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Note:My Anthropic Trilogy web-book, evolving since 1997, is a chronicle of my passing all considered opinion through the lens of my Nirvikalpa Samadhi with both an open-mind and healthy skepticism.

How an Omniscient God Consciousness Manifested in Synchronicity
in Two Accounts of Samadhi.

My discovery of an account of a samadhi experience with an almost identical description of how a God consciousness manifested just prior to ascending into the pure light of transcendent non-duality caused me to try to contact its author to further compare our samadhi experiences.

Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous. - Albert Einstein


I just accessed your webpage
[which had originally published] Samadhi- Evolution of Soul by Frances Stephens, in which he writes in his account of a samadhic episode: "Instead I was suddenly in the grip of a frightening but compelling downward sucking sensation, as if my soul was careering at immense speed down a vast dark tunnel. A 'voice' said, "IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE (with this experience) YOU MUST BE PREPARED TO DIE!" Within what must have been a split second I decided that I just had to know what would happen next, and was then instantly 'shot upwards', at seemingly unbelievable velocity, into the Brilliant White Light and total Bliss of Samadhi."

In my account of my samadhi - (now relocated from GeoCities)
I write: "I felt myself slowing down in the stream (as if the stream continued at the same speed but with lessening energy) and as this happened, I became aware of a message "coming-down-to-me" to the effect that-IF I WERE TO CONTINUE, I MUST AGREE TO DIE. I received the unmistakable impression that I was being offered a choice from some external, cosmic live and return now, or to accept earthly, physical, permanent death and continue this journey to the unknown. Without hesitation, and in fact without losing a great deal of my ecstatic feeling, I generated a clearly conscious YES...

In the interest of advancing the evidence for the reality of transcendence into cosmic consciousness I wondered if you could forward this message to Frances Stephens so that he could learn of my account and might like to contact me about what, in my experience, is a unique synchronicity in regards to our shared experiences with this omniscient manifestation.

Will take some time to look over your website too...with appreciation, Ed Fisher

Update 12 09 06: So far have not been able to establish contact with Frances Stephens but have sent a message to a possible snail-mail address.

Update 12 19 06: Was happy and surprised to receive the following email from Frances Stephens (published with permission).

Hi Ed- I can not really explain adequately how I felt on receiving your letter today. As I took it from the mail box I was strangely attracted to it & started to puzzle who could be writing to me from Palm Beach. As it was also addressed to my son 'Ra' I was reluctant to open it without him present. Gladly my curiosity got the better of me & I opened it------Stunned silence -----------Unbelieve-----------------Great Joy-------------------then I took the dogs walked into the country & experienced 10-15 minutes of Crying from my heart- an incredible mixture of the release of (almost totally Unrecognised) feelings of isolation- abandonment-being completely misunderstood- feeling I am an alien being here amongst the everyday conciousness/reality of every other Human that surrounds me--&- great Joy & relief at making contact with another Human who has had this,as I consider, Ultimate experience of Unity.

I was ecstatic-- Then I realised that so far I had only read your letter!! I regrouped myself & told myself not to jump the gun-- I am 52 years old & In all the years since I was conscious of 'Being One' 'with the Unity of Love;LIght, Intelligence I have only ever met one person who has shared this experience (as I write in 'Samadhi- Evolutuion of Soul'). This other person that I met, years ago, has successfully alluded various attempts on my part to locate him. I am so glad you persisted in trying to find me, despite all the setbacks & obstacles that were placed in your path.

Anyhow to cut a long story short I have just looked at the two web addresses you sent me- Stunned the second time-- I am now validated in experiencing the incredible cleansing of my heart & mind that I experienced this afternoon on reciept of your letter.

I am posting you, forthwith, a copy of my little book- 'Samadhi-Evolution of Soul'. I know that You have probably spent some time everyday of your life pondering the meanings behind such an experience- what it means to be Human upon this Earth- How it all functions Etc etc.-- I once went deeply into a Spiritual State to ask the Higher conciousness 'Why could not every Human Being partake of this experience- as it would transform life on earth completely & almost instantly if all Humans could Have this Knowledge'--I can not remember the whole answer I recieved but I do remember the knowledge that 'It took an imense amount of energy'to burst through our thick slow 'reality'

I will tell you that I have looked High & Low for people that may have truly experienced this Samadhi- I have only met one person- & there is the possibility that i 'Saw' another-- far below where I was standing on a hill (Sicily I think) I saw a Man & a Boy pushing a bycicle in a crowd of people walking along a road.It was truly a long way off (maybe as much as a half kilometre!) I saw LIght All around this couple & incredibly over this great distance we made -what seemed to be eye contact- but was really mind contact & we waved with great joy at each other!!------------------An almost impossible occurance----------------to seperate out two figures amongst a crowd-------------impossible without the Light surrounding them so that I could see them------------I think they also identified me in this way. When I met the other person that I know has had this Samadhi experience I was at a party in London when he just walked through the door- we stared at each other & Knew instantly that we had both been in the Light of Unity. We spent 10 magic minutes together & then I have never met him again- despite my best efforts to track him down. This e-mail is turning into a great missive- so I will cut it short for now- I am sure we will have much to share with each other-.In particular are the feelings you had towards the end of your experience that somehow the seemingly Infinate Light of our Unity may be in communication with other similar Unities! I am having insights into this as a reality- I am very excited about the things I 'appear to be learning' in the recent times.- I will reveal all to you later & we can cross reference. For now I will get this off to you as I think that unless you have been very lucky- you are probably as excited as I am over finding someone that really has experienced this LIght Unity-- amongst all the thousands of people writing about various experiences- you are the first I have seen that has really ascended to That Reality.

One last thing before I Go-- My name is Frances Stephens & I am a Woman. With all Love, Light & Laughter - Frances Stephens My Love & Thanks to Patti who must be a remarkable woman to send you on the Ultimate of Journeys

Ps You have also triggered off the memory that I too asked to be able to remember the Whole experience as I returned to My Body awareness-- I feel that I was not so conscious as you where throughout the entirety of the experience-- for me was the begining- the darkness/funnelling type of downward spiralling _ the Questioning- & then the sensation of incredible speed & into the Bliss Of Union with The Love/ Light/ Intelligence ---------------------Look you just can't get rid of me!!!!! I will go now-- L,L&L Frances

Update 02_10_09:
The website no longer has Samadhi- Evolution of Soul   by Frances Stephens online. It is now online here in the Maya-Gaia website.

Hardcopies of the booklet Samadhi- Evolution of Soul   can be ordered by contacting the author via Email at xiccafrancesAThotmailDOTcom   See also her website gallery of charming bird paintings and online brochure about the impressive accommodations she is providing backpackers and nature lovers for exploring the idyllic lake country of Alentejo, Portugal.

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