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Note: My Anthropic Trilogy web-book, evolving since 1997, is a chronicle of my passing all considered opinion through the lens of my Nirvikalpa Samadhi with both an open-mind and healthy skepticism.

Painting, Seven Spinal Chakras

Artwork "Subtle Body- essence and shadow" by David V. Tansle Art and Imagination Series by Thames and Hudson, London, 1977

Enlightenment is not a step-by-step-by-step process but a sudden leap. This movement from one state of consciousness to another seems frequently to be characterized by two primary factors, one of acute inner tension and spiritual anguish followed by a sudden and often dramatic release or surrender of the personality to a higher aspect of consciousness. If properly utilized, meditation and prayer serve to heighten the tension at such times. Another device is the Zen koan that corners the intellectual mind with a problem it cannot solve through the normal thinking processses. Don Juan and Don Genaro, whispering simultaneously into the ears of Castaneda, create an acute condition of inner tension in order to precipitate him into a state of expanded awareness. The Indian saint Sri Ramakrishna, in complete desperation, leapt from his meditations and tore a sword from the temple wall to kill himself- at that instant he reached enlightenment. Don Juan speaks of the 'crack between the worlds' as a doorway beyond which lies the abyss.

To the Zulu this point beyond time and space is the 'gate of distance'. The Upanishads say: Where heaven and earth meet there is a space wide as a razor's edge or a fly's wing through which one may pass to another world.

Update 02 27 10: In my page- Upanishad Synchronicity I explore the synchronicity of the feature I describe as "a narrow, horizontal slot" that I passed through to begin my mystical journey and the space as wide as a razor's edge refered to in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad plus the analogous scenario of my ascent to ultimate non dual consciousness to the cosmological metaphors for the soul's journey to Brahman described in the sacred passages.
End Update

The aspirant to wisdom passes through the doorway of intiation from the everyday consciousness of the lower-self to another world of heightened awareness. Following this he is never the same, nor is his view of the world. The leap from one state or world to another involves a self-naughting, a hurling of one's self into the void of Creation, into a state of imagelesssness. It means, as Benet of Caulfield says, to live in the abysss of the Divine Essence, to return to the nothingness of things by annihilation; thus the personality of man symbolically dies to the soul of Christ consciousness within, and paradoxically, out of nothingness and annihilation, emerges in all his fullness as the New Man. Jesus, like the Masters of Zen Buddhism, points out that we can move instantaneously into this world of expanded consciousness simply through recognition of the Presence. 'If ye be in the Spirit, ye are no more under the law' said Jesus; and he spoke of the law of the illusions and limitations of human beliefs and thinking. The Zen Master would say that you are already enlightened, it's just that you don't realize it. 'Set yourself and see,' said Jesus: turn from the illusory world you live in, 'see' the world of reality and be governed by it now, step into the void of the consciousness of Spirit, for in the void lies the fullness of all Creation.

Although external aids such as drugs may provide the illusion of exanded spirtual awareness, they do untold damage to the subtle and luminous bodies. Man, by his own efforts, must find his way, guided by the teachings of the past and harkening to his inner voice. The Lankavatra sutra points out that by concentrating the thoughts or energies of the mental body one can fly and be born in heaven. A Chinese text says, 'Silently in the morning thou fliest upwards.' Concentrating the desires or energies of the astral body, it seems causes one to fall.

A conversation with Alan Watts about the Maya-Gaia dilemma.

Selby: "I was also studying with Alan Watts at the time, a spiritual teacher for whom nothing was sacred, who knew all the traditions but preferred to live life "outside" them. He taught me one night in 1971, while we sat alone on his houseboat in Sausalito, that there was a conceptual trick that would save me from being torn apart by the two opposing philosophical and spiritual traditions of loving heaven and loving Earth.

"you must expand your consciousness so that you realize you are living within a two hundred percent universe," he said to me with a gleam in his eyes. "Just expand your mind to include both these traditions as one hundred percent true in and of themselves. Let your concept of reality expand to two hundred percent. Then both traditions can live harmoniously within you."

Of course he was simply teaching me the Chinese Taoist understanding of life, in which all dualities are encompassed by the eternal whole. I had read these notions many times before, but his words resonated deep within me, and I realized at a gut level the truth in what he was saying. I have always been thankful to him for liberating me from feeling I had to choose between Hindu and Bioenergetic approaches to personal growth. After all, even while we advance upward to encounter the pure white light of the heavenly spheres, we must also bow down and give all reverence to Mother Earth."

Update: 02 12 2013 There was an account online from (now discontinued) entitled Samadhi-Strong Medicine with Love from Alan describing a synchronicity of a book 'accidentally' dislodged from a shelf in an occult bookstore that begins a chain of events that results in a spontaneous samadhi journey. Starting with a transport in dual consciousness in which dramatic phantasms manifest that symbolically relate to the author's intense study of Kabbalistic mysticism. It suggests the possibility that synchronicities are orchestrated by Grace to gently satisfy God's desire to be known.
Re. Synchronicity: Enigmatic Synchronicity An account of synchroncicity involving a feather blown into my path that decided my instrument for my Primordial Rhythm Meditation practice
See also: Anthropic Synchronicity The transcendent synchronicity by which - out of an infinity of cosmological and biogenic outcomes - a perfect scenario manifested resulting in the evolution of our Earth and we humans. End Update