nirvikalpa Samadhi with both an open-mind and healthy skepticism.

Hindu Animal Symbols

My MAYA PROJECT has evolved from its original indorsement of some of the more doctrinaire principles featured in Vedic concepts such as Maya since 1997 to a broader view incorporating concepts from new science and integrative spirituality.

The majority of the pages listed in the Maya-Gaia Introduction & Site Map have been added since 2006 and include essays and resource links which present a more accurate view of my present perspectives.

Below is the original content as it appeared in the Maya-Gaia page created in 1997 but when I revisited this page in Jan 2008 I found I could barely relate to the way Cozzolino has evolved his teachings over the past ten years nor do I have any interest in the concepts of Kundalini or the chakra anatomy which I now consider psychic distractions to spiritual enlightenment. Since this is a chronicle of my spiritual evolution, I leave the original material archived here so readers can make their own judgements as to whether meditation, self inquiry or any other practice is conducive to attaining realization.

Below is the original content as it appeared in the Maya-Gaia page created in Geocities in 1997.



Here will be presented a variety of images, mandalas, yantras, and text which may be helpful for anyone interested in a non religious methodology for exploring expanded consciousness. The practices and themes are derived from a variety of classic spiritual traditions including Zen, Tao, Buddhist and Hindu Tantra and yoga as well as from contemporary holistic/consciousness research and theory.

Just recently I was reminded of the notion that it is better not to search for a guru or teacher but to busy yourself- wash the dishes, write a book, listen to the crickets...when you are ready, he/she will appear. I suppose the creation of this website was a way to keep constructivly busy and one day I received an e-mail from the author of a new book entitled "The Path" with an offer to send me a copy. After completing my first reading, I have the feeling my teacher may have arrived!

The Path is Bill Cozzolino's insightful documentation, from notes made over a 15 year period, of the remarkable teachings of his enlightened master -a mysterious lady who is never identified. The result is nothing less than a holistic unified field theory, so illuminating as to accomodate every conceivable notion regarding consensus reality, consciousness, quantum science, and spirituality into a seamless whole. An evolution in thought has occurred here which transforms the abstract essence of the Tao and Veda and the principles of non-duality and Maya into a practical guide for nurturing a dynamic balance between experience and awareness, between our reality paradigm and the transpersonal, between mind and Mind. For anyone venturing into the ultimate frontier- all the travelers, searchers, meditators and especially for those of us unsettled by their own transpersonal experiences, "The Path" offers compelling lessons and powerful tools for crafting our own practice, integration and realization.

The Path is now an interactive website hosted by Bill Cozzolino and sponsored by The Raissa Foundation.

The chakra material comes from John Selby's book "Kundalini Awakening" (Bantam New Age Books) which presents a distillation of the essential wisdom from a variety of meditative practices free of irrelevant cultural or religious dogma or symbolisms. He also includes concern for environmentalism in the conceptual theme for his meditations (conversation with A. Watts) which is compatable with our effort to integrate the Maya-Gaia dilema.

Drawing from these diverse sources, we proceed on the premise that there are, indeed, practical spriritual/scientific methodologies which enable anyone, with practice, to experience a constructive interplay between their focused mind and "higher consciousness". The Path has recently made me aware that the novice (and I include myself here) mistakingly tends to focus on "achieving" transpersonal states thru meditation. Without a proper map for finding balance and constructive integration however, even profound revelations fail to kick us out of the familiar orbit of our paradigms.

Each offering will be presented in no particular order as a stand alone meditative tool and our various links provide a broad spectrum of meditative mandalas, yantras, mantra, asanas, collective practices, and writings which may be helpful for approaching and integrating experiential revelation. Additionaly I expect this content will be revised and re-prioritized as my personal notions regarding meditative practice evolve.

The Path...Bill Cozzolino's illuminating map to holistic balance.

The Ten Bulls Parable...a zen pictorial classic.

Chakra Images for online meditation...from John Selby's Kundalini Awakening

David Chalmers Academic resource for cognitive science & metaphysics.

Hindu Tantra Resources

Shambala Books

Osho Meditation Tutorials

Newari Art of Kathmandu Nepal

Dali Lama Retreat NY

Journal of Consciousness Studies

NADA An insiteful orchestration of spritual gems- wonderful gallery of sacred images.

The Buddhist Door (disconnected) My source for the Ten Bulls Parable

Moral Consciousness
"Good and Evil" by William Blake. What is our source for moral/environmental consciousness?



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